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At FilAm, our goal and mission isn’t how many couples we can get per year but how many couples we can leave smiling, happy and wanting to tell all of their friends to use our service, because we go above and beyond compared to other online services.

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Successful FilAm Couples

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K1 Visa Testimonials


Maria Rosbach US Citizen


K1 Visa Testimonials Philippines


Hi FilAm!
This is Maria Rossbach from Wisconsin USA, I am now officially a US citizen.

I received my naturalization certificate after my oath-taking this morning.

I am very excited to apply for a US passport.

Thank you so much for your help from the beginning till the end.

Next few years we will buy a house in Bacolod. My husband and I are hoping to meet you so we can thank you for everything personally.

Sincerely, Maria 09/05/2019









Real FilAm Couples Whom We Have Served.

K1 Visa Testimonials

We got married in the Philippines and hired FilAm to help us get a CR1 Spouse visa for my beautiful wife. FilAm was very instrumental in guiding us through the many steps and we are very pleased with their professionalism and the way that they kept up with our case.

It took roughly 12 months from start to finish and here we are now.

James & Lisa of Springfield AR – 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hey guys! Junior and I were super happy with all the great help you gave us. We hired you guys for the US Embassy Support to help Junior get his K1 Visa and everything went very well.

I know we only paid you two hundred dollars but you helped us with a lot of other stuff and because of your wonderful help We are for sure going to be sending you some new clients.

We’ll keep in touch Sincerely Junior & Bev. – Philadelphia PA 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa testimonials. We’re so thankful to you FilAm. You’re service of getting me and my daughter   to the US was superb. Our K1/K2 Visas wherein hand after about 8 months. Then you worked on our permanent residence cards and that also went very well.

To anyone out there who wants to hire FilAm, they are very friendly, reliable, trustworthy, they maintain excellence in their work, and they don’t give old outdated information like what my husband and I found on some of the other websites.

Sincerely Stuart & Tresh of Tampa FL 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

FilAm as you said during our free consultation about the CR1 Spouse visa was all true. It was a lengthy wait for us nearly 12 months. But we’d do again if we had to as it was all worth it! I love my wife so much and she is definitely the Pearl of the Orient haha!

We both want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being there for us and for keeping us moving in a timely manner. I will share your website with some of our friends.

Sincerely Brian & Lori Orlando FL 2014

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hi FilAm! I just want to thank you for the awesome 5 months that you worked with us as Kathy received her K1 Visa sooner than we had anticipated and for that we are grateful!

You guys also done her adjustment of status and EAD card for her which went very smoothly and she was so happy to finally go to work. I have a friend that will be calling you to assist him and his fiancee and I told him how well you guys took care of us and he said he will definitely be calling you guys!

Chester & Kathy Oklahoma City OK 2013

K1 Visa Testimonials

I am so grateful to you FilAm. Both Josephine and I could not be happier than the day she got approved her K1 Visa! Our waiting time from start to finish was approximately 8 months and FilAm had to work hard for me since my finances were barely making it?

It was their good explaining of the process and helping us through the ups and downs but it all turned out good. We can’t thank FilAm enough but will always be grateful to you.

Kenny & Josephine from sunny California 2012

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hey FilAm! After 8 months of waiting, we finally made it. My family is here with me in Allan Town PA as of 09/21/2018 You helped us get the K1 & K2 visa and then you worked on our Adjustment of Status everything went very smoothly, thanks to you guys!

Mary & Ara say a special Thanks to you for helping us processing our documents from Fiancé Visa to Applying Green card visa…its all worth and very affordable fee. Green card Approved here.

William, Mary & Ara from Allan Town PA 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

My wife and I want to let anyone who is considering the help of FilAm to know that we used them and have lots of good to say about the job they did? It took us 8 months from start to finish to get our K1 and K2 visa with not one problem during the medical and interview.

The money they charged us is ridiculously low and I got way more than I expected from this service. Our adjustment of status went through without any issues and my family and I can truly feel at ease now since using this wonderful service.

Sincerely Jerry and Edith from Coco, FL

K1 Visa Testimonials

Many thanks to you FilAm for you have made our dreams come true. We hired you to assist us because of the word of mouth that you guys have a fabulous reputation and offer so much for a low fee.

Our K1 Visa was approved after 7.5 months and now we’re together feeling so blessed because of your guidance. It was a word of mouth that lead us to you and it will be my word of mouth that will lead more Couples to you as I am a firm believer of what you people do.

Sincerely Jay & Elvie from the Loan Start State 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa testimonials. My goodness while I was away long-distance trucking FilAm kept me and Aiden going through the process of K1 Visa smoothly. Our son was born in the Philippines and FilAm also steered us in the right direction for registering him to get his US citizenship.

As of 08/2019 Aiden already had her adjustment of status interview and was told her permanent resident card and EAD will arrive in two weeks.

Thanks so much, FilAm
Chris & Aiden Atlanta GA 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

I could have never done this without the help of Anthony at FilAm Immigration! He always gave me the time to ask questions and this went on for more than a year before I ever even started due to employment and meeting the poverty guidelines?

