CR1 Couples Timeline Based on 2018 – 2019

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CR1 Couples Timeline

2019 has been a sharp increase in waiting time
due to stricter vetting.

CR1 Couples Timeline includes IR1 and K3 Visas

K3/CR1/IR1 Spouse partner processing times have varied throughout the years.
From 2003 to 2018 we had seen an average waiting time of between 9 months to 12 months for Americans petitioning spouses from the Philippines. Other Countries such as Western Countries could go much faster half the time, yet plenty of other Countries with high visa fraud, government issues, wars, were taking two years and longer.

Currently, if you’re petitioning a spouse from the Philippines in 2019.
Wait times are going to be 14 to 18 months on average due to extreme vetting, plus with many of the USCIS field offices closed now including the Philippines, it places an even greater load on USCIS and the State Department within the United States.

CR1 Couples Timeline

Here is a realistic timeline view that covers from mid-2018 to 2019.

  1. USCIS will be pretty much sitting on your I-131 Application for about 6 to 8 month

  2. Next, the (NVC) National Visa Center will have it for another 5 to 7 months

  3. The US Embassy in Manila will sit on it for 2 to 3 months.

Resources from USDS:
Many other services will tell you shorter time frames as a method to give you what you want to hear and to get your business! The above numbers are correct, make no mistake about this primarily due to the Trump Administrations’ heavy vetting.

CR1 Couples Timeline

Timeline review from start to finish:
CR1 Couples Timeline

NOA1 – 1 to 2 weeks

NOA2 – 6 to 8 months

NVC Notice – 5 to 7 months

US Consulate – 2 to 3 months

Visa granted – 7 to 14 days

Green card – 4 to 6 weeks

These are normal processing times without petition problems, however if you have any of the following then your wait time will be increased.

If you get an RFE
If USCIS is bogged down with to much work?
If your petition was improperly put together?
If there’s a New Administration?
If there’s a natural calamity such as war, disaster or terrorism?

CR1 Couples Timeline

1st. NOA1 is your I-797C Notice of Action Receipt. You’ll get a text message or email notification within a week of USCIS receiving your I-130 application. Followed by another week of getting the USPS delivery in the mail.

2nd. NOA2 is your I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter which the sponsor will receive an email notification followed by USPS deliver of the approval letter. All this may not happen for 6 to 8 months later. The notification lets you know that you’re i-130 application is being forwarded to NVC.

3rd. The National Visa Center NVC could take another 5 to 7 months to research also known as vetting on you and you’re spouse. When this is completed they will notify the sponsor and beneficiary by email with instructions located in an attached letter from the US Department of State.

4th. The NVC will forward your I-130 application to the US Embassy Consulate of the country where your spouse would be attending for their interview? This process can go on for another 2 to 3 months? The process is to create your spouse with a “CASE NUMBER” and they are also collecting information from the Country at which you’re spouse is a Citizen of. During this time frame, the medical and interview will also be scheduled.

5th. Once a CR1/IR1 or K3 Visa has been approved, the U.S. Consulate routinely takes up to 7 and 14 days to create the Visa and deliver it to the recipient’s address of choice. After the visa is in the hands of you’re spouse they will now be able to prepare for their trip to the United States to reunite with you.

6th. As soon as the CR1 Spouse visa has been delivered the US Sponsor must then send payment to the US Department of State for the 2-year Conditional residence card so that one month after you’re spouse has arrived on US soil they will receive the permanent resident card in the mail. If you are an IR1 Spouse you would receive a 10-year permanent resident card in the mail.

CR1 Couples Timeline

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