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Here are some important steps you should be aware of while preparing for the K1 Visa Interview process. You have NOA2, now whats the process?

How does the US Embassy Manila operate during a K1 Visa Interview?


The US Embassy Manila follows a specific process for conducting K1 visa interviews.


Here is an overview of how the embassy operates during a K1 visa interview:



1. Scheduling the interview:

Once the US citizen petitioner has completed the necessary paperwork and provided evidence of their relationship with the foreign fiancé(e), the US Embassy Manila will schedule the K1 visa interview.


This is usually done through the embassy’s online scheduling system.



2. Attend the interview:

On the scheduled day, the foreign fiancé(e) must appear in person at the US Embassy Manila for the visa interview.


It is important to arrive on time and bring all the required documents.



3. Security procedures:

Upon arrival at the embassy, the applicant will go through security screening, including metal detectors and bag checks.


Electronic devices are typically not allowed inside, with exceptions for medical reasons.



4. Document collection:

The applicant will be required to present several documents to the consular officer.


These may include the completed Form DS-160 confirmation page, valid passport, birth certificates, police certificates, proof of relationship, evidence of financial support, and medical examination results.



5. Interview with consular officer:

The applicant will proceed to a designated window where they will have an interview with a consular officer.


The officer will ask questions about the relationship, the intention to get married within 90 days of entering the United States, and any other relevant details.


The purpose of the interview is to determine the authenticity of the relationship and the eligibility for the K1 visa.



6. Biometrics and fingerprinting:

After the interview, the applicant will be directed to provide biometric information, including fingerprints and photographs.



7. Visa issuance or rejection:

If the consular officer approves the K1 visa application, the applicant’s passport will be held for visa issuance.


The applicant will be informed about the collection process.


In case of a visa denial, the consular officer will provide a reason or explanation.



8. Visa delivery or pickup:

Once the visa is processed, the applicant can choose to have the passport with the visa sent to their local address through a courier service or collect it in person at the embassy’s designated location.


It’s essential to note that the specific procedures and requirements may vary, so it is crucial to consult the US Embassy Manila’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information before attending a K1 visa interview.

k1 visa interview process

How to get ready for a K1 Visa Interview?

Your I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee has been approved!


This means the I-797 Notice of Action has arrived (NOA2)

What this means is that you have been approved for a US Embassy interview.


Though for many this is an exciting moment it can also turn into a very stressful period up to the interview.


I want to walk you step-by-step on exactly what the couple can be working on and what they need to hold off on and why?


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What is the I-129F NOA2?

K1 Visa Interview Approved I-129F


Here is a snippet top section of the NOA2 I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter Sample Only



You would have received an email notification first and then about one week later the hard copy arrives to the sponsor in the mail.


Safeguard the original at all times because if you lose this it can cost you dearly to replace it.


If it was lost, stolen or destroyed then you must replace it.


The process to replace this is file application I-824 together with G-1145 and the filing fee of $465.


Your alien fiancee only needs a good scanned copy email to him or her to be used at the medical exam and the US Embassy interview.


Without the NOA2 they would be given a 221(g) RFE.


I have had clients who had theirs destroyed because the dog chewed it to shreds another reported his being lost or stolen in the mail both sponsors had to file and pay to get a brand new sent.


Once you received the NOA2 what things can you prepare for the K1 Visa interview?


Some of the below-mentioned items may not be applicable to you.


  • Scan and email the NOA2 to your fiancee

  • Scan and email her all your divorce decrees

  • Scan and email her police and court records

  • Scan and email her you’re biographic passport page

  • Scan and email her your birth certificate or naturalization certificate

  • Scan and email her your latest W-2 statement

  • Scan and email her your last tax return records

  • Scan and email her past 12 months checking account statements

  • If applicable scan and email any asset records

  • She must get a national police records

  • If worked in other countries get police records from there also

  • Make sure she has her passport

  • she needs to make 8 new 2×2 passport-style photos

  • She needs an original birth certificate

  • She needs proof of singleness

  • If applicable she needs divorce decrees or annulment certificates

  • If applicable a death certificate

  • If applicable a certificate of name change

  • National police record in all legal names ever used

  • Complete DS-160 online

  • She can pay the non-immigrant visa application fee


Other important items you both can put together:


Printout all emails, instant messages, gather up all postal letters with envelopes, put together all phone bill records, gather up all gift receipts and pictures holding received gifts.


If you ever sent or received financial support gather all of the receipts.


Now is a good time to make a scrapbook and place all those nice extra couples photos in it.


