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7 ½ months start to finish, thanks FilAm we did it!

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines to USA

How do we work?

We have 5 steps that you will go through if your filing for a Fiancee Visa.

If the couple is able to follow instructions
and both have some basic computer skills, then this might be for you?

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Contact us for a free, informative friendly consultation to see where you stand? We will let you know if anything needs to be done to increase your chances for approval.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

The next process is to gather all of the required information from both couples, in an effort to properly complete all of the required USCIS forms and supplemental letters.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Once your application petition is done you just need to print and sign and we’ll instruct you how to place everything and get it in the mail for processing at USCIS.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

As soon as your petition has been approved by USCIS, we’ll start moving you in the direction of how to prepare for the U.S. embassy interview and St. Luke’s medical exam?

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines
Visa in hand

Once you receive your visa, we will guide you through the Guidance and Counseling Program held at CFO. Plus we’ll prepare you for the pre departure and arrival into the USA.

The process was actually a lot simpler than expected!
Most everything was done online making this very easy for us to do.

Fiancee Visa Testimonials
You guys made it simple all the way!

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that it’s not
a matter of if, but when?

We not only reunite couples, but we do so without the stress and worry.

What many have told us: I hear it all the time from many guys calling for a free consultation, “Saying that we are so different from the last agency” that they called and talked to even as many as 3 other agencies that consulted with them and everyone says that we are very informative that we give them the time that they need to ask questions and we give them straight-up answers!

Either we know or we don’t: If it’s something we don’t know then we tell them honestly that I don’t have the answer for that but I’ll go check into it, or if they are going to need litigation then I tell them that we are not capable of litigating for them and that it would be in their best interest to consult a lawyer or immigration attorney?

We don’t leave you, we won’t bail out on you, we don’t ignore you. we don’t steer you wrong or misguide you. Our professional coach will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way ensuring you that nothing has been left out or missing from your case?

When it’s time for your interview we’ll be on top of getting you prepared, the same with your medical exam, the sponsor’s affidavit of support, and all supporting documents will be mentioned and explained.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that you’ll need to hire an expensive Law firm or Attorney?

Couples often time think they need to hire an expensive company to do the work for them leaving you with a bill of thousands of dollars and you’ll end up getting far less help! Our online service is unique and offers you a whole lot more for way less.

We’ll get the job done guaranteed!
With less stress less worry at fees that won’t leave you broke.

k1 visa philippines
Compare our fees with others.
k1 visa

Competitive K1 Visa Service!

We are among the most affordable, perhaps even the lowest online visa service in America, since 2003. Our competitors normally charge fifty dollars more than us and the law firms charge thousands above us. Don’t be over charged! Compare Our Prices..

k1 visa

Petition assembly is 4 hours.

This is not uncommon if the couple has provided all the accurate details of their bio-data information to us in a timely manner? We’ve heard of horror stories about other online services even law firms losing or totally forgetting about your paperwork even forgetting who you were when the client called back.

k1 visa

Since 2003 2.800 Approvals

Since 2003 we’ve successfully reunited couples with a K1 fiancee and CR1 Spouse visa. We’re not after huge scores of people or giving inflated numbers. However, we are those couples that desire to have a one-on-one guide who is goal-oriented and gets results! Testimonials..

k1 visa

Get Access to Password-pages.

Not only will you have a coach who will guide you from A-Z every step of the way, but also you’ll have access to our example and illustration pages that are password-protected. Our step-by-step timeline is for clients to follow starting with the petition then embassy support ending at the US Port of entry.

k1 visa

Speak with a professional.

All consultations are thorough, we answer questions without quickly getting to our bottom line as others have been quoted to do! Every case is different, our staff has gone through the process with their own loved ones. Each is highly experienced with years of experience. About us..

k1 fiance visa

Work at the comfort of home.

Using our service allows couples to do up-to 90% of the process online which is the most efficient way to communicate and access government forms, sites, and instructions. We’ll be doing interview scheduling, medicals, case file reviews and mock interview with you and pre departure orientation.

“Reuniting Couples” Since 2003 is what we do BEST!

k1 fiance visa philippines
We have a 99.8% Approval Rating.
k1 fiance visa philippines

K1 Fiance Visa Approved!

Art & Ma. Lou of Broken Bow, Nebraska 2013

k1 fiance visa philippines

K1 Fiance Visa Approved!

Sincere thanks from Brad & Rozelle Boston MASS – 2015

k1 fiance visa philippines

K1 Fiance Visa Approved!

Sincerely Bruce & Jolly – Portland OR 2017

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