It was his instructions and guidance that kept me from getting in trouble with the K1 Fiancee Visa process for my now wife. This stuff is hard and there’s so much uncertainty, we probably would have messed it up and not even known what happened if it wasn’t for the great guidance of FilAm Immigration.

The stress and worry had been removed tremendously and we got through this VERY BIG part of our lives until here we are happily married and in this for the long run!

Sincerely Ian & Merfie Michigan 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

FilAm you came through every step of the way and never let us down even for a second! I was busy trucking all over the Country while you kept me and my fiancee now beautiful wife feeling confident every step of the way. We owe you so much and we honestly had no clue or idea what to do or how to do any of this?

We love you and your FilAm Immigration Services and we would like to tell anyone out there who is thinking about if they want to use you guys or not to know that FilAm is my hero and he will reunite you and your lady together, just follow his instructions and you won”t go wrong!

Sincerely Mt & Mrs. Ferrer NC 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa testimonials. My Fiancée and I are so happy with the service we received from FilAm during our whole process, from the start of the K1 Visa, until she was in the states, only took around six months. We wanted to let you know that your Fiancée Visa service was very valuable to our success.

The speed you handled all the information we were giving you made me know we had chosen the right person for us. the many nights of calls and emails, walking my wife through examples of the interview.

Thank You Again FilAm
Lance and Pathy Netherland
Austin TX 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

My very lovely Filipina wife now also mommy and I wanted to tell anyone out there that we highly love FilAm Immigration Services for such a top-notch service they provided to us from A to Z at a fee unbelievably low compared to other services.

I looked at? We were extremely thankful that our K1 Visa was approved and we were able to be together and married much sooner than we had hoped for?

Your welcome to visit us here in Hawaii 2015
Mike & Maricris

K1 Visa Testimonials

My beautiful fiancee now wife has arrived. She came to NC pretty quick thanks to the guidance and expertise assistance of FilAm Immigration Services.

Our paperwork got approved quickly and we hit a little hick-up but Anthony was able to keep me on track all the way to a successful US Embassy Interview.

Honestly, without the guidance of FilAm we probably would have lost the opportunity because I was having employment issues at the time and thanks to our Jahova GOD

Sincerely Moises & Melody NC 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

Our process was very fast and very organized thanks to the help of FilAm Immigration Services for their prompt up to date advice and expediency to keeping things moving forward with me and my lovely fiancee now wife.

The K1 Visa was our only choice and it reunited us together within 4 months! Honestly, we would probably lose our chance at getting the K1 Fiancee visa because without the help of FilAm Immigration I surely would have made mistakes!

Henry in Florida 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

We been to visit Dumaguete City Philippines my fiancee and I had a wonderful time and we had a good few hours discussing the K1 Visa process and about the many supporting documents that would be needed at the Embassy Interview.

Our coach was very professional and very specific about everything needed. The details plus the password-protected pages full of illustrations had been a huge help for us.

For the fee, they charged us the service was loaded with a lot of valuable stuff that a law firm would not dare do at FilAms prices.

Sincerely Denny & Charlene of Pueblo CO 2013

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa testimonials. We’re Born Again Christians and we pray about most everything before making a decision? FilAm was who we were lead to and I know God put them in our path as we felt very comfortable working with them. They explained everything about the K1 Visa process to us without a hurry.

They even got us through the interview with no problems at all then after we got married they gave us the utmost attention with our adjustment of status process. I highly recommend FilAm to anyone seeking to go through the K1 Visa process!

Sincerely James & Marlyn Lexington KY 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

Both I and my fiancee from the Philippines were very busy as I am in the US Navy traveling a lot and my fiancee had a very hectic job also keeping us both on the going daily! FilAm made this process so much easier and pleasant as they removed most of the worry and stress and done it for a very reasonable fee.

Our K1 Visa was in hand after 6 months and they’ve already completed out Adjustment of status application which is also completed. I couldn’t have done it without you FilAm and we’re thankful!

Peter & Haley of San Fransisco CA 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

We got married in the Courthouse on September 11, 2018, Vicky and I want to thank you FilAm for making our dreams come true. We are so blessed that USCIS also allowed this to happen and we felt that the US Embassy interviewers were being extra nice to Vicky she was so worried in the beginning that this whole thing might be a disaster, but when a friend of hers told us about FilAm Immigration Service, we decided maybe we better go the route of hiring some assistance.

FilAm was very helpful and they kept us both moving in the right direction which had we not hired them I know for sure we would have screwed something up?

From Brent and Vicky Toledo OH 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

Officially married on August 6th, 2017! FilAm I can’t express my gratitude enough to you. I don’t honestly know how you guys do it, but this USCIS immigration stuff is pretty much a major headache, and had it not been for you, I would have failed at this.

Your prices are so unbelievably low compared to everyone else’s and yet you give superior service, unlike anything I ever heard of! I know Attorneys aren’t going to work their butts off like you do at such low service fees. You saved me a lot of money and you got my lady at my side as you said you would.

If you’re ever in Alabama swing by for a beer 🙂 Larry & Trish Montgomery AL 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

Bella and I are so thankful to you people there at FilAm. I was going to do this on my own until a friend of mine at work who do this for his Filipina wife told me that this is some pretty serious stuff! He hired a lawyer and paid them $3,600. which I wasn’t really happy to dish out that amount. So I did some online research and came across FilAm.

