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“Many thanks to you, FilAm, for making our dreams come true. We hired you based on your fabulous reputation and comprehensive services at an affordable cost.

Our K1 Visa was approved within 7.5 months, and now we’re finally together, feeling immensely blessed because of your expert guidance.

It was a word of mouth that led us to you, and it will be my word of mouth that leads more couples to you. I wholeheartedly believe in the exceptional work you do.”



About Us

At FilAm Immigration Services, our team understands the emotional journey couples face in order to reunite in the United States.

With over 20 years of dedicated experience, we can put our knowledge into your visa process, giving you a peaceful, worry free experience, that will unite you both with the correct visa.

We have guided 99.8% of our couples successfully, we have been the guiding light for countless LDR couples seeking assistance in getting their K1 Fiancé and CR1 spouse visa so that they could begin living their dreams.


Our Approach

Our personalized approach ensures that each and every couple receives the attention and more through the expertise they want, making their visa application proces as seamless and stress-free as possible.


Why Choose Us?

  • Our Proven Track Record: With a success rate of 99.8%, we have helped countless couples to fulfill their dream of being together in the United States.

  • Our Personalized Attention: We provide Couples regardless of their visa type the support and attention needed, guiding them through every step of the US visa process.

  • Our Affordable Services: Our success point has been based off of offering the most simple services available to online communities at an affordable cost  which sets us apart from our competitors.


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As a couple going through an LDR relationship we understand how much is at stake, and that couples like you deserves truthful answers to your many questions.

The FilAm Team has been reuniting couples for many years, and we are still here to make your dream a reality the same way as it happened for them it will happen for you.

Contact us today, and lets begin your visa process with confidence.

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We found that allowing a guide like FilAm truly was in our best interest. My wife received her K1 Visa and we owe it to our FilAm coach. He explained every step with us and never missed anything. We really could not have done it without him. Tim & Jessa

I hate government red tape, and I hate trying to read all over the net, trying to understand the how too, the when, and the guessing game goes on and on. I hired FilAm to take all of the stress and headaches for me, and my wife, and it was the best choice made. We received the CR1 Spouse visa without all of the uncertainty of knowing if we where doing it right or not. Brian & Beverly

Definitely was a 5 star experience using FilAm Immigration Services. One of my wife’s friends on Facebook told us that they used this services and really like it, so we also went with them to help us get a K1 Fiance visa and we have no regrets. Justin & April