Affordable K1 Assistance,
Why Pay More! Save Some Cash for the “Honey Moon”

Affordable K1 Assistance:
Most people don’t know better, many think that you have to hire an Immigration Attorney or Fancy high priced Lawyers just to do the K1 or Cr1 Visa process.

The truth is most people don’t need a Lawyer or Attorney and many can actually do it on their own.

But if your someone who is very busy or you don’t have tolerance with US government paperwork, then you really should hire a service that is reputable, one that has been doing this awhile and has a good track record.

FilAm Immigration Service is among one of the leading online services yet they are also one of the most affordable K1 Assistance that you can find online and we’re a plus if you have a fiancee or spouse living in the Philippines because that’s our specialty.

Below shows some of our competitor’s fees versus ours.

Affordable K1 Assistance

What we charge
what others charge
K1 Visa
K1 Visa
of Status only
K1 Visa Embassy
Support only
FilAm Immigration $350. $650. $350. $200. $525.
rapidvisa .com $429. $879. $499. 0 $499.
usvisaexperts .com $595. $1,090. $495. 0 $795.
filipinafianceevisa .com $600. $1,200. $600. 0 $600.
visacoach .com $895. $1,890. $995. 0 $1,295.
fil2usa .com $500. $850. $350. 0 $500.
services .com
$495. $695. $200. 0 $795.
cherryblossomsvisa .com $365. $715. $390. 0 $440.
usavisanow .com $795. $2,290. $1,495. 0 $795.
US Government Fees Are Not Included in these Packages
We beat everyone
else on these >>>
Apply for
FilAm Immigration $175. $150.
US Government Fees Are Not Included in these Packages

Lower fees don’t mean lower experience
when it comes to FilAm, we offer a whole lot more for a whole lot less!

Let FilAm put their 16 years experience to work for you!

If you’re a couple in search of fast, reliable, and Affordable K1 Assistance, then FilAm is the right service for you.

Our staff is very personable and each one has been through the process as well and our motto is to treat each and every one of you the same way we would like to be treated.

Every case is different however FilAm treats each case as if it were our own loved one trying to get a K1 or CR1 Visa. If you came here looking for a specific service and can’t find what you’re looking for then communicate with us by [going here..]

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