K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines
Bringing your loved one to the United States done the right way.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines has been reuniting LDR couples since 2003. K1 visa most popular in Philippines. CR1/IR1 Spouse visa K3/K4 marriage

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Getting the right U.S. visa for a fiance or spouse.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines has been reuniting LDR couples since 2003. K1 visa most popular in Philippines. CR1/IR1 Spouse visa K3/K4 marriage

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Which visa type do you need?

USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Visa types offered:

🇺🇸 K1 Fiance Visa for Alien Fiance

🇺🇸 K3 Spouse Visa for Alien Spouse

🇺🇸 CR1 Conditional Resident Visa for Alien Spouse

🇺🇸 IR1 Immediate Relative Visa for Alien Spouse


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K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Visas for children and adult kids

Children Visa Types

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines▪️ Children under the age of 21-years of age can be included, if your alien fiance or spouse has any? The requirement however, will be for the US sponsor to be able to demonstrate that they meet the poverty guidelines according to family size?

▪️ Adult kids would be considered 21-years or above and are your spouses kids, who are still living at their country of birth. They most likely would need to wait until their biological parent has naturalized to a U.S. Citizen. However, every case is different and sometimes has away around them.

▪️ In some instances, the alien spouses U.S.. Citizen husband or wife can be the sponsor? Depending on who the sponsor is, would depend on which visa type your children or adult kids would be eligible for? Regardless of who the sponsor is, meeting the * poverty guidelines * is a must!



What are the different types of visa that USCIS offers to children and adult kids?


Children below the age of 21-years old.

▪️There is the K2 children’s visa which is a derivative to the K1 Fiance visa.

▪️ There is the CR2 visa which is a conditional resident visa.

▪️ There is the IR2 visa which is an immediate relative visa.

▪️ Last is the K4 visa which is a derivative to the K3 spouse visa.

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K1 Fiance Visa Philippines


Adult Kids age 21-years or older.

▪️ If you have, adult kids 21 and older who are unmarried, they could qualify to receive an IR2 immediate relative visa if you become a U.S.Citizen and are the biological parent? If you file for your adult kid while a green card holder, then they most likely would receive the F2B Visa.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

B1/B2 Tourist Visa

K1 Fiance Visa PhilippinesGetting a Tourist visa to visit the United States.

How hard is it to get?

Our purpose here isn’t to discourage you from trying, however, with less than a 5% chance of being approved, we should mention a few of the pros and cons?

There are two types of tourist visa:

▪️ B1 visa is for use as a business trip, conventions, and educational conferences.

▪️ B2 visa is for use as tourism, to visit friends, family, or medical treatment.

To even be considered one of these tourist visa types you’ll have to:

Prove that your visit is only going to be temporary, that you have enough money to cover all your expenses during your stay, that you have binding ties that ensure your return to your country. Start a B1/B2 Application now..

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

How and when to apply for a green card?

K1 Fiance Visa PhilippinesGreen cards allow you to become an LPR – Legal Permanent Resident.

Every alien fiance, spouse, or child who entered into the United States with a immigrant visa, would need to apply for a Green card. There are two types of green cards, and understanding which one you need will be based on the type of visa you entered with?

▪️ Two Year Conditional green card: Who must get this? If you arrived to the United States with either a K1/K2 Fiance visa and K3/K4 Spouse visa, or a CR1/CR2 Spouse visa, then you would have to apply for a 2-year conditional resident green card by filing application I-485.

After the 2-years is almost complete, you would then need to apply for removing the condition in order to get the 10-year green card, by filing the I-751. Removing the condition, is a process in which, the United States government allows you more freedom to travel, work, and become more independently established. Start my adjustment of status now..

▪️ Ten Year green card: If you arrived into the United States holding an IR1/IR2 immediate Relative Visa, you would by-pass having to apply for the 2-year conditional green card and instead receive a 10-year green card. All others, would have had to complete the 2-year green card process, before getting their 10-year green card. Remove the condition get started now..

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Naturalize to become a U.S. Citizen?

The Challenges of becoming a U.S. Citizen

FilipinoNaturalizing to a US CitizenNot everyone can naturalize to a U.S. Citizen in the same time frame. Some visa types, verses change of status, verses if you left the United States for a period of time all have  a role in when a person is eligible to naturalize? Ready to get started..

