K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines
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K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines, learn the process, cost, timeline, forms to use, interview, income, proof of relationship USA PHILIPPINES

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K1 Fiance Visa requirements Philippines

Update Feb 2022

Are you both free for marriage?

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesAll couples who wish to use the K1 Fiancee visa as a means to marry within the United States must be legally free to marry.


If neither one of you has ever been married then you do not need to provide any supporting documents.


If one or both of you have had previous marriages regardless of how many, you will have to provide certified copies of divorce decrees or annulment certificates whichever applies to you?


If the marriage ended due to death, you must provide certified copies of the death certificate.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

Is the petitioner sponsor a U.S. Citizen

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

All petitioners also known as the sponsor must provide proof of U.S. citizenship.


For U.S. born sponsors a photocopy front and back of your U.S. birth certificate will be required. In addition to this a photocopy of your U.S. passport biographic page.


For U.S. citizens not born in the United States, you will be required to provide the following items.


Photocopy of every page in your U.S. passport including the covers, photocopy of Naturalization certificate and photocopy of your U.S. citizenship certificate.


If you are a green card holder you are not allowed to file an I-129F petition for alien fiancee and must wait until you become a U.S. citizen before doing so.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

Does either one of the Couples have criminal records?

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesDoes the couple have any criminal records?


If either one of you has any criminal convictions that fall under IMBRA or questionable felonies that you’re unsure of then you should seek legal advice from a legal consultant.


You would have to provide certified police and court since the age of 16.

Domestic Violence Homicide Torture
Kidnapping Sexual Assault Murder
Trafficking Abduction Child Abuse
Manslaughter Peonage Rape
Holding Hostage False Imprisonment Dating Violence
Abusive Contact Involuntary Elder Abuse Sexual Exploitation
Servitude Stalking Incest
Slave Trade Unlawful Restraint
Child Neglect
Crimes relating to Controlled
Substances or Alcohol

Certificates of completion may also be provided if you have been ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes, done community service or attended any other classes that you received a certificate of completion from.


It is oftentimes very helpful to get family members, close friends, co-workers, supervisors, church leaders, government officials, anyone that knows you who sits in an office of higher authority and is willing to type out a good character reference letter that says you a much better person today.


If this is you, then get as many letters as you can and have each one signed before a public notary. Be sure the person full name, their position, home address, phone number, email and who they are to you and how long they have known you.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

International Marriage Broker

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

It is very important to answer the question on page 8. Question 55 through 61 on the I-129F Application if you and your alien fiancee found each other with the help of an IMB – International Marriage Broker?


If you found each other through one of these methods mentioned below then you do not have to worry about it?


  • We both found each other while I was on vacation in their country.

  • We both found each other while e working in another country.

  • We were introduced to one another through a mutual friend.

  • We used Facebook, dateinasia.com, OkCupid or some other Free site.



Even if you found each other free you will still need to provide a letter with your I-129F explaining the circumstances of how you found each other.


If you both used a dating site, pen pal program, matchmaking seminar, or any other matchmaking entity that charges Americans money to use the service then you must provide an answer on page 8. question 55 through 61 of the I-129F.


Other supporting documents will be required from the service that you paid money to such as an affidavit of support giving the service permission to obtain your police record before allowing you to communicate with any of its international members.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

The Alien Fiance must be able to get a passport

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

The sponsor petitioner might want to be sure that the alien fiancee will be able to get their passport before proceeding with the I-129F petition filing?


It’s best to not wait until the last minute as we have seen lengthy prolonged waits in the past.

Though the passport is not needed until there is a U.S. Embassy interview.


Often times an alien fiance has to take time sometimes months to fix errors on their birth certificate?


Sometimes the process for first time passport applicants can take several months of waiting. In some cases the alien fiance may not even have proper government ID’s and would need to get those made first before even applying for a passport?


If your alien fiance has K2 children that will be a part of the process, then this is also important to get those done early.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

Meeting the Poverty Guidelines

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesIt is important to know if the U.S. sponsor petitioner will be able to show enough income in time for the U.S. Embassy interview.


