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K1 Visa Timeline Philippines 2024 processing time form filing the I-129F Application at USCIS, to vetting at USDHS, to receiving the NOA1 / NOA2 / MNL Case number then preparing for a medical, interview, CFO-GCP and US Port of Entry.

K1 Couples will go through 3-Phases

This is a time-line of events that all K1 Visa couples will go through

Success is what we’re all about! To be a successful couple, we want you to get started on the right foot.

This page is dedicated to providing all of our K1 Couples with tips, and knowledge that we have shared with many other couples who are now married and living their dreams together in the United States.

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Couples at Bridge 1

Everyone starts here, and will stay here until the sponsor receives a letter in the mail known as the

Notice of Action Receipt I-797C

After the US Sponsor also known as the Petitioner has filed the I-129F Application for Alien Fiance, there will be two notifications sent, in an effort to let you know that USCIS has received the application.

Depending on what was provided, USCIS usually sends a text message within the US only. The petitioner would first receive a text message to inform them that USCIS got the package.

If the petitioner did not provide a mobile number, then USCIS would email them?

See an example here so you’ll know what to expect.



Once USCIS has received your I-129F Application, they will message you as a courtesy measure, so that the petitioner will have some peace of mind at knowing their package delivered safe and sound.

This text message or email usually happens about 3-5 days after you mailed in the application to USCIS

You will notice that there is a “Receipt Number” that receipt # is to allow you to identify yourself in case you have to call USCIS for any reason at all?

The receipt # also allows you or the alien fiance to go online periodically to do a case status check?

You won’t see much activity at all for maybe 6 months, so be patient.

You can open the Case Status Check and type in your receipt number exactly how they sent it to you to see if there has been any new movement.

Receiving the original I-797C Notice of Action receipt also called the NOA1 will show up in the postal mail.

The sponsor must be on the look out for this, as it is the official receipt and can take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive to the sponsor mailing address.

Do not lose this and keep it in a safe place to be used later on by your alien fiance as part of the interview.

Below is an example of what will be arriving in the postal mail?

It can take 21 days to get after USCIS has notified you about receiving your application.



Accumulating Supporting documents


K1 Visa Testimonials


In this section we would like to stress to all K1 Visa couples the importance of accumulating supporting documents in an effort to prove to interviewers that your relationship is genuine, and sincere.

You don’t need everything on the list below but remember the more stuff the better. Your K1 Visa Timeline Philippines interview will determine if your have enough evidence to prove your relationship is genuine and sincere.

While the couple waits for their I-129F Application to be approved, continue to accumulate the following items mentioned below, and put emails at the top of your to do list in case your not doing any? Emails are definitely a must during the K1 Visa interview.

  • Emails to one another are the best and most important above all else.

  • Social network chats such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook are helpful.

  • Postal letters, post cards packages sent through the mail is very compelling.

  • Phone calls made directly and saving the phone bill records is helpful.

  • Text messages made to each others phones are helpful also.

  • Sending your alien fiance financial support and saving the receipts is helpful.

  • Sending online gifts purchased through online stores in your alien fiances country is very helpful as long as you save receipts, make pictures of the delivery package and the items inside.

  • Most couples do live video chats but interviewers don’t accept that if you tell them we live chat everyday. You can save a couple of screen shots to show but it’s at the bottom of our list.

During this time, you won’t be allowed to get police records, or certificates of no marriage, or work on financial records until the application has been approved?


You should print and organize emails, chat logs any thing you accumulate at least once a month right up to the interview.

Couples at Bridge 2

Approval Letter

About 6 to 9 months after filing your application at USCIS, the sponsor should have received the NOA2 – I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter.


Bridge 2

NOA2 Received

After the couple has waited for several months for their I-129F Application to be approved by USCIS, the sponsor will receive a letter in the mail known as the NOA2.


This stands for I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter.


Many couples also learn about 2-weeks earlier that their petition was approved from the online case status checker?


Once the sponsor receives the letter, please safeguard that and make a good scanned copy to attach in an email to your alien fiance.


That scanned copy will be printed out and used as part of the medical exam, also the US Embassy interview?


Some alien fiances need that letter also, to get police records released from other countries that they may have lived or worked in for 6-months or longer?


Things to Prepare

Here’s a list of things you both can work on now:


Gathering required documents:

This is for the sponsor and beneficiary to start working on now.


Don’t worry if you’re still missing some of the required items, as the process moves forward we will teach you how to get the rest of the needed items?



Proof of Ongoing Relationship:


The Couple can start gathering these items.



Electronic Communication:


Saved emails to each other, FB messages or print screens, e-cards, Viber, Skype, WeChat, WhatsAp, anything saved that can be printed?


Interviewers, are now wanting to see a minimum of 100 emails. This means a total of 50 from the sponsor 50 from the beneficiary.


Postal Letters:

Any saved letters together with their envelopes or postcards. If you have any?


These tend to be very good evidence, however not many couples have any of these?



Phone Bill Records:

Sponsor provides these. All calls to the Philippines that show your fiancees phone number high light with yellow.


If your fiancee called you, then high light her incoming calls with pink high lights.


