K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

k1 fiance visa requirements philippines
K1 fiance visa requirements Philippines

USCIS Rules for the Sponsor and Beneficiary

How to proceed in filing the I-129F

The couple must both be free to marry.
If you been married before then regardless of how many previous marriages you will need to provide divorce decrees, annulment certificates or death certificates to prove you are single.

K1 fiance visa requirements Philippines

Both of you should be of legal age for marriage.
For most countries, the legal age for marriage between a couple is 18 years old.

The couple will be required to provide proof of how they found each other?
USCIS / IMBRA requires the couple to provide how they found each other weather on a free social network, a dating site, introduced by a mutual friend or met while on vacation?

The couple must have physically met in person:
USCIS requires all couples to have physically met in person and filed no later that two years of the initial meeting.

K1 fiance visa requirements Philippines

If either one of the couples has any criminal records:
USCIS / USDHS requires the sponsor and the beneficiary to provide Certified Police and Court records for specific Felony charges or DUI – DWI charges if (3) three or more occurrences? (Types of Felonies)

The K1 Beneficiary will be required to have an unexpired passport:
An unexpired passport with a minimum of (6) six months left on it is required. This will be needed no later than at the US Embassy Interview.

The US Sponsor must meet the financial guidelines at the time of the interview:
Sponsors are required to provide supporting documents to prove they have paid taxes like W-2 Statements, Tax records, checking account statements, employee pay-stubs, various assets that can be used for those falling short of the guidelines. (See poverty guidelines)

K1 fiance visa requirements Philippines

The sponsor will need to provide supporting documentation of US Citizenship:
Sponsors must now provide supporting documents to the beneficiary for the interview and the CFO – GCP interview in order to qualify. US Passport biographic page, US Drivers License front and back, US Birth Certificate front and back,

• You and your fiancée both have a sincere intent to marry within 90 days of your fiancée’s arrival in the U.S.

K1 fiance visa requirements Philippines

The beneficiary must have the following items prior to the interview:
NBI Clearance, CENOMAR, Passport, if applicable you may need other Country police records, Red Ribbon Annulment Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce decree, PSA Birth certificate,

The Couple must provide supporting documents of proof of an ongoing relationship:
For the US Embassy interview and CFO – GCP interview the beneficiary must have lots of emails, chat logs, text messages, screen shots of online communication, possibly postal letters, phone call record bills.

The Couple must have several Couples photos to prove they been together:
For the US Embassy interview and CFO – GCP interview the beneficiary must have a scrapbook of at least 20 couples photos showing a happy couple, whole-body pictures are preferred showing the background and landmarks for additional proof of being in the Country.

K1 fiance visa requirements Philippines