The alien fiancee will be the one to carry the sponsors supporting documents to prove if they are meeting the income requirements or not?


If you are unsure if you earn the required amount then below are the current USCIS poverty guidelines based on which state you live in?

For the 48 Contiguous States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands:

Sponsor’s Household Size 100% of HHS Poverty Guidelines* 125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines*
  For sponsors on active duty in the U.S. armed forces who are petitioning for their spouse or child For all other sponsors
2 $17,420 $21,775
3 $21,960 $27,450
4 $26,500 $33,125
5 $31,040 $38,800
6 $35,580 $44,475
7 $40,120 $50,150
8 $44,660 $55,825
  Add $4,540 for each additional person Add $5,675 for each additional person

For Alaska:

Sponsor’s Household Size 100% of HHS Poverty Guidelines* 125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines*
  For sponsors on active duty in the U.S. armed forces who are petitioning for their spouse or child For all other sponsors
2 $21,770 $27,212
3 $27,450 $34,312
4 $33,130 $41,412
5 $38,810 $48,512
6 $44,490 $55,612
7 $50,170 $62,712
8 $55,850 $69,812
  Add $5,680 for each additional person Add $7,100 for each additional person

For Hawaii:

Sponsor’s Household Size 100% of HHS Poverty Guidelines* 125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines*
  For sponsors on active duty in the U.S. armed forces who are petitioning for their spouse or child For all other sponsors
2 $20,040 $25,050
3 $25,260 $31,575
4 $30,480 $38,100
5 $35,700 $44,625
6 $40,920 $51,150
7 $46,140 $57,675
8 $51,360 $64,200
  Add $5,220 for each additional person Add $6,525 for each additional person

Learn More at USCIS I-864P

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

K1 Fiance 90-Day Rule

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesBoth the sponsor and alien fiancee must provide an acknowledgment letter of their intent to marry within the first 90-days of the alien fiancee’s arrival on U.S. soil.


Sponsor must submit a Fiance Letter of Intent

Beneficiary must submit a Fiancee Letter of Intent


Your K1 Alien Fiance will need to leave the United States if he or she does not marry to the sponsor within 90-days of arriving on U.S. soil.


Some Couples in the past have had a change of heart they spend several weeks together physically and maybe things just weren’t quite as they expected?


If this does happen to you, remember that the U.S. sponsor is responsible for payment of the return trip.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

The K1 Alien Fiancee must pass a medical exam

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesOne of the requirements, will be for the alien fiance of a K1 Visa and K2 children to undergo a stringent medical exam at a U.S. accredited medical facility only prior to knowing the date of the K1 Visa interview.


It is important to know that the alien fiancee will be able to pass a K1 Visa medical exam one to two weeks prior to their U.S. Embassy Interview? 


The top priority is to make sure they do not have TB as this could result in a denial.


Chest x rays and vaccinations will be a part of the medical exam. Medical examiners will want to check blood, lungs, throat, ears and eyes, which is a normal part of the procedures done. 


You can learn more about the Medical Exam for St. Luke’ Manila (here..)


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

K1 Couples must demonstrate their relationship is genuine and sincere

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesOne of the most important parts of a K1 Fiance interview is to determine if the couples has a genuine, sincere relationship?


Interviewers are always on the look out for sham relationships. Every couples needs to prove that they are a real couple.


How do you do that? If a couple is real if they are serious, they more than likely are communication just about everyday. Some use email, some use instant messaging platforms such as Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber.


These are good for keeping a relationship alive.


However the best one for the interviewers to look at is going to be a lot of emails that the couple has saved and printed out.


Other methods that are a big help are postal mail and phone calls. You can go here to learn much more on the methods and importance of documenting your relationship go here..


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

K1 Couples with large age differences

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesOne of the things that U.S. Embassy interviewers must do is be on the lookout for fraudulent intent?


Couples who have large age differences are more of a target to interviewers and face more scrutiny of a genuine sincere relationship?


What stands out more to interviewers are say a beneficiary who is age 18 and a sponsor who is age 40 plus. Or a beneficiary age 25 and a sponsor age 60 plus.


