CR1 Government Fees
includes the IR1, K3 Visa Processing also.





CR1 Government Fees

Total Breakdown of the CR1 Government Fees

These are the over all fees that will need to be paid for everyone that’s being petition regardless if together or at different times.

Video for CR1\IR1 total government fees

Currently, as of August 2023 – 2024, these fees remain the same and could change at any time as the government says they reserve the right to make any changes in policy and fees.

CR1 Government Fees

Fee Schedule:

• The Filing fee to USCIS for an I-131 is $820. per person paper filing or $710.00 online per person.

• National Visa Center Fees (Due Much Later) Children will have to pay this also. $445.00

• Medical exams vary but for Philippines adults $335. children age 14 and below $185.

• Green card fees for each person and due after visas are received $220.00

• Your government fee totals will vary depending on how many people you’re petitioning?

• For a single adult, it is roughly going to be $1,730.00 if you’re in the Philippines?

CR1 Government Fees

You can checkout the CR1 Couples Timeline to have more insight to when these fees would need to be paid by going here CR1 COUPLES TIMELINE

Government Fees are the same for IR1 and K3 Visas also.

Other fees that are included:

• Marriage Certificates should have at least two originals about $3.00 each

• Philippines passport for 10 years is about $20.00 each

• Philippines PSA Birth certificate about $3.00 each

• Philippines NBI Clearance per copy is about $3.00

• For you’re spouse to attend the mandatory CFO – GCP Seminar $8.00

CR1 Government Fees

Government Fees are for each family member:

• If you decide to hire FilAm we have a one time fee of $425. for a spouse or $325. for children.

• Then later would be the USCIS Filing fee of $820. 0r $710.

• Much later will be a fee to pay the NVC $445.

• Then later is the fee to you’re spouse’s medical exam $335.

• Then after you’re spouse has received their Visa you have the green card fee of $220.

CR1 Government Fees