Monetary Support:

Both of you might have accumulated receipts from sending and receiving money?


Western Union Money Gram, XOOM possibly some other sources?


Both sponsor & beneficiary gather all receipts for the interview and if your from the Philippines you may need to provide the same items at your CFO-GCP Seminar.


Gift receipts and photos:

If either one of you had sent gifts to each other and saved receipts for proof of purchase, receipts for deliver services and took pictures holding the package and pictures holding the gift, please provide all of those for the US Embassy interview and if your from the Philippines you may need to provide the same items at your CFO-GCP Seminar.



Proof of meeting:

Best to have a scrapbook full of pictures of the couple together.


Also an envelope filled with receipts accumulated on each trip for hotels, food, restaurant, gifts, transportation, airline stubs, trip itinerary etc..


Here are some things for the sponsor to get ready;

You can either scan these and email them, FedEx them or hand-deliver them if returning back to the your alien fiances country for yet another visit?

I-797C and I-797

Make good looking photocopies of you’re NOA1 and NOA2 to give to you’re fiancee to use at their medical and interview.



Sponsors Passport:

Make good looking photocopies of you’re US passport bio-graphic page and the stamped visa pages.


You’re fiancee will use this at the interview.


Birth Certificate:

If you where born in the United States and have a birth certificate make good looking photocopies of that front and back to give to you’re fiancee to use at the interview.


If you are a naturalize US Citizen, then you must provide photocopies of every page of your US passport.


If you been married before:

Make good looking photocopies of all previous marriage divorce decrees.


They will want to see the certified pages only.


If you have death certificates then provide photocopies of that also.


These items will be asked for during the interview.


Conviction records that fall under IMBRA:

If you had any specified felonies, drug charges, DUI, DWI, or any other questionable convictions, we need both Police and Court records of each.


If you have any certificate of completion for special classes, then you should provide photocopies of all mentioned.


To be used at the interview.


Sponsors Financial records:

You’re fiancee will be required to show at the interview supporting documents to prove that the sponsor meets the poverty guidelines.


An I-134 Affidavit of Support will accompany any of the items that are applicable to you?


• Tax returns

• W-2’s

• 1090’s

• 1099’s

• Checking account statements last 12 months

• Direct deposits last 12 months

• Proof of employment, preferably a letter from your supervisor if you are an employee?

• Or proof of retirement or collecting a pension

• Or proof of self employment provide business license, business account records

• Employee pay-stubs last 12 months

• Savings account statements or records last 12 months

• Proof of Social Security income

• Proof of Social Security Disability income

• Proof of pension

• Proof of assets

• There may be more that applies to you


To be used at the US Embassy interview.



Item that the alien fiancee can start working on:


2×2 passport style photos:

Please go and have made, (8) brand new 2×2 passport style photos to be used for the medical exam and your US Embassy interview.


Bring 4 to you’re medical and 4 to you’re interview.

This also applied to K2 Children if you have any?

Alien fiancees Passport:

Please make 2 colored photocopies of your biographic page in your  passport.


The biographic page is the page that has your picture and name.


This also applied to K2 Children if you have any?

NBI Clearance or Country national police record:

Please go get NBI – National Bureau of Investigation, Clearance for USA Visa Travel.


You must get this in all of your names ever used such as married names and maiden names.


If you never had any other legal name other than your maiden name then you only need one.


If you have K2 Children ages 16 or older, then they also need NBI Clearance.


Note: The U.S. Embassy only accepts NBI Clearance Certificates that are 3 months old or less, at the time of you’re interview.


Birth Certificate PSA:

Please be sure to have a total of (2) original PSA Birth Certificates.

NSO is no longer accepted.

This also applied to K2 Children if you have any?





If you been married before or had other legal names, then you must get CENOMAR for you’re other legal names used in the past such as married names or any other legal name that you had?


The U.S. Embassy only accepts CENOMAR that are 3 months old or less, at the time of you’re interview.

Annulment DFA / PSA:

If applicable: 

You will use your “red ribbon” original and if you’re have any PSA bring those to the interview also.


Death Certificate / PSA:

If applicable: 

You will need to have an original PSA Death Certificate of a previous husband or wife that is now deceased.


DS-160 Non-immigrant Visa Application:

K1 Applicants can begin work on this now. 


It is an online non-immigrant visa application.


It requires a desktop computer or laptop because you need a minimum of 32 bit drive that most smart phone lack. 


It is also best to work on this from the Mozilla web browser.


If you have any K2 Children regardless of their age they are also required to have their own DS-160.


The only other person that’s allowed to help with this is the sponsor so who ever does this please carefully follow instructions as this could take some time to do correctly?


Note: More about the DS-160 IN THE NEXT SECTION


Below are items that cannot be worked on yet until the US Embassy has issued, you the CASE NUMBER.


  • Cannot pay the non-immigrant visa application fee of $265.

  • Cannot schedule U.S. Embassy interview yet.

  • Cannot do the medical exam yet.

  • Cannot work on the online medical form yet.

  • Cannot do our online case file and mock interview yet.

