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K1 Visa Philippines
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K1 Visa Philippines to the USA – Tips on how to avoid a denial, meeting requirement, I-129F preparation, financial records, interview preparedness

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K1 Visa Philippines

K1 Visa Philippines Requirements

Probably the most asked question we get each and everyday is, can you tell me what the K1 visa Philippines requirements are?

It is a question that is simply, to big to answer in one breathe. In this mini section, we offer you the short more to the point version of the K1 Visa requirements.

K1 Visa Philippines

  1. Both couple must be free to marry before they can file an I-129F application for alien fiance.
  2. The couple must have physically met in person within two years of filing the I-129F application.
  3. The couple must have a genuine and sincere relationship, and can prove it?
  4. The U.S. citizen sponsor must be able to demonstrate, that they meet the financial requirements? Do I qualify?
  5. The alien fiance must be able to pass a stringent medical exam?
  6. The alien fiance must attend a U.S. Embassy interview, and can answer all questions accurately.
  7. The alien fiance must marry the U.S. sponsor within 90-days of arriving to U.S. soil.

Every couple is different, so there may be more requirements to know about, Read More..

K1 Visa Philippines Meeting in Person

K1 Visa PhilippinesUSCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has a requirement, that sometimes can be difficult for some couples to do?

At least 97% of the time, it is the U.S.Citizen, who will make the long journey, to meet the alien fiance?

The U.S. Citizen has more travel authority and therefore fulfilling the meeting in person requirement is can be easily met?

But what if the U.C. Citizen can’t make the trip, due to health problems, or passport problems, or perhaps they simply have a fear of flying?

We get this question often times, and almost every time we end up giving the same answer, you must make the trip or else being in an LDR relationship isn’t good for you?

USCIS, is very strict on this rule about the couple meeting in person and the thought of trying to get a hardship waiver isn’t going to go well at all?

There is however, a very slim possibility that the alien fiance could travel to the United States using a B1/B2 Tourist visa, but that will greatly depend on the country they are coming from and how well established they are while convincing interviewers that they have binding ties that will bring them back to their country when it is time?

The goal of meeting in person, is to satisfy USCIS, by proving that the relationship is indeed valid, and that both couple, are sincere?

USCIS will need compelling documents to validate the relationship is real. Things such as photos together, travel receipts and records, and passport visa stamps.

To really better understand whats needed and how to get everything go here, Read More..

K1 Visa Philippines Government Cost

Here is a question that is often asked by couples applying for a K1 Visa Philippines. “How much does it cost”?

Just like all of the other questions, it isn’t a quick answer that could be said in one sentence? Filing for a K1 Visa, comes in phases which allow the couple to be financially prepared each time?

When it comes to the government fees for the United States immigration, the fees are the same regardless of the country your alien fiance lives?

However, other fees may apply, and will be different from country to country, because the alien fiance will need to deal with a few other items obtained from his or her government?

Examples of other government items needed if you live in the Philippines, would be:

  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Unexpired Passport
  • 2×2 passport style photos
  • PSA Certificate of no marriage
  • NBI Clearance
  • For some Filipinos they may also need, Other country police records if they ever worked as an OFW? Some may need red ribbon annulment certificate, or PSA death certificate is married before? They may need to get other NBI clearances if they had other legal names?
    .K1 Visa Philippines

Here is the total U.S. government cost of getting the K1 Visa Philippines:

  • First payment is for the sponsor to pay the filing fee at USCIS $535.
  • Many months later the non-immigrant visa application fee will be due $265.
  • Next two to four weeks later will be the medical exam fee $335.

Your total just for U.S. government fees will be, $1,135. paid in the period of around 8 to 10-months.

Every couple is different, and more or less may apply. Read More..

Sponsors Financial Capability

Sometimes we are asked, who is the sponsor and who is the beneficiary?

The U.S. Citizen is the person who is filing the application to USCIS and therefore, they are the sponsor. The beneficiary, is the alien fiance, the person who is not a U.S. Citizen and is from another country.

