Adjustment of Status for K1 Fiances who married within 90 days must follow.

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If you fail to “Adjust” you risk deportation.

adjustment of status k1
Adjustment of status K1
Conditional Versus Permanent
Get your two-year Conditional Residence
K1 Adjustment of Status

adjustment of status
Payment Methods

If you purchased our $650. K1 Platinum Package then you don’t need to pay for this.

$325. Adjustment of Status K1/K2 Married within 90-days.
You’re married within the 90 days allowed and now you need to change your status: Our fee of $325. does not include government fees.
If you are an existing K1 Client and have a K2 child no additional cost is paid to us, however, if you have more than one (1) K2 child we charge an additional $75. per child. This process gives you access to our password protected page to show you examples and illustrations similar to a timeline.
We will gather and complete all of the USCIS forms necessary in order for you to receive your two (2) year Conditional Resident Card. Plus we’ll file for your Employment Authorization and Advance Parole so that you can legally work and go back to your Country for family emergencies. If for any reason you are sent an (RFE) request for evidence letter from USCIS, then we will instruct you further
After you have completed the husband/wife interview and received all of your documents from USCIS then we have fulfilled our obligation to you. The $325. includes one K2 child

Adjustment of Status
You’ll have access to the password-protected page.

I-485 (2) Year Conditional Permanent Residence:

Once the K1 Fiance has married the sponsor within the first 90 days they must undergo a change of status better known as “Adjustment of Status” in order to maintain their legal status in the United States. It is best that you do this process as quickly as possible in order to avoid immigration problems with Customs and Border Patrol agencies such as ICE have the right to detain you and maybe even deport you for being out of status.

Excuses are no longer valid:
It is no longer a valid excuse for the sponsor or beneficiary to say that the filing fee of $1,225.00 to USCIS is a hardship? Some Couples after marriage experience financial difficulties and paying the government fee really is a hardship and for many, it can take a few extra months or longer.

K2 Children Adjustment of Status:
If you have K2 Children that arrived as derivatives to their K1 Parent then they must also adjust their status at the same time, to be able to receive their two-year conditional resident card and social security number. The Social Security number is authorized by USCIS and is oftentimes required for tax purposes and medical health insurance. The cost for a K2 to Adjust is $750.00 filing fee including bio-metrics.

For some newlyweds, skipping the honeymoon may be a
helpful alternative for paying the filing fee?