Required DS-160

This is your step-by-step instructions for DS-160


Devices: You’ll need to work on this from a laptop or desktop computer.


Many smart devices are not capable of.



Note: Please make sure that you have a good stable internet connection in order to avoid hassles and losing your work!



Who can fill out the DS-160:

According to the US Department of State, the “Primary Applicant” also known as the alien fiance, is supposed to be the one who completes the application.


However, it is advised for children age 16 or under  to have their parents complete theirs for them.


If you live in a poor internet area then the sponsor may complete the DS-160.


In the end, it will require an electronic signature and an uploaded 2×2 passport-style photo of before you start working on the DS-160 it is very helpful to go here and have a better understanding of what is needed?



A representative of Couples Visa can also guide you in any way we can with questions that may be difficult for you to answer?


Below are examples:


Step 1 – Selecting your country:


Be sure to carefully select the country that you are attending the US Embassy Interview at.


Step 2 – Brand new application


Carefully enter the code you see then click start an application.


Step 3 – Passwords



Save in a safe place all of your ID numbers and password etc.


Below is a question that a lot of people select the wrong answer.


Please select “Yes” as shown below.


Note: Part 1 in security and background questions vaccination records must select “YES”


Where ever you attend your medical exam, the doctors will be vaccinating you, so you must select yes.


Confirmation Page


After you have completed you’re DS-160 you could do a review of the entire DS-160 as they give you a review link and you can send that to us also to review.


After the review, if everything now looks good you will need to make sure that you have uploaded a new 2×2 passport-style photo, then put your electronic signature, then click submit, and you’re all done.


Next, you will have to print our DS-160 Confirmation page in color or in grey-scale if you prefer?


The Confirmation page is required to be shown at St. Luke’s and at the U.S. Embassy Interview. 

Required Sponsors I-134

Couples Visa will complete the I-134 and email this to the sponsor.


Your alien fiance will provide supporting documents from you as proof you can support them?


This part cannot be done to soon as the required items are time-sensitive.


Normally we will wait until the case number has been issued to get started on this part? More about the case number in the next section?



Below is a list of our most common scenarios.


If you are employed provide these items:

  • Latest W-2 statement.

  • Latest 1040 IRS schedule tax records or any others that you use?

  • Your past 12 months of checking account statements.

  • Your past 12 months of employee pay-stubs (if applicable).

  • If you fall below the poverty guidelines then include these items?

    • Assets – U.S. Savings Account record for the past 12 months.

    • Assets – Proof of ownership of your home or land.

    • Joint sponsors cannot be used for the K1 interview.



If you are self-employed provide these items:


  • Latest 1090 or 1099.

  • Latest IRS schedule tax records or any others that you use?

  • Your past 12 months of checking account statements. (Personal & Business)

  • If applicable photocopies of your (Business License / or other permits)

  • If you fall below the poverty guidelines then include these items?

    • Assets – U.S. Savings Account record for the past 12 months.

    • Assets – Proof of ownership of your home or land.

    • Joint sponsors cannot be used for the K1 interview.


If you are retired provide these items:


  • Social Security benefits record. (If applicable)

  • Social Security disability benefits record. (If applicable)

  • Retirement / pension record. (If applicable)

  • Latest IRS schedule tax records or any others that you use? (If applicable)

  • Your past 12 months of checking account statements.

  • If you fall below the poverty guidelines then include these items?

    • Assets – U.S. Savings Account record for the past 12 months.

    • Assets – Proof of ownership of your home or land.

    • Joint sponsors cannot be used for the K1 interview,

See I-134 Instructions


Pretty much everything can be scanned and emailed to the alien fiance to print out on their end.


A lot of this can be worked on once the I-129F application has been approved. In other words once the sponsor received the NOA2.


If the couple prefers to send it using an expedited carrier, then that also can be done?


If you do it this way then the sponsor can place all of the supporting documents into a folder so that the alien fiance doesn’t have to try and categorize everything?

Assigned Case Number

After receiving an approved I-129F


The Case Number can take an additional 6 weeks to receive.


The National Visa Center will email it to the sponsor.


It is not delivered in the postal mail.


If you will be attending your embassy interview in Manila Philippines then the case number starts with letters MNL


Without the case number you will not be able to schedule an interview or medical exam.


This is an example of what the official email letter will look like?


What makes it official?

It will have the US Department of State Seal located at the top left-hand side of it and there will be a bar-code located at the top right-hand side as seen in this example.


As soon as the US Sponsor receives this, it needs to be forwarded to the alien fiance to print out and used at their medical exam and embassy interview.



If the sponsor did not receive the case number email then look in your spam?


If 6-weeks has gone by, you are encouraged to contact the National Visa Center.

Visa Application Fee

How to pay the non-immigrant visa application fee?

There is a non-immigrant visa application fee payable to the US Embassy where the K1 Visa Interview will be held.

This fee can only be paid by the alien fiance and is to be paid in the countries currency equivalent to $265.

For example, if you will be attending your interview at the US Embassy in Manila Philippines, then you are required to pay the fee with Philippines pesos.

