US Embassy Support for K1 Visa

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US Embassy Support for K1 Visa Interview Manila Philippines

You received the NOA2 Notice of Action Approval Letter

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K1 Visa US Embassy Support

Not sure how to proceed with your approval?
FilAm has an awesome US Embassy Support for K1 Visa

Two of the most sought after visas are the K1 Fiancee and CR1 Spouse visa.

The US Embassy of Manila Philippines is one of the TOUGHEST Worldwide! Interviewers are always on the lookout for insincere relationships and non-bonafide marriages which has always made it more difficult for those trying to get the K1 Fiancee Visa or the CR1 Spousal visa.

Denials are very high for many reasons, but with professional help, you can increase your approval chances greatly.

Our Full US Embassy Support Package Just $200.00 If you paid for our K1 Deluxe package or K1 Platinum package, you already have this as part of our ongoing support. But if you where not our client and are looking for US Embassy support, then we can help you.

US Embassy Support for K1 Visa Interview Manila Philippines

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This service is offered to Filipino K1 Applicants who have already submitted an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee and received the NOA2 I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter.

Already Our Client?
If you are currently one of our K1 Deluxe or K1 Platinum clients, then this is already included in your package. You do not have to pay additional for this.

US Embassy Support for K1 Visa Interview Manila Philippines

  • We will do a review of your case to see exactly what you will need for the medical and interview?

  • Both the sponsor and beneficiary will have access to our password-protected pages.

  • You’ll both also have a professional guide who will be here to answer all of you’re questions and concerns.

  • In addition to having access to our password-protected TIMELINE pages, you’ll also have instructions emailed to you both with explicit instructions about when, where and how to obtain other required documents.

  • We will schedule you’re US Embassy Interview and instruct you about how to prepare for the medical exam and exactly when you need to be there?

  • After you have completed a medical exam at St. Luke’s you will be scheduled to have your online case file review and mock interview, just prior to the real interview.

  • Once you have completed you’re embassy interview and been approved, we will assist you on how to track the progress of your K1 Visa?

  • Next, we’ll instruct you about how to inspect and have proper ID ready for when 2GO delivers you’re visa.

  • After the US Embassy visa packet is in you’re hands, we will assist you in how to schedule an appointment with CFO – GCP where to go and what to bring?

  • Last we will assist you with how to prepare for you’re Philippines departure and you’re US Port of Entry.

US Embassy Support for K1 Visa Interview Manila Philippines

Would you like to have the Full US Embassy Support Package
and get our Adjustment of Status package also?

Get 2 Packages:
Once the US Embassy is done and the K1 Visa has been issued to you’re Fiance and they have arrived to the US to marry you within the first 90 days, they will need to undergo an “Adjustment of Status” in order to maintain their immigration status.

FilAm is able to provide ongoing assistance so that your fiance will be able to properly Adjust their Status, receive Employment Authorization and their Advance Parole Travel Document.

US Embassy Support / Adjustment of Status:
Purchase both packages knowing that FilAm will properly assist and guide you through both processes for a one time fee of $525.00

$600.00 if you have more than one child as we charge $75.00 for the 2nd. K2 child.

US Embassy Support for K1 Visa Interview Manila Philippines