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Filing I-129F in 2024? Be prepared for Government filing fees to shock you. The new fees and much more fee hikes to adjust status are here.

The cost of LDR – Long Distance Relationship is going up, and we have the breakdown of what it will cost for just an alien fiance alone.

K1 Visa Philippines - USA 2024 Costs

These are Government Fees



Are you aware of the total cost of a K1 Visa?

Many people ask this question, in order to know where they stand, so that they are prepared with start to finish costs. “2024 overall fees”

Specifically for the U.S.A. / Philippines K1 Fiance Visa Couples, this is a fairly accurate up to date 2024 scenario for most of you wanting to petition a Filipino/Filipina Fiance to the U.S.A.


I-129F Application:
Old filing fee of the I-129F Application was $535.
New filing fee of the I-129F Application now $675.


No-Immigrant Visa Application:
Roughly 9 months later is the non-immigrant visa application fee to be paid in the Philippines. K2 children have to pay this also cost is $265.


St. Luke’s Medical Exam: Roughly on the 10th month will be the medical fee at St. Luke’s Manila cost,

Adults roughly $335.

Kids 14 and below $185.


I-485 Application:
Pay this after you re married in the US in the first 90-days.

Old filing fee for a K1 to adjust status was $1,225.

New filing fee for a K1 to adjust status now $1,440.


I-765 Application:
Is an employment authorization document, pay this after you’re married in the US in the first 90-days. It is no longer included in the adjustment of status and now has it’s own separate filing fee of $260.


Pay this after you re married in the US in the first 90-days. The Advance Parole document allows a new legal permanent resident K1 who is now married to travel back to their mother country for emergencies.

This used to be included in the I-485 Adjustment of Status, but is now a separate filing and optional, as you may or may not need this? Cost $630.


What does all of this mean to you new filers for 2024 and upcoming years?

U.S. Government fees

$675. Filing

$265. Non-immigrant visa application

$335. Medical

$1,440. Adjustment of Status after the marriage

$260. Employment authorization

$2,675. would be the new total

And if you need an Advance Parole reentry permit for you Alien fiance “now spouse”, you’ll need to include the I-131 Application $630.




Because we only specialize in the Philippines and the U.S.A. our knowledge of additional expenses for other Countries is limited, but the government fees on the U.S. Immigration side are accurate.


Whether or not you hire FilAm Immigration Service or another service or perhaps go at this on your own, you may or may not have to pay for assistance?


However, if you did hire FilAm Immigration to guide both you and your fiancé(e) and assist you both through all aspects of the K1 Fiancée visa process then this would be the expected fees associated throughout the process of 10 to 12 months time?


Total Cost of a K1 Visa



If you choose to hire FilAm Immigration Services

This covers our gathering and completing all your I-129F Paperwork that will go to USCIS. Our assistance cost is $350.


It allows both the sponsor and the Filipina beneficiary ongoing support by us to provide accurate and up to date information about the I-129F Petition.


Philippines government documents, U.S. Embassy support, and U.S. Port of entry are all a part of the Philippines government in getting a K1 Visa.



Total Cost of a K1 Visa



  • $675. Filing Fee for the I-129F Application for Alien Fiance

Once the U.S. Sponsor has been to the Philippines to fulfill the requirement“Proof of Meeting” and has returned to his or her home in the U.S.A.


The Couple may then file the I-129F Application as soon as you have the amount available, you can send the Petition for Alien Fiancée to USCIS.


Most people are in a big hurry to get this filed so as to get the ball rolling, but if you do not have the money just yet then no worry as filing can be done later as long as your forms do not expire?



Total Cost of a K1 Visa


  • $265. Much Later – U.S. Embassy non-immigrant Visa Application fee

It may take a while before this non-immigrant Visa Application fee is due?  


Every couple faces different situations that usually cause the USCIS Service Center to either handle your I-129F Petition case quickly or slowly? 

For example, let’s say you’re a couple and neither of you has ever been married have no children, no criminal history and the age difference is not too big?


Your I-129F Petition can be approved much faster, from 8 months to 10 months average?


Also, a factor to all this is if you have hired a skilled immigration service to help you?


Paying extra fees can indeed save you time, money and heartache, as long as you hire a truly professional service?

An Example of a slower I-129F Petition process would be that the U.S. Sponsor had previous marriages, some criminal convictions, incorrectly filled out the I-129F Petition paperwork or forgot some required supporting documents?