The K1 Applicant must go directly to any RCBC bank and make the payment through the RCBC online screen or directly at the teller desk.

Every country is different and once a FilAm Coach representative has instructed you to do this, we will let you know where to go to get the USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip, Then which bank to make the payment at?

Once the non-immigrant visa application fee has been paid, it will update your application process and give you a validity period of 12-months.


If you have any children that will be a part of the process and getting a K2 Visa, then they will also be required to pay the $265. non-immigrant visa application fee.

Same process for them except, you must get them their own USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip with  a new set of receipt number on it.

What to bring to the bank:

  • A printed copy of the USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip


  • Your passport


  • The correct amount to pay in your countries currency


Philippines USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip go here

Schedule Interview

Scheduling Your K1 Visa Interview


Once the alien fiance has completed the process of paying for the non-immigrant visa application fee, you will contact us, so that we can gather the needed information mentioned below and then Couples Visa will schedule your US Embassy K1 Visa interview.



Please email the following information to filamimmigration@gmail.com.



Before you email the required information, please double-check to make sure there are no errors?


  • Passport Number –
  • Date it was issued –
  • Date it will expire –
  • Your date of birth –
  • Your Case Number –
  • Two phone numbers from your country –
  • The delivery address where you want your visa delivered too –
  • Your bank receipt number (9) digits –
  • Please give me at least 3 three dates that you would like to try and have the interview on? –


K2 Children

If you have any K2 children, then please provide the same information also?


  • Child’s first / middle / last name

  • Date of Birth –

  • Philippines passport Number –

  • Date it was issued –

  • Date it expires –

  • Their (9) digit receipt number –


Online Account: If you like to visit or even create your own account for the interview scheduling, then you may visit the site by clicking (here..)


Be sure to select the correct country where you will be having your embassy interview?



Please save your user ID and password as later on you will need to share that with us.


Printing the interview confirmation, once an interview has been successfully scheduled, you will receive an email of the confirmation.


You must print out the confirmation to be taken to your medical exam and also the US Embassy Interview.


Schedule Medical Exam

After you have scheduled the K1 Visa Interview:


You must attend your medical exam first.


The medical exam is expected to be done at least one week before your interview so that the clinic has enough time to review and evaluate your records?


Once completed it is normal for them to deliver your records to the embassy in a sealed brown envelope in time for your interview?


You will need to complete an online medical application and wait for the clinic to email you back?


Once you have received the confirmation email, you must print it out and bring that to your medical exam.


If you are attending your interview in Manila Philippines then you would be also doing your exam at St. Luke’s.


Here is the St. Luke’s online medical form.


Other Countries


If you are having your US Embassy Interview for the K1 Visa in another country, the procedures may be different?


Allow Couples Visa to provide you with different instructions other than what is mentioned above?




All Countries:

These are the required items you must bring to your medical exam:


  • Original Passport.

  • Also biographic page from your Philippines passport (2) colored copies, please.

  • Bring the online medical form confirmation printed out.

  • Bring (4) pieces of your 2 x 2 passport-style photos.

  • Bring US Embassy Interview Confirmation Letter (1) copies.

  • Bring I-797 Notice of Action (NOA2) (1) colored copy.

  • Bring the Letter of Eligibility (CASE NUMBER) (1) copy.

  • Bring DS-160 Confirmation page (1) colored copy.

  • Bring Original Birth Certificate (1) original.

  • Bring the correct amount payable in your countries currency ($335.00).

  • There may be more that applies to you if you have K2 Children or other medical records?

  • K2 Children ages 14 and below pay $185.00 in your countries currency.




If you been pregnant before and have children or even had an abortion you must tell the truth because the doctors will find out and if they find out you will be denied at your interview for lying.


Drug use:

If you have used drugs in your past you will be forced to attend a psychological test and based on evaluations you could be failed automatically?


Best that you deny ever using drugs unless you have had drug traces in your body because doctors will find it in your urine, blood, saliva and hair follicles.



If you have any scars big or small on your body, then be prepared for the doctor to question you over and over about how you received those scars?


You better have a convincing explanation or else the doctor will send you for psychological tests because they think of scars as suicide attempts?


Food and drink:

St. Luke’s is very strict and does not allow you to bring food or drink inside.


You need to eat and drink just before arriving because you need to give urine samples and also you will not have any food breaks for maybe several hours?


Dress Comfortably:

You need to arrive at your medical nice and clean and fresh.


However, you also need to dress in clothing that is simple to take off as you will spend some of your time naked with the clinics gown on.




You are paying for the shots however you are allowed to sign a form saying that you don’t want the shots now?


But if you do not get the shots at St. Luke’s then you will have to do it in the USA and they will cost 3 times more than if you had done it in St. Luke’s?


It also will complicate your process later on after you are married and try to adjust your status?


So please do not opt-out of getting your shots.

Menstrual Periods:
If you go to St. Luke’s during a period they will see you still.


When should I go to St. Luke’s:

It is very important to attend your St. Luke’s medical exam exactly (7) days advance before your scheduled interview.


Or you are aloud to attend your medical sooner than one week but if you go to St. Luke’s a few days before the interview then your lab results may not be ready in time?