The sponsor can go here to get the I-134 Affidavit of Support and fill it out then print it and send the original to the alien fiancee she needs the one with your real signature.


You have about six (6) weeks to work on all of the above-mentioned items anything that applies to you?


You cannot proceed to the medical exam or schedule a US Embassy interview until the sponsor has received the official case number letter in his email.


K2 Child


If you have a K2 child then they must get the following items and attend the embassy interview with their K1 parent.


  • Original passport, Original birth certificate, 8 pieces of 2×2 passport-style photos, their own DS-160 confirmation.


  • If the K2 child is age 16 to 21 years of age they will be required to also get a national police record, and proof of singleness.


  • All K2 children are required to have their own DS-160. And pay the nonimmigrant visa application fee of $265.



What is the K1 case number?

K1 Visa Interview Case Number


After the sponsor receives the NOA2 Approval Letter.


There is a matter of waiting for the Department of foreign affairs to create your Case Number.


This generally takes six (6) weeks before the sponsor gets the official email letter.


Once the sponsor gets the Case Number email he will forward that to the alien fiancee to print out and use at the medical exam and the US Embassy interview.


Without the case number, the alien fiance would not be able to go to their medical exam or schedule an interview appointment.



Where is the US Embassy or Consulate for my K1 interview?


K1 Visa Interview online scheduling.


Now that the couple has received the NOA2 and the final case number official email letter and they both have collected all of the above-required items for the interview they can now schedule an interview online.


If the alien fiancee has submitted the non-immigrant visa application fee in the amount of $265. then they are now ready to create an online account and schedule their embassy interview.


To learn more about how to pay the non-immigrant visa application fee [go here..]


Remember if you have a K2 child they also need to pay the non-immigrant visa application fee of $265.



To learn more about which embassy or consulate that the alien fiancee must-attend for the K1 Visa interview go here and create an online account [Select the country here..]



After you have scheduled your embassy interview don’t forget to printout the confirmation page to take to the medical and interview.



Where and when must I do my medical exam?


K1 Visa Medical Exam

Once you have completed payment of the non-immigrant visa application fee of $265. and you already scheduled your embassy interview you can now go to the medical exam.



It is very important to locate the correct medical clinic that you are required to attend?



By locating the correct medical clinic and address you will go to the US Embassy website of the country that you will be attending?


For example, if the K1 applicant lives in the Philippines they must go to the US Embassy located in Manila and would be required to attend St. Luke’s medical center close to the US Embassy.


Some medical centers are first come first served and do not have an appointment system but you must check online first if the medical center you will go to requires an appointment or is a walk-in?


  • If you have K2 Children they must attend together with you.


  • Adults must pay upon arrival $335. children age 13 or below must pay $185.


What is the fee for my K1 visa interview?


K1 Visa Interview non-immigrant fee


  • K1 and K2 children each has to pay the amount of $265. in the currency of the country, they are living in?



This fee is non-refundable and you must remember that if you cancel your appointment they only give you one more chance to reschedule.


Payment of the $265. nonimmigrant visa application fee automatically renews the approved I-129F from 4 months to now 12 months.



What is the fee for my K1 medical exam?

K1 Visa Interview medical fee


  • K1/K2 pay the medical fee upon arrival to the medical facility. Adults must pay $335.

  • Children age 13 or below only have to pay $185.


  • Payments must be paid in the currency of the country you live in.



Who schedules my K1 visa interview?

K1 Visa Interview scheduling online


The online interview scheduling can be done by the alien fiancee or the US sponsor.


You will go here to create an account once you have paid the non-immigrant visa application fee and you are sure that you have all of the requirements to bring to the interview?



[Select the country here..]



When can I do my medical exam?

The K1 Visa Medical exam should be done one to two weeks before the US Embassy interview.


Fasting is not required and women who are having a menstrual cycle at the time of the medical exam are allowed to go through with it as the medical exam does not impose any restrictions on you.



What is DS-160?

The DS-160 is the online non-immigrant visa application that all K1/K2 applicants must complete for the US Department of State to gather important and permanent records from each person as part of their effort in vetting for the safety of the United States.



[Start a DS-160 now..]




What must I bring to my medical exam?

K1 Visa Interview Medical List for each applicant


  • U.S. Embassy Appointment letter.

  • Original passport and photocopy of the biographic page.

  • The online medical form if applicable to the country you live in?

  • 4 – pieces of 2×2 passport-style photos with you’re full name printed on back.

  • DS-160 Confirmation printed out with your photo on it.

  • 1 – original and one photocopy of you’re Birth Certificate.