But if your beneficiary is age 30 and the sponsor is age 60 plus this doesn’t stand out nearly as much. However the couple really should have plenty of supporting documents to prove they have a genuine sincere relationship.


I highly recommend couples with large age differences to put effort into their supporting documents, developing their relationship rather than filing after knowing each other only 3 months file after knowing each other at least 6 months.


Try visiting the alien fiancee more than one trip before they have a U.S. Embassy interview.

Both of you should incorporate more emails to one another, like at least 50 each in a time period of about 8-10 months.

Maybe try to accumulate phone call records, postal letters, gift sending, as all of these are extra icing on the cake.


Interviewers don’t have to grant you a K1 Fiancee visa unless they themselves feel that the couple’s relationship is built up and can be proven through all of the mentioned ways?


We highly encourage the couple to make lots of emails to one another as these outweigh any other method.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

K1 Visa Couples are required to physically meet in person

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesHas the couple physically met in person within two years of filing the I-129F?


The USCIS rule is that all couples who plan on filing an I-129F Petition for alien fiancee must file no later than two years from the date of their last meeting in person.


If you allowed 2 years to go past then you will be required to go meet in person again.


Some couples try getting a B1/B2 Tourist visa for the alien fiancee to come to the USA because the U.S. Citizen either does not like traveling or they have problems that prohibit them from leaving the U.S.?


It is very difficult for most Filipinos and in many cases almost impossible for them to even visit in the U.S. with a tourist visa, as the requirements are extremely difficult for them to meet?


You can better understand the B1/B2 Tourist Visa here..


For a U.S. Citizen to travel practically anywhere in the world, visiting the Philippines is not a problem, and should be done in order to meet the requirement that USCIS requires where both the couple must physically meet in person.


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

Documenting proof of meeting in person

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesDid the couple accumulate receipts proving they were physically together?


This is primarily for proof of meeting. While on your vacation to meet your alien fiancee it is helpful to save all receipts to prove that you really did meet your alien fiancee in their country?


Save all of the following or anything that you can accumulate?

  • Trip itinerary

  • Boarding pass stubs

  • Hotel receipts

  • ATM receipts

  • Restaurant receipts

  • Grocery receipts

  • Gift receipts

  • Money exchange receipts

  • Transportation receipts

  • And at least 10 good quality photos of the couple together

    You can learn more about couples photos here..

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

Couples who may have traveled together to other countries.

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements PhilippinesThis section is not for all couples to pay any attention too?

However, some couples have done one of these three things which is:

  1. Either the alien fiance was working in another country other than where he or she is from and the U.S. sponsor went there?

  2. Or the alien fiance and the U.S. sponsor met in another country while on vacation rather than the home country of the alien fiance?

  3. Or the U.S. sponsor and alien fiance took a vacation together from the alien fiances original home country?


If you are a couple who has done any of the three mentioned reasons above, then you both will consider providing USCIS with both of your passport biographic pages and stamped visa pages as proof of being in another country?


Sometimes both sponsor and alien fiance would be required to provide airline trip itineraries and boarding pass stubs depending on their situation?


Hotel records, and possibly other receipts accumulated during such trips can be items to prove to USCIS that you where both together.


Also having couples photos that show whole body shots of the couple together in another country for example Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, as examples could provide clues of that particular country through certain landmarks or signs?


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines

For Couples who had an engagement ceremony

K1 fiance visa requirements PhilippinesIf you and your alien fiancee had an engagement party and maybe a ring was presented to her, then provide any pictures from the engagement party showing the couple together and maybe include family.


Pictures of the engagement ring can be used also.


These items should be used with your I-129F application for USCIS and the US Embassy interview.


Though this is not a requirement, it is very helpful to prove to interviewers that your relationship is genuine and sincere?


Records such as a receipt for the ring are not required to make up any part of this.


However records, receipts etc, that show things like catering food, rental room or space, and some pictures, will do very nicely in demonstrating that you are a real couple?


Don’t worry if it was not fancy or expensive but all that matters is the couple had an engagement ceremony and they documented it?


K1 Fiance Visa Requirements Philippines