Mock Interview

Preparing for the US Embassy Interview

Our K1 Clients will receive an online case file review and mock interview all in the same day.


We will schedule an online review and mock interview usually a couple of days after you have completed your medical exam.


This gives you time to organize and also take some rest from the medical exam and the 3-jabs that you will receive.


How long can it take to review and mock interview?Sometimes up-to 3-hours.


This depends on how well your internet is working it also depends on how well organized you are at the time?


Some in the past had to work with very poor internet connection causing a a lot of slow downs.


Also some have a harder time understand what items we are asking for which tends to slow things down also?


What apps do we use to conduct our online review and mock interview?


We prefer Skype, as it is a more secure private connection, however, we have used Facebook Messenger also?


The online case file review and mock interview is for the alien fiance, therefore the US sponsor is not required to be online for this?


Is this done live chat or instant messaging?


We prefer instant messaging as it offers a couple of benefits?


1. All of our messages are saved for you to return and review, as well as the sponsor can review?


2. Most of our clients prefer messaging, because it allows them to eat or drink or make a quick trip to the bathroom or some will have young kids to attend to?


 Below is the list of required items needed to bring to the K1 Visa interview:


Best if you have several folders to place all items in:


You may not have all of these items but the more you have the more your interviewer will believe your relationship is genuine and sincere?


Use this title on the folders:


Folder #1: K1 Applicants Required Docs.


Folder #2: K1 U.S. Sponsors Required Docs.


Folder #3: K1 Relationship Proof Electronic Communication


Folder #4: K1 Relationship Proof Postal Mail


Folder #5: K1 Relationship Proof Phone Call Records


Folder #6: K1 Relationship Proof Financial Support


Folder #7: K1 Relationship Proof Gift Packages


Scrapbook: used for Couples photos


Now that you have all your folders here’s what goes inside of them:


Folder #1 is your most important folder!


  • U.S. Embassy Appointment letter.

  • Original Philippines passport and photocopy of the biographic page.

  • 4 – pieces of 2×2 passport-style photos with you’re full name printed on back.

  • Bring the St. Luke’s sealed brown envelope.

  • Bring the St. Luke’s DS-3025 Vaccination Documentation Worksheet.

  • 1 – photocopy of the NOA1 and NOA2

  • 1 – Photocopy of the letter of eligibility, which is your MNL CASE NUMBER letter.

  • DS-160 Confirmation printed out with your photo on it.

  • 1 – original and one photocopy of you’re PSA Birth Certificate.

  • Bring NBI Clearance for USA Visa (1) original.
    (Attention if you had other legal names such as married names, maiden names you must get NBI in all previously used names also.)

  • 1 – PSA Original Certificate of no Marriage (CENOMAR)
    (Also if you had other names you must get one for those also)?

  • Bring other Country Police records if this applies to you? 



Folder #2 K1 U.S. Sponsors Required Docs.

  • US sponsors Birth Certificate 1 – photocopy front and back..
    (Attention if the sponsor was not born in the USA he must provide photocopies of every page in his US Passport)

  • 1 – photocopy of the U.S. Passport biographic information page.

  • (If Applicable) U.S. Sponsor provide photocopies of all Divorce decrees or death certificates from previous Marriages.

  • (If Applicable) U.S. Sponsor provide photocopies of all Police and Court records of Criminal Convictions, that fall under IMBRA.

  • I-134 Affidavit of Support (8) original pages with his signature.

  • (If Applicable) Sponsors IRS schedule 1040, 1090 or 1099 photocopies of tax records from the most previous tax year.

  • (If Applicable) Photocopies of W-2 statement from the previous tax year.

  • (If Applicable) If the Sponsor is retired provide photocopies of supporting documents of pension or Social Security.

  • 12–months of checking account statements.

  • (If Applicable) Sponsors last (12 months) of Employee pay-stubs photocopies.

  • Sponsors who fall short of meeting the poverty guidelines may include supporting documents of their Assets. (photocopies)


Folder #3 K1 Relationship Proof Electronic Communication


The best and most convincing items to show the interviewer is going to be emails. Emails with the full header and the date, subject line and email addresses of who sent to and who it came from is what they are looking for.


Often times interviewers will ask you to give them 100 pages of emails.


Followed by:


• Facebook timeline screenshots

• Facebook messenger screenshots

• Skype screenshots

• Viber screenshots

• WhatsApp screenshots

Folder #4 K1 Relationship Proof Postal Mail


Most couples do not send each other postal letters or post cards, but if you do then yes these are actually gold nuggets at an interview because it shows that the couple exercised patience in sending snail mail.


They took time to handwrite a letter carry it to a post office and pay postage.


If you have any of these best to show the original envelope and letter.


Folder #5 K1 Relationship Proof Phone Call Records


Another not so popular way of communicating due to cost is the phone to phone calling.


This is expensive but still there are some couples that use this method, so if your one of them, then you should have phone bill records that show calls made to a specific number in the Philippines or to the US?


Highlight those calls to help the interviewer pick them out faster.