The site was very helpful and when I decided to give them a call for a consultation I was amazed at how this whole process needed to be handled? I know now that if I did it myself I would have messed something up for sure! We got our K1 Visa after 6 months, thanks FilAm

Sincerely Stan & Bella of Detroit MI 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa testimonials. FilAm Immigration Services, We wanted to write this testimonial to you especially ‘YOU’, for helping my wonderful fiancee NOW WIFE, through the k1 visa process. It went by so very fast as you told us it would and we honestly do not think we would have had the same success if we had tried to do this on our own?

It would seem that 2009 was a very good year for anyone trying to petition a fiancee or spouse using any of the (k) visas as my friend from California told me that two years ago he and his wife who came from China had to wait 12 months. For us, it only took 3 months.

Sincere thanks to you sir, From California -2008

K1 Visa Testimonials

We received our K1 Fiancee Visa after 4 months of waiting and FilAm was always there for all of our questions and concerns. We really want to thank the team there at FilAm for you’re steadfast patience with us. We really couldn’t have done this without you guys and the fabulous service that you gave Renei during the medical and her interview!

Now you guys are working on her adjustment of status papers and we feel very good knowing that we have you there to get us through these rough moments with USCIS.

Sincerely Patric and Renei from Honolulu, HI – 20015


K1 Visa Testimonials

I was a very busy person during the process of getting Margie to the USA. My mind wasn’t going to be focused enough to try and file my petition for the K1 Visa. I had a friend a year earlier who tried this and his girl got denied due to the Couples failure to produce enough proof of an ongoing relationship

I got free counseling fro m FilAm and it really made a huge difference for Margie and I. We both realize just how easy it is to make mistakes that could lead to a denial. FilAm really kept us on track and we owe them so much for the awesome support they gave us.

Sincerely George & Margie Vineland NJ 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. Hi, I’m Mark & this is my adorable wife Latz. We both would like to tell anyone who is thinking about hiring FilAm to get their free consultation as it is one of the things I remembered the most that caused me to realize just how far off I was with my understanding of the process of getting a K1 Fiancee Visa? Latz was also thinking that some of her old friends who she was talking to about this process would have given her some really bad or old information that would have cost her time and maybe even a denial?

FilAm and her Coach made sure that nothing was done prematurely and that every step was completed in a timely manner. Our petition was approved within 6 months and we’re so thankful to FilAm.

Mark & Latz Spokane WA 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

Al I can say is thanks a million everyone their at FilAm! You guys delivered on you’re word and I don’t forget that neither does Crisel. Me working on the oil rig out in the Gulf of Mexico just didn’t make things easy for me when it came to USCIS and all of their red tape!

Because of you guys, the process went much smoother and you’re knowledge is what saved us from flopping at this. Crisel got approved after 7 months and now she is here at my side and I plan for her to have a very good life as she deserves it. We plan to be you’re best word of mouth to anyone venturing to do the K1 Visa process, we have only good things to say about FilAm and trust you will too!

Russ & Crisel New Orleans LA 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

I can’t thank FilAm enough! You guys have given us way more than our money’s worth and I just don’t really know how you do it? My wife Sham-Sham was constantly in communication with Her FiLAm coach practically every day and those people treated her like family always ready to answer her questions and providing us with a top-notch service that I would recommend to anyone!

Our petition was approved by USCIS in under 4 months and my wife had her visa in hand exactly 5 months and two weeks. After we got married FilAm took care of her Adjustment of Status processing and that went very smoothly also. I honestly can tell anyone that’s considering hiring FilAm, this is money well spent. A lot fewer headaches less stress and worry.

More power to you FilAm John & Sham-Sham Dallas TX 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. Hello! 2016 was a very exciting year for my wife Maybeth and me. We filed our application for a K1 Visa in January 2016 and then she got her K1 Visa in June 2016 we were married on July 4th. We owe it all to FilAm and their wonderful assistance that kept things running smoothly. If I was going to share with anyone about FilAm then the first thing I would tell them is FilAm has a lot to offer for such a small fee!

We used their K1 Platinum and after my wife got to the US FilAm also provided great help for her to be able to get her permanent resident card, employment, and advance parole to travel back home in case of an emergency.

Best Service Ever!
Kenny & Maybeth Los Angeles CA 2016

k1 Visa Testimonials

In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical with FilAm after my free consultation because they were telling me a lot of things that were conflicting with stuff I had read online and some of my friends told me also? It didn’t take very long when I finally realized that much of the online stuff I was reading was either crap or just old outdated websites that didn’t change the rules.

FilAm gave it to us straight and they didn’t allow me to try and change anything as I felt like changing some things based on hearsay which now I was glad I listened to FilAm! Our K1 came after 6 months and we hired FilAm again to do our Adjustment of status.

Cheers! Mitch & Lori Miami Beach FL 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

What a Blessing FilAm was for us! You guys really provided us with a very neat and organized service, giving us a very well put together I-129F package I was really impressed and I think that was a contributing factor at USCIS also? Our petition was approved in two months and within 4 months we had the K1 Fiancee Visa in hand and FilAm just kept on guiding us with everything even after our marriage all for $650.

