St Lukes Medical Exam

K1 Applicants Preparing for St. Luke’s

1177 Jorge Bocobo St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

There are many places to stay in the area of St. Luke’s.
Also St. Luke’s is a couple of blocks from the U.S. Embassy.

Location Map for St. Luke’s

These are the required items you must bring to St. Luke’s;

»  Original Philippines Passport.

»  Also biographic page from your Philippines passport (2) colored copies, please.

»  Bring the online St. Lukes medical form confirmation print out. 
(All Applicants must do this Go there…)

»  Complete the online medical form of St. Lukes and 
See the Example at the bottom of this page ⇓

»  Bring (4) pieces of your 2 x 2 passport-style photos.

»  Bring US Embassy Interview Confirmation Letter (1) copies.

»  Bring I-797 Notice of Action (NOA2) (1) colored copies, please.

»  Bring the Letter of Eligibility (MNL CASE NUMBER) (1) copies.

»  Bring DS-160 Confirmation page (1) colored copies, please.

»  Bring PSA Original Birth Certificate (1) originals, please.

»  Bring the correct amount payable in pesos ($330.00) Php 17,025.00

»  There may be more that applies to you if you have K2 Children or other medical records?
K2 Children ages 14 and below pay Php 9,583.00

If you been pregnant before and have children or even had an abortion you must tell the truth because the doctors will find out and if they find out you will be denied at your interview for lying.

Drug use:
If you have used drugs in your past you will be forced to attend a psychological test and based on evaluations you could be failed automatically? Best that you deny ever using drugs unless you have had drug traces in your body because doctors will find it in your urine, blood, saliva and hair follicles.

If you have any scars big or small on your body, then be prepared for the doctor to question you over and over about how you received those scars? You better have a convincing explanation or else the doctor will send you for psychological tests because they think of scars as suicide attempts?

Arrive early to St. Luke’s:
It is first come first served. Normally the line will start forming as early as 1:00 AM so you decide if you want to get there very early or not? the earlier you arrive the better your chances of also getting your shots on the same day? If you arrive late then you will be asked to come back the next business day.

Food and drink:
St. Luke’s is very strict and does not allow you to bring food or drink inside. You need to eat and drink just before arriving because you need to give urine samples and also you will not have any food breaks for maybe several hours?

Dress Comfortably:
You need to arrive at your medical nice and clean and fresh. However, you also need to dress in clothing that is simple to take off as you will spend some of your time naked with the clinics gown on.

You are paying for the shots however you are allowed to sign a form saying that you don’t want the shots now? But if you do not get the shots at St. Luke’s then you will have to do it in the USA and they will cost 3 times more than if you had done it in St. Luke’s? It also will complicate your process later on after you are married and try to adjust your status? So please do not opt-out of getting your shots.

Menstrual Periods:
If you go to St. Luke’s during a period they will see you still.

When should I go to St. Luke’s:
It is very important to attend your St. Luke’s medical exam exactly (7) days advance before your scheduled interview. Or you are aloud to attend your medical sooner than one week but if you go to St. Luke’s a few days before the interview then your lab results may not be ready in time?

Tips and warnings about attending St. Luke’s

K1 Visa applicants experience with St. Luke’s

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