  • 1 – photocopy of the NOA1 and NOA2

  • 1 – Photocopy of the letter of eligibility, which is your CASE NUMBER letter.

  • If you have any surgeries or medical evaluations done chest x-rays in the past bring those records.

  • If you have had any inoculations done in the past bring those records also.

  • Bring the correct amount to pay Adults age 14 and up $335. K2 Child age 13 and under $185.



What must I bring to my interview?


k1 visa interview process
K1 Visa Required Items

K1 Visa Interview Required Items


For the K1 Fiancee, you need the following items:


Some of the items on the list may not be required as everyone has a different situation? (*) Is required, (?) Might not pertain to you.



  • U.S. Embassy Appointment letter (*)

  • Original passport and photocopy of the biographic page (*)

  • 4 – pieces of 2×2 passport-style photos with you’re full name printed on back (*)

  • Bring the brown sealed envelope from your medical exam (*)

  • Bring the DS-3025 Vaccination Documentation Worksheet (*)

  • 1 – photocopy of the NOA1 and NOA2 (*)

  • 1 – Photocopy of the letter of eligibility, which is your MNL CASE NUMBER letter (*)

  • DS-160 Confirmation printed out with your photo on it (*)

  • 1 – original and one photocopy of you’re Birth Certificate (*)

  • A National police record from your country and in other names that you used also (*)

  • 1 – certificate of proof of singleness and if other names one for that too (*)

  • If you been married before bring a certified copy of the divorce decree or annulment (?)

  • If you been married before but your spouse died, bring an original death certificate (?)

  • If you lived or worked in other countries 6 months or longer bring police records (?)

  • If you used other legal names bring a certificate of name change (?)

  • If you have a K2 child bring 4 of their 2×2 passport-style photos, birth certificate, DS-160 confirmation, original passport, sealed medical envelope, DS-3025, cd x-ray.

    If a K2 child is age 16 or above they are required to provide a national police record.


Sponsors items:


  • US birth certificate or naturalization certificate or US citizenship whichever applies (*)

  • 1 – photocopy of the U.S. Passport biographic information page (*)
  • I-134 Affidavit of Support (8) original pages with his signature (*)

  • IRS schedule 1040, 1090, 1099 photocopies from the most previous tax year (*)

  • W-2 statement from the previous tax year (*)

  • Previous 12 – months of checking account statements (*)

  • Previous 6 to 12 months of employee pay-stubs (*)

  • Sponsors who fall short of meeting the income requirements should provide assets if available 1/3 of stock and or bonds, real estate that you own or savings account records (?)

  • All previous marriages photocopies of divorce decrees, death certificates (?)

  • Photocopies of all Police and Court records of Criminal Convictions, that fall under IMBRA (?)



As a couple you need the following proof of an ongoing relationship:

You may not have all of these items but do the best you can.

  • Emails

  • Chat logs

  • Instant messages

  • Text messages

  • Screenshots of live chats

  • Phone call records such as phone bills

  • Postal mail letters with envelope or postcards

  • Overseas or online sent gift receipts with pictures holding the gift

  • Receipts for financial support

  • Scrapbook with couples photos dates and small description



Can my US fiance attend the K1 visa interview with me?

K1 Visa Interview Attendance


It is very important that the K1 applicant arrive 45 minutes to an hour early to their interview appointment.


You must honor the U.S. Embassy or Consulate by observing their dress-code by wearing business attire charcoal grey or navy blue is best?


K2 children do not really have to abide by the dress-code but should be present at the interview.


Not all US Embassies or Consulates will allow the US sponsor to participate in the interview.


You should try to call or go online and see if there are any restrictions? For the US Embassy in Manila Philippines, the sponsor is allowed to attend.


Sponsors, who attend must observe the dress code and wear a button-up dress shirt with a tie and dress pants with dress shoes preferably navy blue or charcoal grey?


You can be next to your alien fiancee but do not interfere in any way do not answer or even ask a question unless the interviewer directly speaks to you?



What has to be done for my K2 child?

K1 Visa Interview K2 child


The K2 child or children regardless of their age are required to attend the embassy interview together with the K1 parent.


If the K2 child has reached the age of 21 years they are no longer qualified to receive a K2 visa or if the K2 child is married they can no longer receive a K2 visa.


  • 4 of their 2×2 passport-style photos

  • 1 original birth certificate

  • 1 original passport

  • Their DS-160 confirmation page

  • The sealed medical envelope

  • DS-3025 vaccination documentation worksheet from their medical exam

  • The cd x-ray.

  • If applicable their national police record

  • If applicable a certificate of name change




Depending on your K2 child’s age the interviewer may ask them a question or more?