I know guys who paid Lawyers at least $3,000 and got way less support than what FilAm gave me! If you and you’re fiancee our searching for a friendly affordable service, then I highly recommend FilAm Immigration Services!

Sincerely Art & Arlyn Trenton NJ 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. We want to recommend FilAm Immigration Services to you, who are desiring to get a K1 Visa and need someone whom you can trust? We hired FilAm to help us get the K1/K2 Visa and that’s exactly what we got. We thank FilAm for that, and our coach even met us in person at the Dumaguete Robinson giving us 3 hours of good counsel.

After our marriage, they completed out K1/K2 Permanent resident applications and that also has gone through very well. Please consider hiring these people if you want good results?

Sincerely Jerry, Laila & Chelsea. Windsor, KY 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

We had a good experience with FilAm doing all of our papers. They did really good and they gave us an online case file review and mock interview which was a big help. I got my K1 visa after 8 months and I know this process was hard we couldn’t have made it without FilAm’s help.

They are good people and have been a wonderful blessing with their service. Kallen wasn’t earning big income and FilAm was perfect for us because they don’t charge a lot like the other services.

Sincerely Kallen & Alexis Williston ND 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hi everyone. We like to share that we had some really good news about our experience with FilAm. The coaches there are all very nice and very helpful with a good knowledge of our case. Everything they explained was very helpful in me getting my K1 visa from the embassy in Manila.

Because of FilAm we did not feel worried or scarred if we would pass or not. I would tell anyone that if you need a worry-free stress free experience then you should hire FilAm

Sincerely Kason & Marjorie of Utah – 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

I got my Negros Occidental Philippines bride to me here in Billings MT. If I never would have hired FilAm I almost was going to go it alone with the K1 Visa process. When I started to get into the paperwork of the USCIS, I realized that OMG! I’m not capable of doing all of this without making some kind of mistake that could cause us some heartaches?

I found FilAm in a google search and like what they said on their site then called them and I just knew that I needed to hire them.Their fees and knowledge are worth a lot to us. Many thanks, FilAm from,

Dewayne and Susanne of Billings MT 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. It was very close but you guys made it and we talked about it a few times if you thought any way possible to get my girl here in time for Christmas and you said it’ll be close. It was December 23rd, 2015 when my Filipina gal arrived on US soil and I couldn’t ask for any better Christmas gift than her!

FilAm was ever so diligent in guiding me through some critical steps to ensure that Rozelle would make it here. I owe FilAm so much and the best thing I can do for them is to steer as many new couples their way as possible.

Sincere thanks from Brad & Rozelle Boston MASS – 2015


K1 Visa Testimonials

We used FilAm and became good friends with them. They are nice people always helpful and there to answer all of our questions and to talk things about the Philippines and never went straight to their bottom line such as some others that I called! Our FilAm coach done our forms for us and assisted us through the medical and interview then helped with our CFO seminar in Cebu they guided us on the US port of entry than after our marriage got us moving in the direction so that my wife could become a preferment resident and work here.

These are good people and very down to earth. I highly recommend them and be careful with the other sites they don’t like to divulge much information without getting to their bottom line.

Calvin & Patricia of Little Rock AR 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

To the good people at FilAm. They made the process of getting our CR1 Spouse Visa pleasurable. Though the process was about 11 months, we managed and now are finally together with my Cebuano wife, here in Charlotte NC.

There where many requirements and the government wants everyone to do backflips and jump through hoops and dish out some pretty big government fees just to get you’re loved one to the USA? We would have had a tough time understanding the whole process if it wasn’t for FilAm. You guys are wonderful and many blessings to you all from,

Terry & Aminain 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

It took us less than 5 months to receive the K1 Fiancee Visa and for us, that was plenty long enough! If you’re looking for a reasonable service that communicates with you online and does all the paperwork online, then FilAm is the one.

Our FilAm coach was always pleasant to work with always keeping us informed of the needed documents and other associated fees. The worry and stress were removed with the help of FilAm. Please don’t take my word for it give these people a try and I’m sure you won’t have any regrets?

Bill & Shane of Wabash IN. 2014

K1 Visa Testimonials

We got married at the Justus of Peace and the start of our dream begins here! Who says you’re too old to begin enjoying life? FilAm did an excellent job of explaining everything to me. I am a 2nd generation Beef farmer of 400 registered Brangus cows and still living in the same house I was born in.

My Filipina wife loves farm life and she is the person who’s going to keep me going! Thanks, honey! Thanks, FilAm for you’re remarkable job, and your incredible program and patience with me.

Art & Ma. Lou of Broken Bow, Nebraska 2013

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. Stacey William: Sales and Leasing Consultant at Steven Toyota Scion Harrisonburg VA. FilAm is both a dear friend of my family and an esteemed colleague. I have known and worked with them for many years. They are personable, diligent, friendly, and highly knowledgeable in the immigration process.

I urge anyone considering this service to give them your business, as they will be straight forward, dedicated, and follow through until you get the results you’re seeking. Contact me if I can be of any assistance in addressing your queries regarding FilAm. I back them fully, with trust and admiration.

