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K1 Visa Proof of Relationship

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Everything you need to know

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As couples communicate daily, the goal is to learn more about each other and to find out if they have what it takes to survive all the ups and downs? We talk about the importance of how you communicate and the best ways that couples can document their relationship?

The whole reason behind communicating as a couple is to develop your relationship right? If you plan on applying for a K1 Visa then US Embassy interviewers are also wanting to be sure that both of you have plenty of communication records before they make a decision to approve you?

Based on my own experience and that of others whom I have helped, I think that an LDR relationship should be something exciting? I think that couples should try and take advantage of communicating in many ways other than just one?

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k1 visa proof of relationship
Online finding each other

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Finding Each Other:

The importance of couples communicating with one another on a daily bases is a vital means of learning about each other to see if the couple both have similar goals and dreams in life? In the beginning, couples may still be weeding out the good from the bad ones.

This is no different than shopping for a new car or electronic device, clothing, etc. Now from a K1 Visa standpoint, it might be very helpful later on to remember the date you both officially decided to pursue an LDR relationship.

During a K1 Visa embassy interview, you could be asked these questions and an interviewer could request you to show supporting documents to verify your claim? The K1 Visa Applicant should know and have in his or her possession these items:

  1. You may be asked to verbally and physically show how you found each other?
    Example: We found each other on Facebook and you could show a screenshot of that first instant message he sent or you sent?

  2. They may ask you the date that you both found each other on?
    Example: We found each other on June 09, 2019, and also have your Facebook screenshot that shows the date of June 09, 2019.

  3. This could also apply to dating websites that have built-in chat software.

  4. If you found each other while on vacation, then mention how the meeting took place, the city, country, the name of a mall or restaurant or workplace? Supporting documents to verify your claim could be passport arrival/departure stamps, trip itinerary, boarding pass-stubs, receipts that indicate you ate together and last some pictures of you together.

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Emails Chat Logs:

This is what is really needed and a fairly simple thing to do yet many couples are not taking advantage of this because they think that live video chat on Facebook, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp is going to be enough?

Doing instant messaging or live video chat is good for the couple to really learn about each other and it is also the daily bread that keeps the relationship alive. It is going to be fine to save some screenshots of video chat and a few instant messages but not totally good for an interview.

Today’s US Embassy interviewers are mostly wanting to see the couples email because email printouts show the full header the actual date the sender and the receivers email address which is better proof than instant messages.

Every couple “should” be doing email to one another and especially those couples with large age differences. Email carries more weight than chat logs or instant messages. More on emailing and larger age differences mentioned further down in this post.

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Phone Calls:

Another acceptable way to help US Embassy interviewers see that your relationship has been developing would be one or both of you calling each other not every day but once in a while is fine. This is not a must, as many couples find it to be expensive.

The only way this will be effective is direct dialing. The ideal is to get your monthly billing statement from your service provider, then highlight only your outgoing calls that show you called your fiancees number which if it was the Philippines would start with (+63)

If your fiancee calls you then you would do the same except you could use a different color highlight marker showing on your monthly bill incoming and outgoing calls from the Philippines. If she has a monthly billing statement on her end, she will also do this.

Advice: It’s alright to keep your phone calls short even five minutes long if you want? The interviewers really don’t care if you talked 5 minutes or many hours at a time? Next, you will do good to place all monthly bills in a folder in order according to date. Title the folder PHONE BILLS

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Postal Letters:

Back in the days before the internet was really taking off and still many Americans and people of other countries were not online yet the pen-pal programs were more abundant. I found my Filipina wife on a pen-pal program.

k1 visa proof of relationship
K1 Visa Proof of Relationship

All we had at that time was postal letters, some text messages, and phone calls. Back then that was our K1 Visa Proof of Relationship. Every week my fiancee and I would send each other a postal letter and some would come some got lost in the mail.

So the idea was to just send each other mail every week with the hopes that we could get at least half of those letters. Postcards also count and I would mix it up sending letters in envelopes and cool postcards from Florida.

My fiancee saved all my letters and the envelopes and later on before her US Embassy interview for the K1 Visa I FedEx her all of the ones she sent to me together with the envelopes so that she would be able to show her interviewer how we communicated.

Still today some people do this as a way to put something tangible in the hands of each other. Some girls like to lace the letter and envelop with perfume and put pictures inside. My fiancee would hand-make her letters and envelopes then write bible scriptures.

Advice: If you are sending letters to one another you could tie a ribbon around all of them as a way to carry them to the US Embassy interview. Or place them all into an oversized vanilla envelope.

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Planning To Meet In Person:

Many couples have different circumstances as to when they will meet each other in person? I have known some guys to be on a plane heading to the Philippines within two months of finding a girl while some can take years?