Folder #6 K1 Relationship Proof Financial Support


This one almost everyone has! If your receiving financial support from you’re sponsor, then you need to take all of the receipts and place them together in order according to their dates.


Also the sponsor should send you his records either through scanning and emailing to you or deliver in person?


You may also have saved the receipts for things that you purchased or maybe paid bills with it like rent, electric, grocery, medical, transportation etc..


Folder #7 K1 Relationship Proof Gift Packages


A real gold nugget of proof is, if you’re sponsor fiance sent you packaged gifts either from the USA or through an online service in the Philippines?


The K1 applicant can take pictures of themselves, holding the gift and attach the delivery receipt and also the sponsors receipt of purchase to the picture.


Example of gifts can be,


• Flowers

• Roses

• Chocolates

• Teddy Bears

• Balloons

• Electronic devices

• Clothe

• Gift Certificates

• Perfume


Scrapbook used for Couples photos


Very important and very compelling to have a nice presentable scrapbook with up to 20 of your most memorable photos together.


The U.S. Embassy doesn’t allow spiral metal ring photo albums inside as they consider this to be a safety hazard?


If you have nice real printed out couples photos some together with your family all of these are very nice in showing the interviewer that you both are a real couple?


You can neatly write little captions to each picture with some description of where it was taken and a date.

The most likely Interview question for a K1 Visa in Manila Philippines US Embassy.

Please beware that these are the most commonly asked questions during an interview at the US Embassy, depending on how well established your proof or relationship is and how well the I-129F petition was submitted, will have a significant bearing on what questions will be asked as well as how many?



Last but not least the way your Alien fiancée answers the questions shall also be an indication whether or not the Interviewing officer will question them more in-depth?



The job of the officer is to see if they can catch your Alien fiancé(e) in a lie or cause them to break down as if being interrogated.



This is why our service provides a full US Embassy support to your Alien fiancée preparing them well in advance before the actual interview takes place.


The below questions are only possible interviewer questions.


Beware that every case is slightly different and questions also vary from interviewer to interviewer.


Couples Visa is experienced in evaluating your K1 Visa case and can most likely simulate all of the actual questions during our online support mock interview that we conduct with all of our clients.


US Embassy Possible Questions


How did you meet your fiancee?


How long have you known each other?


When did you meet in person?


When was the last time you met your fiancée?


Where did you meet?


When did your fiancée propose?


What do you love about your fiancée?


Where do you plan to travel in the USA?


Have you ever been to the USA?


If yes, on what kind of visa?


And how long did you stay?


When did you return back to your Country?


What is your birthday?


What is your fiancées birthday?


Where was your fiancée born?


What does your fiancée do for a living?


Where does your fiancée work?


What is your fiancée’s designation at work?


Does your fiancée have any brothers or sisters?


Where does your fiancée live?


Where do your fiancée’s parents live?


Do you have any brothers or sisters?


What do your parents think about this engagement?


Do they approve of it?


When did your fiancée divorce?


Why did your fiancées first marriage not work out?


Does your fiancée have any children? How many, how old?


Do they live with your fiancée?


Are you willing to take care of your fiancée’s children if they live with him/her?


When and where are you going to have the wedding?


How much time has you and your fiancée spent together?


Did you have an engagement party?


Can you produce pictures of the party?


Did you make a formal announcement of your engagement to your family and friends?


How do your families feel about your plans to get married?


What are your fiancee’s hobbies and interests?


What color is your fiancee’s car?


What are your hobbies and interests?


What is your fiancée’s current salary?


What do you do for a living?


Do you know if your fiancee was married before?  


Did you know that your fiancée was divorced?


Where do you plan to live in the United States?


How long have you been corresponding with your fiancée?


Do you have any wedding plans?


How long has your fiancée lived at his/her current address?


What is your fiancee’s religious background?


What is your religious background?


Does your fiancee speak and understand your language?


Do you speak and understand your fiancee’s language?


How much did your fiancée spend on his/her last trip to see you?


Has your fiancée ever been convicted of a crime?


How do you two communicate?


Why do you want to come to the United States?


What is your fiancee’s name?


How do you spell his last name?


How long has your fiancée been in the USA?


Have you ever involved yourself with terrorists?


What are your other names?


How many days a week does your fiancée work?


What is the name of your fiancée ex-wife?


When do you plan on entering the US?


What can you tell me about the state where your fiancée lives?


When do you plan on leaving upon entry to the US?


Are you planning to have children?


Have you ever met your fiancee’s father or mother?


Have you ever been denied a visa to any country?


What is your fiancée’s phone number? 


Email address?


How often do you talk to each other?


How old is he?


What does his father do?


When are you planning to get married?


What state are you going to get married in?


How many times have you been married?


How old are your fiancee’s children?


US Port of Entry Possible Questions?


Question: What kind of visa do you have?

Answer: K1 Fiancee Visa


Question: What does the K1 Fiancee Visa allow you to do?

Answer: It allows me a one-time entry only and to marry the sponsor within 90 days.


Question: What must you do if you and the sponsor do not marry within 90 days?

Answer: I must return back to the Philippines


Question: What is the complete address where you will be living?