Sincerely Stacey & Sarah – Harrisonburg VA. 2013

K1 Visa Testimonials

The process went very well as we met with our FilAm coach in the Philippines and had a long talk with lots of details he kept us extremely up to date and on track every step of the way? We would like to highly recommend FilAm Immigration Service for their expertise and a job well done! If your ever in Dumaguete city like we were then hanging out at the Robinson mall enjoy the aircon plenty to eat and learned so much with our coach and thank him that we are now living together in the US State of Iowa.

Cherry and Steve 2014

k1 Visa Testimonials

Peter K. Cooke has recommended your work as a k1 Fiancee and CR1 Visa Consultant at FilAm Immigration Services. The truth is God sent me to you I know that! “FilAm absolutely saved and changed my life for the better. There was a time in my life after the great financial crisis of 2008 when I found myself laid off and working 2 jobs struggling to pay bills. At the same time, I was trying to petition a girl from the Philippines to the USA. During that time in despair, I almost made rash decisions that would have prolonged the agony such as marrying in her country and then petitioning her. Thankfully on a trip to Manila and the next day at the embassy, I made a phone call to FilAm who was giving me advice on handling this matter. They told me not to marry and promised me if I did it their way that my fiancée would be here in the USA within a year. Now, I am from NY and how many times have you heard that in your life?? Very rarely if ever, had someone told me something that actually came true. I can tell you that exactly one year later I came back to Manila and picked up my girl now my wife of over 2 years and brought her back to the USA. This is a rare service, a saintly like service that does their business because it is a calling and has a love for helping people. Choose them and you can’t go wrong. I don’t know why more people don’t go with FilAm its a solid service with the utmost advice. Anyone have any question please contact me I totally back trust, regard and will always love FilAm Immigration Services. Please accept my recommendation of this good Godly service.” 2012

K1 Visa Testimonials

Dear FilAm Team, Our dream of a life together has been made possible through FilAm Services. We are very much honored and pleased to express our most sincere appreciation for FilAm and their team for the outstanding services they’ve rendered to us throughout the entire process of our K1 Visa application.

FilAm commitment to his client is unparalleled. Our coach never disappoints us in communicating and updating information, especially in preparing all the documents thoroughly. FilAm works fast and regimented, extremely attentive to accuracy and detail, everything is put into systematic order to smoothly handle and complete the rigors of the whole K1 visa process.

We can tell that Our FilAm coach’s expertise in this field of services is undeniably great. We never thought from the very beginning that our K1 visa will be approved and granted within 3 months without a glitch! We are very grateful to them for guiding us in every step of our journey, side by side he took away the stress and worries of it all. In fact, currently FilAm is still working with us for the Adjustment of Status.

At the utmost quality, FilAm continually striving for excellence. We heartily recommend FilAm Services to those who embark on the same journey. Sincerely, Gary & Len, Florida 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

Dear Friends of FilAm:
I have heard the idiom “the devil is in the details” on more than one occasion in my life. Meaning, that the immigration procedures are seemingly logical, but it is the boundless illogical details that cause mayhem for so many. By procuring the Filam Immigration Services, not only did this prevent us from drowning in the pitfalls of droves of complicated paperwork, but it also delivered us peace of mind that our process had been time tested through your veteran immigration experience!

What has been an obfuscated journey for some in acquiring a legal visa status, with your guidance, every step was a mastery of solid full proof instruction of success. I have read nightmare narratives of those that went it alone without professional assistance, and in many cases, encountered prolonged or foiled immigration development. The most impressive attribute we discovered in acquiring your services was the personal touch! Thanks so much for the very pleasurable and peaceful immigration journey,

David & Mhay – 2011

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. We wanted to let you know that your K1 Fiancee Visa service has been very valuable to our success. The USCIS makes it very difficult with plenty of requirements that are not always available to the couples when doing searches throughout the internet or by calling USCIS at their service center.

Your ongoing counseling to both myself & my wife has made it very easy and pleasurable to understand the process. We had to wait for a long while but the waiting paid off and we are now very happy to be living on the same soil never to be pulled apart again.

Sincerely Bob & Mayet – Detroit MI 2009

K1 Visa Testimonials

K1 Visa Testimonials. It was 2014 when we hired FilAm Immigration Services to guide and assist us through the process of getting a K1 Fiancee Visa. Before I ever went to visit my online Filipina for the first time in person I received really good counsel from FilAm and it save me time and money.

I am so grateful for the advice, the great job on our petition, the great job getting us through the medical and interview, and finally our permanent resident process. Sincerely Jason & Grace Jupiter FL 2014

K1 Visa Testimonials

Job well done FilAm! You guided with every step of the way as you said you would and you provided way more assistance than we expected all for a very modest fee. My beautiful Filipina wife and I are always thankful to you and you’re staff and would definitely be a good word of mouth for you.

The I-129F Petition process was fast and painless, the embassy interview went really well and we were able to get the CFO seminar out of the way fast also. Lastly, you assisted us through on the AOS, EAD, and AP again all without any issues. Many thanks to you FilAm we appreciate what you do!