Knowing when, and if, you, yourself are prepared and have established yourself, can make a huge difference on being approved or denied? Take a look at the process to see if your ready?

▪️ Knowing, and understanding the timing, is important for each individual?

▪️ Establishing yourself, at least two years prior to filing N-400 for citizenship can make all the difference in how you are able to answer certain questions of an interviewer?

▪️ Understand what happens during the interview?

▪️ Prove your command of English.

▪️ Study for the civics test.

▪️ Arrive at least 20 minutes early to your naturalization interview.

▪️ Bring all of your essential documents, as this is a must do.

▪️ Preparing yourself mentally for the 100-question civics test, and the Oath of Allegiance is a must!

The task of naturalizing to become a U.S. Citizen is the last and final immigration journey you’ll want to do. However, it isn’t a quick or simple process and requires educating yourself, together with a strong desire to know what it is, to become a U.S. Citizen?

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Shedding light, to lead the way.

K1 Fiance Visa PhilippinesA note from our Sr. Visa Consultant Tony. It was back in 2002 when I filed my one and only I-129F petition for alien fiance with Immigration and Naturalization Services, better known as INS. I had filed on behalf of my fiancee now wife who was from the Philippines.

The process then, was heart-wrenching, as I knew absolutely nothing of how US Immigration worked? When a man loves someone that lives nine thousand mile away, he’ll do just about anything he can, to be with that person. I battled a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights while figuring out how to go on with this?

Back then I had no experience with computers, nor did I understand anything about online search? The only knowledge I had, was given to me from a pen-pal program which I used to find my sweetheart? They only provided me with very limited information, which wasn’t enough to put my mind at ease?

It didn’t take me to long to discover from my Cuban neighbors who knew, about another neighbor that lived a few doors down, and was a retired INS employee. They introduced me to this person, who unloaded a ton of helpful information, not only for the K1 Fiance Visa, but later also for the adjustment of status?

Back then it took my application, and getting my now wife to the United States, 12-months. It wasn’t to long after that my experience has been sought after by many of my friends, their friends, until things became what it is today, FilAm Immigration Services.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

What can we do, and how it's done?

1. Consultations Are Free

We want to get to know you and better understand your case? Not all couples are the same and may need more work to have a better case? Phone email or online consultations are available. 

2. Biodata Collection

Once the couple is ready to get started, we’ll email you both a link that allows you to complete the online biodata collection application. This can be done from your home or office.

3. Form Completion

As soon as we receive your biodata, we create the couples file and then gather up the latest USCIS forms to be completed along with several other required documents.

4. Email, Print and Sign

As soon as everyone is satisfied that everything is done correctly, we will email the couple, the completed USCIS forms with detailed instructions. You just print and sign your name.

5. Step-by-step layout

As soon as the US sponsor has everything in their possession, we will email a detailed step-by-step-layout along with other important instructions for you to get the application in the mail to USCIS.

6. Time Line of Events

After USCIS receives your application. we will continue to answer the couples questions and concerns. We will be ready after the application is approved to get your fiance ready for the interview.


Here is why, so many of our couples, appreciate us!

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Real Client Reviews

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Stuart & Tresh

We’re so thankful to you FilAm. You’re service of getting me and my daughter to the US was superb. Our K1/K2 Visas wherein hand after about 8 months.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Jay & Elvie

Many thanks to you FilAm for you have made our dreams come true. We hired you to assist us because of the word of mouth that you guys have a fabulous reputation and offer so much for a low fee.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Russ & Crisel

Al I can say is thanks a million everyone their at FilAm! You guys delivered on you’re word and I don’t forget that neither does Crisel. New Orleans LA 2015

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

Money Back Guarantee

K1 Fiance Visa PhilippinesWe strongly urge you to take the time to go over our  * Privacy Policy and  * Money Back Guarantee before purchasing.

Most of our K1 Visa packages and CR1/IR1 spouse packages come with a money back guarantee. Children and adult children visas are covered with our money back guarantee also.

Purchases of application reviews or the making of supplemental letters as required do not have a money back guarantee.

Certain conditions must be met in order to receive any money back guarantee.

K1 Fiance Visa Philippines

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