One of the best ways to keep shared records among one another is to send emails. I recommend the one who would be planning the trip to save in your emails things like trip itineraries, scanned photocopies of your passport biographic page, hotel vouchers, etc.

Send those emails to your fiancee also so that she will have records. I would later print those emails out together with the inline images or attachment and then staple those all together to put in their own folder title it Trip 1 or Trip 2 however many trips you make.

Advice: Please be sure to communicate in those emails with her about your dates and places you both will be staying together and places that you both may go visit like family, friends, amusement parks, camping trips, waterfalls, cave-dwelling, the list is endless.

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship And Age Differences:

Couples from all over the world are finding each other through dating sites, Social Media, free smartphone apps, many finding each other while on vacation some being introduced by mutual friends or family members.

Depending on which part of the world a person is from, age is simply nothing more than a number. There are many countries with cultures that still believe a couple needs to be well rounded referring to almost the same age, but not all of them?

American men have some of their own beliefs. Some prefer a woman close to his age, some are most attracted to a woman younger with an age difference of even forty years. But the average age difference that I have known where fifteen to twenty years.

Mostly SouthEast Asian women prefer older guys as their culture see’s it as a more stable relationship with the man being more matured, settled down and less likely to be using drugs and womanizing?

For those of you that are in a relationship that has a large age gap of 20 years or more, I would say to you that US Embassy interviewers and other government agencies will scrutinize your relationship and if not properly done you could be denied a K1 Visa?

Here is a more positive way to increase your chance of getting approved, a K1 Visa during the interview. If you are a man that has a fiancee in her early to mid-twenties and you are in your fifties or older, then you really need to consider following these steps.

Because of my years of experience with this sort of thing, I have heard true stories from some of my clients who listened in on other K1 girls who were either ahead of them or next to them at the interviewing window.

They hear lines like “I’m sorry miss but I have to deny you”. Some of the reasons all related to age differences as mentioned below.

  • What could you a 20-year-old possibly have in common with a 70-year-old? [Denied]
  • Your sponsor has daughters already twice your age. [Denied]
  • Your sponsor is 65 and your 22 and you don’t have any relationship proof? [Denied]

Those are some true reasons for denials that we have heard interviewers tell K1 Applicants.

If you are a couple that has a large age difference, then here is a list specifically for you to follow as a way to increase your chance of getting approved the K1 Visa?

All couples still need to have plenty of K1 Visa Proof of Relationship. Don’t think that just because your ages are very close together that you don’t need any of this? All interviewers are trained to believe that K1 relationships are fraudulent.

One of the reasons all of our K1 Applicants get approved is due to attending their US Embassy interview with arms loaded. An interviewer is more inclined to believe that a K1 applicant that shows up to the interview with arms loaded and folders neatly titled are serious.

A look at the different ages and how they are viewed:

What are some strategies that can increase your K1 Proof of Relationship so that you can come out with an approval?

  • Often times a woman age 18 to age 25 will have more interview scrutiny if her sponsor is age 45 or older? If this is you then it is going to be very important that you both put a lot more effort into sending each other emails.

    Forget about messenger or Skype, Viber those won’t help you. We highly recommend you have a minimum of one hundred emails before the interview. 50 from the sponsor and 50 from the beneficiary.

    Avoid conversations about the beneficiary coming to the U.S. to work as this could be a red flag and interviewers will think she only wants to get a job and not married? Avoid talking about her friends or family that live in the U.S. if she has any?

    Again this could be a red flag and be taken as she only wants to get to the U.S. to be with friends or family and not really her fiance to marry? Coming to the U.S. to travel or attend school can also be a red flag that causes a denial.

  • Next, if a woman is age 26 to 35 and her fiance is around age 26 to 45 the relationship in the eyes of American immigration would be looked at as more believable and would not be scrutinized unless you attend your US Embassy interview without any relationship proof?

  • Couples that are both in their 20’s or couples in their 30’s or 40’s and 50’s stand a much better chance at getting approved without having too much-supporting documents to prove their relationship is sincere? I have seen this time and time again.

  • The worst situation to be in but not entirely impossible is to have a couple say the woman is age 27 and her sponsor fiance is age 70? Often times these types get denied or receive a 221(g) during the US Embassy interview.

    A denial is if the K1 applicant attends her interview and doesn’t have much if any supporting documents or she might get lucky and get sent home with a 221(g) request for evidence letter saying she has to send in more K1 visa proof of relationship items?

    Things that can help a K1 Applicant that receives a 221(g) if she has these items?

    1. Provide supporting documents that her fiance visited her, more than one trip to her country.

    2. Go home and both couples printout all of their chat logs, email, phone bills, postal letters, financial support receipts, anything they have and hope that it is enough to satisfy the interviewers?