Answer: You need to tell them the sponsor full address


Question: What phone number can you be contacted on?

Answer: You need to provide the sponsor’s phone number


Question: Tell me at least three points of interest about the state you’re going to live in?

Answer: You must learn at least 3 important things about the state you’re going to.

Couples at Bridge 3

K1 Visa Approved

Now that the interview is finished, you will need to wait for your K1 Visa to be issued. You made it to your last K1 Visa bridge.


Checking Visa Status

This is a step by step on how to find out where your visa is?


You can go here to track the progress of your visa once a day (Click Here..)


Step 1 – Remember to leave the drop-down tab setting on IMMIGRANT VISA (IV) This is for K1 and CR1 Visa types.


Step 2 – Next you will need to type in your MNL CASE NUMBER


Step 3 – Then type in the text code that you see and click submit.


The online readings will change from time to time but the final one you are looking for will say “READY” if you see this reading then it means your visa packet is soon to deliver to you.


You might see “ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING” which means the visa is still undergoing evaluation?


Then you might see “ISSUED” which means the visa is being made and put together for delivery.


On average it can take between 7 and 10 business days for your visa to arrive to you?

Visa Packet Delivery

This information is based on Philippines visa delivery.


If your alien fiance is living in another country then will assist you with the proper information based on visa protocol and delivery in the country they are living?


The below information is an example of how a visa is handled in the Philippines for delivery?


LBC Express Delivers the Visa Packet:


Your K1 Visa was approved and sometimes it takes between 7 and 10 days before it is delivered.


We have outlined some simple procedures on how to receive your visa packet.


The Immigrant Visa Unit uses a guaranteed courier service to deliver issued visas.


LBC Express  commercial courier is the authorized courier service provider for the visa units.


Visas are delivered directly to the applicant’s designated address at no additional cost.


Applicants also have the option to pick up the visas at the nearest 2GO branch.


Applicants do not need to return to the Embassy to pick up their issued visas.


You should go to this web page to learn a lot more about what government IDs are required to receive your visa packet?


Also, who can accept you’re visa packet for you if you’re away?


See Frequently Asked Questions here:

Philippines deliver and what to expect:


Text Message:

When LBC is in route to deliver your visa, they usually send you a message that they will be around soon?


Below is an example of LBC text message:


Some people live in hard to reach areas and LBC may not deliver to you if your in a far flung place?


They are good to call you and allow you to pick your visa package up at their LBC location if your not in a delivery area?


You will need at least one unexpired government ID to show LBC:


Q: What do I need to show when 2go delivers the passport?

A: In order to ensure that your passport and visa are not given to an unauthorized person, a government-issued photo ID is required. Examples of such IDs are:

  • Driver’s License

  • Civil Service ID

  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)

  • Social Security System (SSS)

  • Postal ID

  • Company ID


Before signing off on the LBC deliver here are some tips:


Proper Procedures for getting out you’re passport:

For some reason, the US Embassy is not consistent with everyone’s visa packet and sometimes this can be a problem for people making videos or using pictured illustrations as not all of the visa packets are the same.

Very Important:

It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not sign the release receipt from LBC until you are very satisfied that your visa is 100% in good shape at the time of delivery.


A damaged packet could cost you entry into the United States if the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol officers find any damage on you’re visa packet, they are inclined to believe you or someone was tampering with it.

Examples of Damage:

» Plastic torn excessively then repaired with tape.

» The plastic having large holes in it could result in a denied entry.

» Even worse is the yellow envelope that contains US Documents torn, cut, sliced or water damage.


Note: Just be sure that before you sign off on the visa packet it looks good or else ask the LBC delivery person what is going on?


Below are some examples of how to take your passport out?


Here is what yours may look like?

Below illustration is for visa packets that do not have any envelop flaps on it that are resealable?



Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


The front side


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


The back side


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


Carefully opening to get your passport without damaging the plastic:


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


If yours comes without sticky flaps, then you may need to open it like this example?


Instructions for carefully cutting the plastic and reaching in to get the passport out?


Best to cut a nice straight line on the seems of the plastic. Making a slice just enough to fit your passport through.


Next, you will use clear transparent tape to again neatly seal it shut.

Pre Departure Orientation

Philippines imposes an additional requirement on Filipino Citizens departing.


If your alien fiance is in another country, then Couples Visa team will inform you of any additional requirements imposed on you by your government and how to proceed if any at all?


K1 Fiance Filipino Citizens below is for you:


Note: Due to the government protocols of the Philippines, the process for pre-departure attendance of the CFO-GCP seminar are undergoing different processing?


Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP)
To register Monday-Thursday 7am to 5pm go (here..)


CFO-GCP Website

US Port of Entry

Regardless of the country you come from, this is for you?


List of items that absolutely needs to be on your person at all times:


• Original Passport.


• Photocopy of you’re passport biographic page kept in a different place.


• K1/K2 Visa original located inside you’re passport.


• Photocopy of your K1/K2 Visa kept in a different place.


Filipinos only – Please keep you’re CFO Certificate of Attendance on hand the original one.


Filipinos only – The CFO sticker that was placed in you’re passport is needed also.