Bryan & Angelica Fort Myers FL 2018


K1 Visa Testimonials

Thanks FilAm, you are an awesome service! My wife and I have so many wonderful things to say about your program and how the petition process went very smoothly for us. We couldn’t be more pleased about how well everything had been done especially the forms and the online mock interview. We realize now after going through all of this process that we probably would have made some time consuming mistake.

Our coach was very informative and kept things moving along and this was probably the reason we got our K1 Visa in 5 months. You guys also got us through the Adjustment of Status process without any problems.

Thanks from Perry & Juanita Roswell NM – 2010

K1 Visa Testimonials

Exactly 3 months and 17 days from start to finish. Our K1 Visa process went way faster than we had hoped for but we’re not complaining we made it and are both truly thankful for the guidance or FilAm as their the ones who instructed us on every detail which I felt is one reason we got approved so fast?

If you’re in search of a reliable, friendly affordable online service, then contact FilAm today. Sincerely Pat & Jean Biloxi Mississippi – 2013

K1 Visa Testimonials

We finished up the adjustment of Status process and now my wife Beth has received her green card and employment card so she is ready to work. FilAm walked us through the whole process with getting the K1 fiancee Visa and we made it through without even one problem.

Thanks, FilAm our coach was very efficient and done a super fabulous job with all our papers, explaining things to us and having laughs together. Thanks, guys from Jerry & Beth – Knoxville TN 2016

K1 Visa Testimonials

Here we are everybody finally in our home town Sanford Florida celebrating the completion of the K1 Visa. FilAm was a delight to work with. I paid you to do a job and you done way more than we expected!

I felt like I robbed you for all the many things you done and I know for sure lawyers and attorneys around here are going to laugh at me if I asked them if they can offer the same service at you’re prices?

I want to meet you guys in person soon! We love you guys, Sincerely Randy & Pinky – 2011

K1 visa testimonials

I got my beautiful lady in my life guys! Now we’re going to need you for her Adjustment of Status and the EAD card. If I tried to do this alone, I feel pretty certain I would have missed some very important steps and my lady here wouldn’t be too happy if I screwed things up!

She found FilAm online and shared their website with me and I decided that she’s right I better hire them which was the best choice. Sincerely Bruce & Jolly – Portland OR 2017

K1 visa testimonials

I had been married before and divorced to an American woman which kind of messed me up for awhile as she left me up to my eyeballs in debt and child support which nearly ruined me. I never thought I would be getting married again until I met this sweet Filipina girl online.

It was because of her that my life was changed for the better again and I fought hard to make sure I did everything right. One of those things was hiring FilAm! Sincerely John & Glyn of Spokane WA – 2012

K1 visa testimonials

I owe you a lot FilAm! You worked with me every step of the way and you guys took good care of my woman through the whole K1 Visa journey. She wanted to let others know how much quality time you spent with her and how thorough you were in explaining the details for her to go to her medical and her interview.

We are both very thankful for the job well done and will be sharing your service with others. God Bless you from Barry & Annabelle – South Bend, IN – 2017

K1 visa testimonials

Dear FilAm
My beautiful wife and I are truly grateful for your professional services. The Fiancée visa route truly was the best route for us to take and surprisingly what we thought would take 8 months happened in as little as 6.5 months. To all of your new clients, we like to say that the process went a lot smoother than if we had tried to do this on our own?

We are now happily married and living in Florida as of early 2008 and with this professional immigration service offered by FilAm our dreams of being in each other’s arm’s have come to reality. If you’re wanting an immigration service that has a good track record and helps you to follow through every step of the way then we highly recommend FilAm to you.

We are so happy to be with each other and we are more than grateful. Sincerely Joe & Annabelle / Melbourne FL

K1 visa testimonials

Dear FilAm?
We would both like to say thank you for the job well done. I met my Fiancée on the Internet six months earlier and decided to make the trip to the Philippines to meet her. It was during that trip that I proposed marriage to her and like most people who have done this kind of thing, I was lost and not sure how to bring her back?

I did some searching and thank God I found you guys. You made my life a lot easier with your expertise and had it not been for you I probably would have screwed up everything. Anyway, you helped me a lot in maintaining great service plus affordable prices. From your friends Charley & Suzette / Cocoa FL

K1 visa testimonials

Dear FilAm
I’m Scott and I like to share my quick testimony to your future clients about my true happiness in finding my beautiful wife from Cavite city Philippines. I am from California and I used the FilAm immigration services to help file my k1 Fiancée petition for my Fiancée to come to the U.S. to marry me so that we could start a life together and become parents. These services provided to us was absolutely fabulous from start to finish!

Not only did the process go quite smoothly but FilAm was there for us every step of the way by guiding me and my Fiancée in the Philippines all of our questions and needs were met. So, in short, I like to say please call FilAm for a free consultation and get the ball rolling they will tell you everything you need to do before you go to the Philippines, during your stay there and after you return back to the states.

My Filipina wife and I will always be grateful for their services, Sincerely Scott & Jake – 2008


K1 visa testimonials

Dear friends at FilAm
My K1 Fiancée visa journey was much easier than I had expected? I was in search of a reasonable service that would steer me right from start to finish. I had searched around for a few ways to get things going but honestly, I was a bit confused about who to use? 