    3. If they don’t have anything or if they only have very little, their chances of getting approved will be very dim. If they end up in a denial then they can file again after two years and start over but the 2nd time is sure to have plenty of proof of an ongoing relationship.

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Financial Support:

Sending your fiancee financial support has never been a requirement of any US Embassy interview. But if for any reason you decided to help your alien fiancee with financial support to help with his or her necessities then here’s how to keep records?

If you send one time per month or a couple of times per month we suggest that the sender and the receiver hang onto the receipts. And as a good measure plus a way to show responsibility the alien fiancee, in addition, should save all receipts for things she paid for with the financial support.

Staple your receipts together with the western union receipt and place everything in a folder titled Financial support. Everything you are doing here is to make you look good at the interview. Also, the sponsor will need to send you all of his receipts from his end to put together with yours.

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship Gift Sending:

If your looking for ways to personalize your relationship then sending a gift to her or to each other can bring excitement to one another. Financial gifts are oftentimes a way to help out with necessities. But a random gift personalizes who we are.

Throughout the years we have found that K1 Applicants can create a timeline using a scrapbook showing pictures of gifts that they received from the sponsor? Inside they can also place the receipts and delivery receipts all as supporting proof.

The timeline could cover events in the span of a year. Valentine’s day gift could be roses or birthday gifts could be an electronic device then Christmas could be something like a bracelet? So your timeline would display each event.

The gifts that are sent to your fiancee are showing extra effort. We call these “gold nuggets” because interviewers rarely see such documentation and when they do it really stands out above all the others.

This does not apply to gifts that were brought over in person. We are talking about gifts either sent from the USA in a package or gifts that were ordered online and delivered within your fiancee’s country.

The sponsor could have two supporting documents on his end, a credit card statement showing the purchase, then a shipping receipt from the US Postal Service. Then on the alien fiancee’s side, she would have the delivery receipt and the actual gift itself.

Having all of the mentioned items in your scrapbook for the K1 Visa interview can demonstrate that the relationship is genuine and sincere? It shows the couple is serious and it shows that you went the extra mile preparing for the interview.

This should be applied in all relationships regardless of the age differences if any? So if your a couple doing this sort of thing then it serves as a “gold nugget” for the interview and it will be used as a keepsake to reminisce on many years later.

These guys have been around for years and continue to be reliable [PhilRegalo.com]

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship for US Embassy Interview:

This section does not cover all required items needed for the US Embassy interview to get a K1 Visa. This only covers K1 Visa Proof of Relationship items and how to prepare them for the interview?

Not all couples will do this and many couples have already developed their relationship for many months even years without doing any of this. However, it’s never too late to start implementing some of this before you have a scheduled interview.

Based on my many years of experience and success with our many clients I would have to say that using a regular folder with pockets works the best? Use a black marker and put the titles mentioned below.

You may not have all of these, but increase your chances of getting approved a K1 Visa if you do.
Having a folder for everything helps you to find certain items quickly and it also shows interviewers that you are prepared.

  • Finding Each Other – This could be screenshots of a dating website or chat logs.
  • Emails and Chat Logs – Consider this to be most important mostly emails.
  • Phone Call Records – monthly phone bills with highlighted numbers called.
  • Postal Letters – Place all letters with their envelope in here and any postcards.
  • Meeting In-Person – emails records showing attachments of trip itineraries Trip 1 Trip 2
  • Financial Support – place all the receipts of money received plus receipts accumulated.
  • Gifts Received – place all pictures holding gifts together with receipts and other supporting documents. This could be done in your scrapbook and made into a timeline.

It’s not at all uncommon for your fiancee to attend the US Embassy interview carrying between 3 and 5 pounds of supporting documents. With all of the folders full they may want to carry everything in a plastic file case with a handle on it or use a shoulder bag?

K1 Visa Proof of Relationship for CFO Seminar Philippines:

If your fiancee is not from the Philippines you do not need to do this and can skip this part. All K1 Visa holders of the Philippines are required to attend a Philippines government seminar knowns as CFO-GCP.

CFO – Commission on Filipinos Overseas

GCP Guidance and Counseling Program

Basically this is like another interview conducted by the Philippines government. It is mandatory for all to attend if you want to have clearance for exiting the Philippines?

Based on experience through our guidance with Filipino clients, the CFO-GCP can deny you from ever leaving the Philippines even if you already have your K1 Visa in hand. This is very serious stuff and treating it like the US Embassy interview is a must.

We advise “All” and especially those younger Filipinas who are in a relationship with a guy that maybe 20 years and older to follow these instructions.

Bring everything mentioned in this entire post as you will have a one-on-one interview by a CFO-GCP counselor and if they find out that you and your American fiance have a large age gap could be asked to show proof of a genuine and sincere relationship?

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K1 Visa Proof of Relationship