Every year, the United States government evaluates what they feel a couple, or couple with independents should be earning in order to sustain themselves?

When it comes to someone who is sponsoring an alien fiance, or spouse, they call this thePoverty Guidelines“.

K1 Visa Philippines

Each year a new set of poverty guidelines is set in place, to ensure if a sponsor has the financial capability for properly caring for themselves, a spouse, and maybe other independents, such as children?

If a sponsor who is filing the I-129F application for alien fiance falls short of the financial requirement, the K1 visa will be denied.

USCIS, also looks at the U.S. state that the sponsor lives in, as certain states require a higher income in order to qualify?

If you are a sponsor who is on active duty and serving in any branch of military service, USCIS will place you in a lower income earning bracket, making it a bit easier.

These poverty guidelines are effective beginning Apr. 1, 2022.

There are many, who believe that if they fall short of meeting the financial requirement, they could get a joint sponsor, however, this is not true.

A joint sponsor can only be used once you and your alien fiance are married either on U.S. soil or in another country?

Sponsor who fall short of meeting the financial requirement once the alien fiance is ready to attend their embassy interview will be allowed to provide records if they have assets.

Such as you own your home or land, or you have a U.S. savings account untouched for at least one year, or you have stocks, life insurance, only if those can be liquidated into cash quickly?

Learn more about the poverty guidelines and other required records here, Read More..


International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

K1 Visa PhilippinesCreated in late 2005, and made for U.S. Citizens who want to bring an alien spouse or fiance and children to the United States?


This regulation was put into place in connection with Adam Walsh, in an effort to stop or curve human trafficking, child molesters, sexual misconduct, stalking or kidnapping.


Certain felonies, can prevent a U.S. Citizen from sponsoring an alien fiance or spouse to the United States.


It will not matter is your police and court records have been expunged or sealed up, it also doesn’t not matter is any of those happened 20, 30 years ago?


Each and every crime that falls under IMBRA category, must be mentioned in order to not later face problems with your application?


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will find everything on anyone in a database that government only has access too?


This regulation also affects how many times a U.S. Citizen can become a sponsor to other alien fiances or spouses?


If you are filing on behalf of a Filipino Citizen, your records will also be made known to the Philippines government, and they have the final say so, if they will allow your loved one to come to the USA or not, even if they already have their visa in hand?


For more information on this process, please go here, Read More..

Relationship Proof

There have been many couples who thought, that they needed to provide supporting documentation with their application I-129F?


USCIS, receives a ton of extra paperwork from couples with their application only for it to all be destroyed?


You ask, isn’t all of our proof of an ongoing relationship needed, things like our emails, chat logs, postal letters, financial receipts etc?


The answer is “Most Definitely Yes”!


But those items aren’t for USCIS to look at, they are for the U.S. Embassy interviewer to look at, to determine weather or not you have a genuine, sincere relationship?K1 Visa Philippines


Relationship proof is ongoing, for many months even after you file the application I-129F for a K1 Visa Philippines.


Many couples where afraid to file the I-129F application to soon for fear they did not have enough supporting documentation?


If you file the application 3-months after finding each other and meeting, then you ad another 8 to 10 months waiting on USCIS to process your application, you would have accumulated hundreds of more pages and records that help you prove, your relationship is genuine and sincere?


Take a look at some of the most popular records couples use to convince interviewers that the relationship is for real?


  • Emails top the list as many interviewers want to see at least one hundred.
  • Postal letters, carry a lot of weight with interviewers, as they like to see letters with envelopes.
  • Phone bill records help also. save your records, as it shows calls to and from each other.
  • At the bottom of the list and the least favorite of interviewers, is chat logs and instant messages.
  • Interviewers love if you have gift receipts and photos from gifts sent online or through postal delivery?
  • Last but not least are financial receipts if you send money to your alien fiance?

