K1 Visa Timeline
USA – Philippines Processing Time

K1 Visa Timeline
K1 Visa Timeline USA – Philippines Processing Time

Steps that take place between NOA1, NOA2
and Interview?

2018 – 2019 K1 Visa Timeline

The K1 Visa timeline varies which means it isn’t always the same for everyone.

The below timeline is calculated from what we consider to be the most normal time frame of events that take place with most couples. Some couples have been processed much faster and received their (NOA2) I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letters some as quickly as two months which is far and few between.

Then there is what we call the average processing and approval times which is what we generally see most of the time where couples sit around and wait for their petition to get approved in a time frame of 6 to 8 months.

Then we have an occasional few every year that done everything right had a good clean case sent to USCIS who for what ever reason have to wait on USCIS 8 to 10 months which this is usually far and few in between.

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K1 Visa timeline

Possible Reasons:
» Sometimes RFE’s slow down the couples process.

» Sometimes the sponsor may have had multiple divorces.

» Sometimes it’s criminal records being investigated.

» Sometimes mail gets lost either sent to USCIS or from USCIS to the sponsor.

» But even the cleanest cases have been held up way to long without knowing why?

K1 Visa timeline

K1 Visa Timeline Start to Finish

» USCIS receives you’re I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee 3 to 5 days later the sponsor receives an email and or text message notification sent with your receipt number.

» Approximately 7 to 10 days later the sponsor receives the (NOA1) I-797C Notice of Action receipt.

» (6 to 8 months) later the sponsor receives an email to let you know your petition has been approved, followed by the (NOA2) Notice of Action Approval Letter being delivered by the USPS.

» (4-6 weeks) Approximately another 4 to 6 weeks the US Embassy now holds your I-129F Petition and creates the needed MNL Case Number which is emailed to the sponsor.

» (3-5 weeks) Once you have the case number your fiancee can pay the non-immigrant visa application fee. Usually the same day they can schedule the US Embassy Interview, which may not be for yet another 3 to 5 weeks depending on you guys?

» Medical exam can now be done at the St. Lukes located in Manila. approximately one week before the interview is best.

» (7to 10 days) Once the US Embassy interview is completed, your fiancee can go back home to wait anywhere from 7 to 10 business days for the Visa packet to be delivered. Sometimes this happens quicker but other times it has taken even longer, up to 30 days to get.

» (5-15 days) Your fiancee will have to attend the mandatory Philippines government seminar located at Manila, Cebu or Davao. It is known as CFO. This can be done even before getting the Visa in hand as some prefer to do to get that out of the way but it depends on where they live because if they go sooner they will still have to go back again to show the visa and visa packet to get their certification sticker. So sometimes this eats up another 5 to 15 days waiting for the appointment.

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K1 Visa timeline

From 2018 to 2019 the most consistent start to finish that we’ve seen where the petition was filed to the time the fiancee arrived on U.S. soil has been around 9 to 10 months.
Every case is different, every Couple has different things going on in their lives, for some it’s jobs, others it’s money, for some K2 kids finishing up school.

K1 Visa timeline