• A couple of photocopies of your DS3025 Vaccination Documentation worksheet.


• Your CD X-ray from St. Luke’s


• Original and photocopy of your birth certificate.


• At least two original government IDs and photocopies kept in a different place.


• Address book and phone numbers of relatives in the Philippines and the US.


• An extra photocopy of your trip itinerary from the airlines.


• Ballpoint pen preferably black ink. You will need this to complete inflight forms.


• Before the flight be sure to have some Dollars ready for arriving in the U.S.


• If you’re on medication or carrying any non-prescribed medicine keep it in its original package.


• Dress comfortably for the long flight some airlines get very cold so keep a sweater near by.


Exit Tax:


This section is for Filipinos in the Philippines only:


Filipino passengers including children are required to pay this.


You must pay at the tax counter of the airport before getting your boarding pass.


Some airline already included the Exit Tax as part of the ticket cost.


The fee is in PHP 1,620.00


Next is proceeding to immigration.


Each passenger is required to fill out the Departure Card as seen in the example below:


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


You will give this to the Bureau of Immigration officer and they will also want to see your passport, visa and the CFO-GCP sticker as shown in the example below:


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


Below is for all other citizens of other countries:


In route to you’re US Port of entry:


Once your flight is on it’s final approach to landing on US soil the flight attendants will pass out two types of cards that you must fill out to give to the Customs and Border Patrol.


The first card is your I-94 Arrival/Departure card.


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


The second card is your customs declaration form that you need to tell them in the form of everything that you’re bringing into the United States.


Couples Visa K1 Fiance CR1 IR1 Spouse Philippines


Once you are off the plane, just try to stick close to some other passengers by following them to the immigration check-point. Normally US Citizens go to a line that says for US Citizens while non US Citizens will go an other line.


When it is your turn to get up to the immigration office be prepared:


US Port of Entry Possible Questions?


The below questions may or may not be asked?


It’s usually at the discretion of the officer, they are nice some days, not so nice on other days, basically, they are humane.


What kind of visa do you hold?

K1 Fiancee Visa


What does the K1 Fiancee Visa allow you to do?

It allows me a one-time entry only and to marry the sponsor within 90 days.


What must you do if you and the sponsor do not marry within 90 days?

I must return back to the Philippines


What is the complete address where you will be living?

You need to tell them the sponsor full address


What phone number can you be contacted on?

You need to provide the sponsor’s phone number


Tell me at least three points of interest about the state you’re going to live in?

You must learn at least 3 important things about the state you’re going to.

Tell them you have 90 days to get married or leave the USA. If asked?


Tips & Warnings

  • Processing your first entry on a K-1 visa may take some time. Allow plenty of time — at least three to four hours — between your entry into the United States and any connecting flights or ongoing travel plans.

  • When you enter the United States on a K-1 visa, this is with the condition that you marry your fiancé(e) within 90 days.

  • Do not joke with immigration officials. They are not obligated to allow you into the United States just because you have a visa.

  • Request help with translation if you do not understand the questions you are asked


Finished with US Border Patrol?


Next proceed to the Customs inspection area:


Last you will be inspected by Customs Officials


Now that you have all of your immigration papers work checked and you now have your carry on luggage plus you have gotten your checked luggage also, you may now get in a line to be inspected by the Customs. Give them all of your bags, shoes, purse, laptop and the


“Customs Declaration Form”.


Once your done with customs you are finally free and in the USA!!!

90-days to Marry

The K1 Visa is also known as the 90-day visa.


From the minute you step foot on US soil the clock starts ticking down, allowing you the alien fiance 90-days to be in the United States.


The alien fiance was approved to come to the US because the interviewers where satisfied with the sponsors income records and believe that you both have a genuine and sincere relationship?


You and the sponsor have been granted this privilege because the US government is to believe that you both love each other and want a marriage?


However, if the couple has a change of heart which sometimes that does happen, then the alien fiance can finish out the full 90-days on US soil.


This doesn’t mean that you can find another person to marry, as doing so would be fraudulent and can get you barred from coming back to the US again?


We have seen this kind of thing happen before and in the end things did not turn out well at all for the alien fiance?


The First 90-days


In the first 90-days the couple can get married in any state, there is no rule that says you can only get married in the sponsors state?


So if you like to tie the knot in Las Vegas, then knock yourself out!


Some couples choose to not get married immediately because if they allow roughly 14-days to pass then the alien fiance can get their “Social Security” number in the alien fiances maiden name unless she is a he?


The alien fiance could get married first if the couple desires and then the alien fiance now spouse could get their “Social Security” number in their married name if the prefer?


Most couples do it this way, however, it does require patience, as doing this will take a few extra months?


Once you are officially Married:


You are now married and are no longer an alien fiance but a spouse of a US Citizen.


This means you now must undergo a “Change of Status” an other name for this is “Adjustment of Status”


You will need to file to adjust allowing you to become a legal permanent resident also known as an LPR.


The process if done correctly will also allow you to legally work in the US and start getting established towards becoming a US Citizen?


To learn more about the “Adjustment of Status” (click here..)