  • Do you know the name of the sponsor?

  • Is he nice to you?

  • Do you love him?

  • Do you know what country he lives in?

  • Does he play with you?

  • Did he buy you any toys?


Most of the time interviewers will ask little or no questions to the K2 child but it depends on the child’s mood if their talkative or very shy?




Will the interviewer ask a lot of questions?


K1 Visa Interview Process Questioning


Here is a list of the most possible questions for a K1 Visa interview.

  • Sponsors name|

  • Sponsors date of birth

  • Where sponsor was born

  • How you both found each other

  • How long you known each other

  • How many times in person you met

  • Has the sponsor been married before

  • Does the sponsor have kids

  • What are their names

  • How old are they

  • What’s the name of the sponsor’s parents

  • Does the sponsor have criminal records

  • Where does the sponsor work

  • How long has he worked there

  • What is his job title

  • What address does he live at now

  • How long has he lived there

  • Do you both share the same religious beliefs

  • Why do you want to go to the USA

  • Did you have an engagement party
  • Do you know how long they were married

  • Do you know the reason for the divorce

  • Have you ever been married

  • Do you have children

  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime

  • Has anyone ever tried to petition you before

  • Have you lived in other countries

  • Have you met the parents of the sponsor

  • Have your parents met the sponsor

  • What did you and the sponsor do together on vacation

  • How tall is the sponsor

  • How much does the sponsor weigh

  • What color eyes does the sponsor have

  • Do you both communicate in English

  • What are all of the ways you communicate



Does my interviewer tell me if I passed or failed?

K1 Visa Interview Results


Sometimes a K1 applicant hasn’t any clue if they passed or failed the interview?


But most of the time the interviewer might say to you welcome to the United States, or you and your fiance have a wonderful wedding.


This is an indication that you satisfied them enough that they are letting you know.


It seems rare that any would just say you passed or your approved or even good job seems rare.


Some say absolutely nothing and kind of leave the alien fiance hanging. I have heard some tell the applicant ok we’re done you may go home now.


But what are some tell-tell signs that you been approved or denied?



Signs that you have been approved:

“They never gave your passport back to you”

“They gave you a piece of paper telling you to check your delivery address”

“Obvious signs are they asked questions and you answered correctly”


Signs that you may be denied or have been denied:

“They send you home with a 221(g) request for evidence which means not yet failed”

“The interviewer seems disgusted with your answers and gives back your passport”

“The interviewer asked a question and totally said no! you’re being denied”

“If you’re lying to the questions or have no supporting documents then you are denied”

If I fail my K1 Visa interview can I appeal?


K1 Visa Interview Appealed Procedure



k1 visa interview process
All that hard work for this?

K1 Fiancee Visa Denied, Can I Appeal or Refile?


If you felt that the interviewer was treating you harshly or unfair but you are certain that you have plenty of supporting documentation to prove the relationship is genuine and sincere.


Or you had been asked some trick questions that you felt were the reason for denial?


You can file for an appeal and this must be done within the first 33 days no later.



The US sponsor should go here and complete the I-290B form it does have a filing fee of $630. The process can take up to 90 days and is a no money-back guarantee.



The other route is to file another I-129F petition by starting all over again.



The only advantage to this is you have a better idea of what the cause of the denial was and should be able to prepare for the next interview?



You are advised to allow one year to go by before filing again or if you have been dubbed by IMBRA as a multiple filer, then you may have to wait 2 years?



Some couples at this point decide to go another route by getting married and then filing the I-130 to get a spouse visa which could be the CR1 or IR1 depending on the length of time of the marriage?



K3 visa filing is also an option.


Does the embassy give me my K1 Visa the same day?

K1 Visa Interview Production of the Fiancee Document



Most of the time the US Embassy will ask you to go home and wait for the K1/K2 visas to undergo an administrative review with further processing.



This means that the department of the embassy must continue to verify some records by doing a more in-depth inspection such as verifying that the sponsor works for the said company or to further look at the alien fiancee’s police records?



I have heard of some K1 applicants being approved at the interview and then, later on, denied because of negative reviews for example when they checked the sponsor’s employment they found out that he has not been employed there for the past couple of months.






The sponsor’s police records and other supporting documents had been falsified or altered.



These administrative reviews can take more than a month. So just because the interviewer approves you doesn’t always mean you’re going to get a K1 Visa?



If everything checks out after administrative review then the K1 visa will be created and delivered to you within 10 to 14 days.



A great way to observe what happening is to go online and do a [Visa Status Check..]



But if more research had to be done it might take 21 days or longer?