Learn more about documenting and how much is needed? Read More..

K1 Couples Timeline

K1 Visa PhilippinesOnce the couple has submitted their I-129F application, they are often wondering and unsure about what will happen next?


USCIS does communicate with the sponsor through mail and a case status check can be done online also?


The problem is, you could check your case status a couple of weeks after filing, and then again 6-months later only to see that nothing has changed at all?


For so many couples, a timeline of events from a professional service can certainly ease your mind.


A timeline of events takes place for all couples, and may not be the same for each couple, based on things like, did the sponsor have some criminal records, did the couple provide divorce decrees, did the sponsor file before, or did they file all the needed requirements or possibly forgot something?


Other factors that can affect how a timeline moves can also be due to the government making changes or USCIS is heavily backlogged, or sometimes a pandemic places progress on hold? 


But most of the time it is weather or not the couple put together a good petition or a lousy petition?


Ordinarily, if it was a good petition received and maybe the couple had what we call a clean case, then your timeline of events could move faster?


We have seen enough good cases filed and not so good ones to tell you that USCIS will either drag on your application or will say, HEY this one is great, lets get it done.


The timeline will be about how fast your application can be processed, and approved, to when you can start working on your DS-160, to paying the non-immigrant visa application to your medical and then interview?


There are many factors that can affect how soon things can get done:


Examples of things that can slow you down:


  • Getting police records from other countries if you were an OFW?

  • Amending your name or fixing birth certificate typos?

  • failure to have the correct passport requirements?

  • Missing or incorrect documents?

  • Had more than one previous marriage?

  • Your medical exam found some problems?

  • You made an address change during the process and none of your letters arrived from the government?

  • You submitted your application with errors and now USCIS can take months to correct it?

  • You became pregnant during the process, and now need to include the child?

There are many more reasons to have a smooth timeline or sluggish one, Read More..

K1 Medical Exam

K1 Visa PhilippinesIt is required that all K1 applicants, including if they have K2 children following, that each person be examined by a United States accredited medical facility just prior to their K1 Visa interview?


If an individual fails or requires more testing, the interview will be placed on hold.


The medical exam is to check the patient thoroughly for any infectious deceases, or abnormalities?


A patients can be examined and no the results of their examination usually in the same day, and are sometimes scheduled to come back in the next business day to receives vaccinations?


We have never known anyone who failed their examination for having many life threatening deceases or illnesses that directly harm them alone, however we have known several who had tested positive for TB – tuberculosis which is not only life threatening, but can spread easily from one person to another?


TB is the number one illness, that the United States will not allow in? TB is treatable if caught early enough and can be stopped through a series of treatments that in some cases may take up to 8-months?


If your examination finds that you may have TB, you won’t be able to move on to the interview until you’ve been fully treated?


Other things that can get you denied all together is if you admit to drug use, as far back as 15-years ago? You will be checked for drugs in your blood, urine and possibly your hair follicles?


If you have slice scars on certain areas of your body, and cannot convince the medical examiner it wasn’t a suicide attempt, then you will be placed in a week long psychological evaluation clinic.


If you think that you may have some problems with your medical exam, then you should get some consultation first before getting yours done.


The medical exam is often times more stressful and tiring than the embassy interview itself. To learn more about the St. Luke’s clinic in Manila Philippines go here, Read More..


There are so many questions pertaining to the K1 Visa Philippines to the USA, that we can’t possibly list all of them, as doing so would take days to put together.

Our goal, is to assist you with the very latest news and updates for the K1 Visa. Every couple is different and may need more or less requirements which often times leads to questions and concerns.

We have listed several of the most commonly asked questions about the K1 Visa Philippines process, financial questions, meeting in person questions, interview questions, criminal conviction questions, and questions about employment.

If you have a legit question or concern, then chances are we have the correct answer for you.

Go here to see if you can get an answer to one of your many questions, Read More.. or you can contact us in one of the mentioned methods as shown in this video.

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