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Commission on Filipinos Overseas

Updated December 19th, 2020
The GCP is also a requirement under the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 8239 or the Philippine Passport Act for Filipino fiancé(e)s, partners and spouses of foreign nationals or former Filipino citizens who are applying for a passport for the first time or adopting the surname of the foreign spouse.

Downloading requirements:
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Frequently Asked Questions about CFO – GCP

You can go here to read some of the FAQ

Getting Started:

Decide on which CFO – GCP location that you will attend. You will need to register online and if you have K2 Children you must include them as well. There are (4) locations to attend. Manila | Cebu | Clark | Davao Go to CFO Location Map

Register online once you selected which one to attend:

Due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic the below locations are temporarly closed until further notice?

Attend in Manila | Attend in Cebu | Attend in Clark | Attend in Davao

Tips for K1 Visa on how to complete registration:
Step 1 online registration

Tips for K1 Fiancee Visa applicants and K2 Children

Step 2 email confirmation

Open up your email to confirm and complete the registration process.

Step 3 Confirm to move to the next step

Once you have confirmed you’re email, then you can select a date.

Step 4 Select an available date

Nothing special has to be done here but look at the color codes then select.

Step 5 Print out you’re confirmation appoint letter
You will be asked to upload one of you’re most recent 2×2 passport-style photos.

After uploading a photo you can print the confirmation.

Things required to bring to CFO – GCP

Revised December 19th, 2020

CFO – GCP Requirements and locations

  1. Two (2) original valid identification cards with photograph (see samples below);
  2. Duly completed guidance and counseling form to be secured at the CFO;
  3. If married in the Philippines, original Certificate of Marriage on security paper from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA);
  4. If married overseas, original Report of Marriage duly registered by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or the Department of Foreign Affairs; and
  5. Payment of PhP400.00 counseling and registration fee.

Additional documents may be required in the event that the counselor determines it to be essential to complete the guidance and counseling process. It is advised for all the GCP applicants to prepare the following documents (if applicable to them) in advance and bring these documents when they come to CFO:

  1. Divorce decree/certificate (of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse, if previously married)
  2. Annulment paper (of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse, if previously married)
  3. Proof of residency/Alien Registration Card-ARC (of foreign spouse)
  4. Proof of relationship (picture together, e-mails, among others)
  5. Death certificate (of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse, if widow/widower)
  6. Certificate of Family relations/registration (of foreign spouse)

 Additional registration requirements for those with visa:

  1. Original valid passport;
  2. Original valid visa
  3. Original Immigrant Data Summary (please do not detach from yellow packet) for US-bound emigrants, except for K visa holders;
  4. Original CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate (if already attended the GCP); and
  5. Duly completed emigrant registration form.

To our FilAm K1 Visa Clients Revised September 26th, 2019

Since the murders of two Filipinas in the USA of 2019 the Philippines government CFO-GCP has gotten extremely strict and are denying certificates of clearance more often which means that even though you have the K1 Fiancee Visa already CFO can deny you and are doing so to many K1 visa holders.

Things you now may be asked to show from you’re US sponsor;

• Local police record that shows the sponsor is not a criminal and does not have any serious domestic charges or criminal behavior, even if he has no criminal convictions at all? (photocopies)

At CFO not everyone is being asked to show these, but still not a bad idea to have ready.

• Proof of residency, electric bill, cable bill, internet bill, water bill, car insurance etc.. (photocopies)

• Front and back of his drivers license (photocopies)

• Front and back of his birth certificate (photocopies)

• Biographic page from his passport (photocopies)

• Medical record must be current, to prove he is physically fit and he can pass a psychology evaluation test, plus must be tested for drugs? (photocopies)

At CFO not everyone is being asked to show these, but still not a bad idea to have ready.

• If applicable you must bring all of his divorce decrees, death certificates, annulment records. (photocopies)

• If he is employed he needs to provide proof of where he works like a letter from the supervisor on the companies letter head. Must have supervisors full name, company address, phone numbers with extensions, supervisors email, business hours, what his title is at this job and what his to-date earnings are?

• If he is self employed he must provide a business license, or other type of proof that are certified? Tax records help also.

• If he is retired collecting a pension or on social security he must provide proof through records from the government or company retired from?

At CFO not everyone is being asked to show these, but still not a bad idea to have ready.

• You must have the following items depending on his situation?
Tax records, W-2 Statements, 6 months of checking account statements, Savings account statements, Assets if applicable, direct deposits.

• Bring couples photos in a scrapbook.

• Lots of proof of an ongoing relationship such as a lot of emails from each other, facebook screen shots, facebook chat logs, text messages, Viber, whatsap, wechat records if you have those? Postal letters if you have any? Phone bill records if you have any? Skype screen shots and printed messages if you have any? Financial support receipts if you have any?

Everyone asks, what is the Original Immigrant Data Summary sheet???

This is your U.S. Embassy Visa packet the one that is sealed with plastic and marked do not open. SEE BELOW IMAGE

You’re data summary sheet.

Don’t forget to download your registration form.

Registration Form download:
Duly completed emigrant registration form. If you have K2 Children they are also required to have this. Open the below pdf. file and print this out then complete it using black ballpoint and glue one of you’re 2×2 or 1×1 photos at the top square,

Remember you must select catagory for GCP and NOT PDO Registration Form

Cost to Attend:

There is a fee of Php 400. per person to be collected upon arrival.
K1 and K2 children are required to be paid for.
K2 children age 13 and below do not attend but their K1 parent attends for them.
K2 children age 14 and above must attend GCP and have an appointment also.

Final and last tip:

Please treat the CFO – GCP the same as your US Embassy Interview and bring all of your folders of proof of an ongoing relationship / couple pictures / emails / divorce decrees or death certificates / sponsors financial records /.

If in doubt bring everything to avoid any additional hold-ups!

You can attend CFO – GCP before having your visa in hand

Some K1 Applicants attend CFO in an effort to get this part done and out of the way! However, you will only be given the certificate of completion but not the sticker in your passport.

You will later have to come back to CFO once you get your US Embassy Visa packet and show it to them so that you can get your CFO sticker placed in your passport as seen in the below examples.

CFO – GCP Certificate of Attendance
The sticker that goes in you’re passport

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