More often than none, both sponsor and beneficiary who do it their selves miss a lot of important items and make unforeseen mistakes while completing the petition paperwork.

Numerous reasons why an I-129F Petition could be rejected or held up by an RFE? These are examples of mistakes that can cost many additional months of waiting?

All K2 children who are coming to the U.S.A. are required to attend the U.S. Embassy Interview together with their parents and must also pay for the non-immigrant visa application fee of ($265.)



Total Cost of a K1 Visa



  • $335. Much Later – St. Luke’s Medical Exam (PHP 18,540.)


Learn More About the Medical – This fee is to be paid in person at the St. Luke’s Medical upon arrival.

Once a U.S. Embassy Interview has been scheduled by either the sponsor or the beneficiary, a medical can then be done no later than one week prior to the interview.

Most of the time medical exams take two days and will not allow female applicants to be examined during their menstrual period and must also wait until one week after their menstrual period has finished.

Children age 14 and below coming over as K2 children also must attend St. Luke’s to be examined and their cost is (PHP 11,400.)



Total Cost of a K1 Visa



  • Php 400. Much Later –  CFO – GCP Mandatory Seminar (Now is FREE)

Commission on Filipinos Overseas(CFO) this is a Philippines government fee that your Filipino / Filipina fiance and K2 children must pay even though K2 children are not to attend only their parent will attend on behalf of them and their selves.  

This seminar is important and educates Filipinos about the dangers that lurk outside of the Philippines that pertain to human trafficking, sex slaves, drug mules, marriage deception, human abuse.

It is also a way to make sure that you and your fiancé(e) have a genuine sincere relationship?

So it is a lot like another interview except conducted by the Philippines government to protect their Citizens.



Total Cost of a K1 Visa



  • PHP 1,620. Much Later – Travel Tax (Approximately $33.)

All passengers K1 & K2 visa holders are expected to pay the Philippines Travel Tax.

It is important to know in advance if the airlines that you purchase tickets from already have included the Travel Tax or not?

If Travel Tax is not a part of the airline ticket then your fiancé(e) will be expected to pay this at the airport before getting their boarding pass.

Also, an IMPORTANT REMINDER is K1 Fiance(e) visa holders, and CR1/IR1 Visa holders are not required to have a round trip ticket.

If the tickets were purchased in the U.S.A. they will not force you to pay for round trips tickets?

If you purchase tickets in the Philippines they will try to tell you that you have to have a round trip which is not true.



Total Cost of a K1 Visa


Additional expenses that are non-government fees.

All Couples will face different costs as part of their process of getting a K1 Fiancée Visa.


  • It will depend on many things such as:

  • Are there K2 children involved?

  • Does your fiancée live in a different part of the Philippines other than near Manila

  • Does your fiancée have to order police records from other Countries she lived and worked in?

  • Does your fiancée need to make additional long trips in order to procure certain documents?

  • The cost of your fiancée to travel on bus, ship, or jet?

  • The cost of her staying in Manila to attend her medical and interview? (Referring to lodging)

  • The cost of your fiancée’s food per day while she is in Manila?

  • The average amount of stay in Manila is 7 days 6 nights.



Total Cost of a K1 Visa



Depending on where you live makes a difference:

Some couples are able to cut down costs considerably if your fiancée has friends or relatives living in Manila?

Aside from all of the expected government fees to be paid, your fiancée may need an additional $500. to$700. to cover all the travel expenses?


You do the math:

  • $325.00 FilAm fee

  • $575.00 I-129F Filing fee

  • $265.00 U.S. Embassy Application fee per person

  • $335.00 St. Luke’s Medical exam fee

  • $30.00 Travel Tax fee per person

    Total Government Fees and FilAm


K2 Children
Then if applicable to your situation, calculate if there are K2 Children and travel, lodging, food expenses for them also?



Total Cost of a K1 Visa



Filipino / Filipina Fiancée needed documents in the Philippines

Additional Philippines government fees for required documents that your fiancé(e) and her kids need, only if the kids are going to be K2 Children?

All of the below items are only required at the time of the U.S. Embassy Interview for a K1 Fiancé(e) Visa.


  • PSA / Birth Certificate cost per each PHP 365. ($7.00)
  • NBI Clearance for U.S. Visa PHP 155. ($3.00)
  • Philippines Passportfrom DFA PHP 950. ($20.00 Approximately)
  • Certificate of no marriage – CENOMAR from PSA / PHP 420. ($8.00)



Total Cost of a K1 Visa