Marriage Visa Requirements

What are the qualifications for a Marriage Visa?

Types of Marriage Visas are CR1, IR1, K3 Spouse

Marriage Visa Requirements

• Be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident.
• Should be domicile on U.S. soil no less than six months.
• Prove that you are legally married to your spouse.
• Provide supporting documents that you meet the income requirements.
• Provide any supporting documents that you have a bonafide marriage.

Marriage Visa Requirements

Situations May Be Different For Each Couple:
Every case is different and once USCIS and NVC learn about the couple, they will put together a list of items in which you both will need to be able to give them.

It is highly recommended that you receive your free consultation to discuss things like how long you’ve been married and whether or not you have children together?

Some CR1/IR1/K3 cases will require more than others when it comes to supporting documents.

If you are a “Green Card holder” the process could last up to two years.

Marriage Visa Requirements

Consultations Are Free:

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Items that a Couple should accumulate:

• Certified Original Marriage Certificate

• Passport for the foreign spouse

• Passport for foreign spouse children if applicable

• Wedding pictures
• US Citizens police and court records if any that fall under IMBRA

Proof of a bonafide marriage or co-mingling bills:

Below are helpful ways to prove that you’re marriage is for real, or not? Not all Couples will have these but should try to have some of these mentioned below, especially Couples married more than two years applying for IR1 Immediate relative visa.

Marriage Visa Requirements

• Proof of living together under the same roof

• Rent a home or apartment receipts with both your names

• Electric bill showing both your names

• Television cable bill showing both your names

• Internet bill showing both your names

• Land purchased together or a home

• Health insurance

• Automobiles purchased

• Having children together is usually a big help

Marriage Visa Requirements

What does USCIS, NVC, and the U.S. Embassy
want to establish?

The US Government Agencies jobs defined:

• To know where husband and wife have lived for the past five years?

• To know all employment they have had for the past five years?

• To know if either one of them has had any particular criminal records especially under IMBRA?

• To know if either one of them has traveled to other Countries, worked, lived the purpose of such?

• How often are the Couple together?

• Do they share income together?

• Do they have children together?

• To learn about the Couple’s parents and where do they live?

• Has either one of them applied for other visa types?

• Are they able to meet the poverty guidelines and have supporting documents to prove it?

• Has either one of them been married before?

• If either one of them has children from other partners, or stepchildren, adopted children?

Marriage Visa Requirements

Every Case is definitely different:

Some cases may go faster than others and this is based on how much or how little a Couple has in correlation to the list mentioned above?

USCIS, the National Visa Center and the U.S. Embassy are all trying to look for any possible reason to prove that the marriage isn’t genuine and sincere?

The importance of providing as much as possible to some seem like an over-kill, but often times it is better to have to much evidence than not enough?

Marriage fraud happens on a daily bases, which is exactly why the US government is required to perform extreme vetting on all applicant sponsors and beneficiaries?

CR1, IR1, K3 Marriage based Couples undergo much scrutiny which is one reason for the very long waits? It is not uncommon to wait for their applications to go through all of the US government agencies in a period of 15 to 18 months now.

Marriage Visa Requirements