As I found your Fiancée visa services, my mind was made up to go the route of using your eBook to help me obtain my dreams. At first, I was not sure that I could do my petition on my own with confidence, but as I ventured in this direction I was quite satisfied with the step by step processes that your eBook provided me with and found it to be as you said very user-friendly. At the end of the seventh months, my Fiancée was ready to get on a jet bound for the U.S. We owe our success to you FilAm.  Sincerely Chris & Grace – 2007

K1 visa testimonials

Dear FilAmI sure would be happy to share with all of your future clients, about how you brought me and my wife together on the K3 Spousal visa. The process took us ten months from start to finish and we were finally together here in our Virginia home.

I really appreciate how you people stayed in touch with both of us during the process. I can tell you that the assurance you gave both of us really brought comfort in our lives. Keep up the good work and know that you always have friends here in the state of Virginia. Sincerely Casey & Irene – WV. 2006

K1 visa testimonials

Dear Counselors at FilAm, All I can say is, you really got your act together with this I-129F petition and all the other required documents. I nearly allowed a friend to talk me in to doing this on my own but after learning from you that not every case is identical and all the attachments that are needed are also not the same for each case I realized that my best friend was misinforming me with old school methods which he had followed 11 years earlier.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to tell you that I am extremely thankful for your service to me!!! I have my lovely Pinay wife here with me in the U.S. state of Arkansas and I owe it all to the staff at FilAm. Sincerely Brad & Hazel – Orlando FL

K1 Visa Testimonials

It’s easy they said, you can do it they said, don’t waste your money they said! Hahahaha that’s what friends told me. If anyone dares to think that the Immigration process here in America is easy then you’re greatly mistaken!

I know for sure I would have screwed this up big time! I found FilAm and listened to them and let me tell you, if I did this alone I wouldn’t be standing here today with this beautiful woman. FilAm! You guys Rock!
Phillip & Nesil – Chattanooga TN 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

FilAm made it a lot less stressful! The USCIS process was way too scary for me to think that I could just read their instructions and make this happen? I hold a Bachelors Degree and still, I did not feel comfortable trying to do this alone.

We searched online and we found FilAm and we liked what their site said plus they gave us a free consultation which was very informative. Our K1 Visa was in hand after 5 months and now we’re happily married. Steven & Evangeline – of Connecticut 2013

K1 Visa Testimonials

Welcome, all who reds this. Mitch and I are here to share that after we hired FilAm they got all of our paperwork done quickly. They were very helpful in instructing us every step of the way.

I never had long to wait for our coach to get back to me with answers to my questions and their online support, case file review and mock interview was so very helpful. Please try FilAm and we’re pretty sure you won’t get disappointed.

Top-notch service with a reasonable fee. Sincerely Jason & Allymae – Hawaii 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

I hired FilAm to assist me and my lady while I was to busy driving a truck cross Country and my girl was doing a lot of work in her job 6 days a week 12 hours a day at very low wages. She found you guys on fb and shared the details with me.

I was impressed with what I read and so was she. We decided to go with you guys and it really was the best things as from start to finish she got her K1 Visa in hand after about 7 months. We’re indebted to you FilAm.. George & Farris – Buffalo, NY 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

It was a shaky 2018 for us. We hired FilAm that year to assist us through the K1 Visa process and they did very good for us. I had lost my job right in the middle of all this which was very critical and both of us thought we’re not going to make it!

FilAm kept us encouraged the whole time while I had to find another job and all of this took place just 6 weeks before our petition got approved. We prayed and we listened to our FilAm coach and God answered our prayer we got the K1 Visa. Joseph & Renin Rose – Atlanta GA 2019

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hi! We’re here in Boston MASS. I got my girl here with the K1 Fiancee Visa and the help of FilAm. The whole process is to much to understand I was really lost with USCIS and what requirements where needed and this whole thing wasn’t easy.

Had we not found FilAm maybe we’re still thousands of mile apart from each other 🙁 If you want a friendly and affordable service I think you better hire FilAm. Nester & Merivic Boston Mass 2018

K1 Visa Testimonials

The process of getting a K1 fiancee Visa would have been too stressful for us had we not retained FilAm Immigration Services. I am normally a very proactive guy and it just seemed like our FilAm coach was exactly proactive as me in everything he did?

I have a lot to share about FilAm but for now the high-light I want people to know is that FilAm has some awesome communication with their clients and all of the information is sound, solid very up to date and they are super professional and I wouldn’t be afraid to tell anyone looking for a K1 Visa service to go with these people as they are cheap in price but loaded with information!

We got our K1 Visa after 5 months and FilAm also did our adjustment of status for us. Sincerely Scott & Rachael Sarasota, FL 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

My Bride is at my side and I really want to thank the folks there at FilAm for making it all possible for us! The K1 Visa process was fairly smooth and due to a very busy work schedule I just wasn’t able to take good quality time to learn everything about how the process worked?

Both Diane and I worked hectic jobs and all I can say is, FilAm really took the stress and worry out of the picture for us so that she could get her K1 Visa and be with me today.

FilAm also done her adjustment of status and I come to realize how difficult that process is also. Again I lift my hat to you FilAm for a job well done. May you’re business prosper many times over.. The Cavez family Richmond VA 2017

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hey guys!
My baby is here and she is ready to get her adjustment of status going. You done such a fabulous job with our K1 Visa process and now we look to you again for the resident card and employment card so that Sheila can work also.

I have a couple of friends that plan on using you’re service as they are communicating with a sister and friend of Sheila from Davao. Many thanks to you guys for keeping us on track! I would of messed this up for sure if I tried to do it on my own. Talk to you soon! Terry & Sheila from Scottsdale AZ. 2015

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hi to the good folks at FilAm Immigration My world was upside down upon trying to figure out which USCIS forms to get and even understanding how to answer some of the questions was a big challenge for me. I loved my Filipina wife so much that I just could not bear the thought of messing this thing up. 

I started to do this petition for the k1 Fiancee Visa on my own until one morning I finally got my head out of my rear end and said my God what am I doing? This is my life I’m dealing with and I was losing sleep for awhile trying to figure out if I was doing it all right or not?

It was at that I point that I finally decided to give you a call and you gave me more time than I would have ever expected anyone to give me by walking me through the process step by step. I realized that I made the right choice by calling you because I was headed for disaster if I submitted thing on my own. I can’t thank you enough for your stead fast time you showed me and also my dear wife.

We tip our hats to you for all the hours you put in to our case and it certainly paid off. Your prices are what really opened my eyes because I did call an Immigration Attorney who wanted to charge me $1,800.00 without even any kind of guarantee. Sincerely Gerald & Juanita – Spokane WA. 2010

K1 Visa Testimonials

I am one old but happy man, thanks FilAm Immigration Services, Last year you told me that my chances of getting my precious Fiancee into my arms about Christmas time looked pretty darn good.. Wow!!! were you ever right sir..  We had to jump through a few hoops to do it because of the holiday seasons but with your help we made it.

The I-129F was much better for me to use than the K3 Spousal Visa route that I had originally plan to use. I can only say to your future clients who are considering your services, please take advantage of FilAms deluxe package for the K1 Visa because trust me you will need it and it’s equally as difficult to put together but with FilAm it turned out good.

If you think your home free after the wedding think again! Your Fiancee will need to do the Adjustment of Status I-485 the Employment Authorization I-765 & Not a bad idea to get the I-131 Advance Parole also. I wish all of you the best of luck.. Sincerely Adriane & NathalieAkron OH 2004

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hello FilAm Team hope your fine? I had you guys help me with my I-129F petition last year and for awhile I was a bit upset with you because you informed me that the 18 year age difference would make things more difficult for us. 

Thank God we followed your instruction to a (T) because another guy I knew that worked at another terminal near mine was also in the process of bringing a very young Filipina over using the K1-Fiancee Visa. The U.S. Embassy of Manila slapped a denial on them and I found out that he filed his I-129F on his own and had tons of stuff missing and not enough proof of a relationship.

So I later realized how important all of this stuff was after you instructed me about it many times. Thank God I listened and my wonderful life mate is here with me in the Hoosier state. Sincerely Franklin & June – 2007

K1 Visa Testimonials

Wow What can I say??? We made it!!! Thanks a million FilAm for an emotional roller coaster ride with the USCIS seemingly taking for ever to process my wife’s K3 Spousal Visa. I had searched before going to the Philippines for a Visa service who could assure me that all of my efforts would not be in vein. 

I decided that out of 5 choices to place my future in the hands of FilAm Immigration Service. We made it after 12 months and life is finally good for both of us. Our food taste better, our music sounds better, our weight is coming back on hahaha these kind of romances can take their tole on the body fore sure as I had lost 20 Lbs. that year. 

You guys really made me feel a lot better and for sure I needed a good friend to help me through all of this and our coach kept me going, So a great big thank you for all the efforts you poured in to our case. Sincerely Kevin & Tes – Kokomo IN 2004

K1 Visa Testimonials

Hello Guys how are you? Grace and I are very happily married now in our Alabama home. I am still doing my same old cable installation job and Grace is at home pregnant with out first child.

Life for me is finally good now that I have a wonderful Filipina to share my life with. I hope all of the people reading this will seriously consider hiring FilAm to do their K1 Visa processing? FilAm also done our AOS, EAD & AP. Sincerely Tommy & Grace / 2009

K1 Visa Testimonials

Dear FilAm Team You made my 2009 year the best year ever as you said you would. I filed my I-129F petition at the USCIS service center of California and within to months Janet got her first letter from the U.S. Consulate in Manila. I was amazed as Janet also was amazed and very frightened at times about how quickly things began to move for us and of course Janet says that FilAm really gave her the confidence and support that she needed in order to be successful during her Interview.

We are very happy to have you guys steer us and we are now living in our Washington home with unspoiled beauty that Janet never in her life imagined seeing with her eyes until she came here.

Also her I-485 Adjustment of Status papers and the I-765 Employment Authorization papers went through in only two month after we got them filed so we are very pleased with the whole process and would love nothing more than to be a word of mouth for FilAm Immigration Services. A million thanks to you all…  From Dewayne & Janet – 2004

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