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Remove Condition Green Card is the next step after completing the two year conditional resident green card.

2024 step-by-step should be observed at least 90-days before the conditional residence card expires.

Having enough of the right supporting documents is an absolute must to avoide RFE – request for evidence which will cost you more time and money.

If you are unsure, then it would be best for you to hire FilAm Immigration Services to help remove stress and worry at a fee that will not leave you broke.

Remove the Condition

This package is to assist a legal permanent resident, who’s 2-year conditional resident card is down to it’s last 90-days of validity.


The next process for you is to “Remove the Condition” so that you can receive a 10-year green card.


The process for removing the condition is determined by USCIS whether or not the couple or individual has enough proof through co-mingling records and joint accounts.


Our assistance fee is a one time fee of $175. and if you have a child who is also filing, we will charge an additional $25.00


  • Included is a free consultation

  • Included is bio data collection online

  • An experience staff member will complete your I-751 application

  • Included is, unlimited time for answering your questions and concerns

  • Included is, a detailed step-by-step email explaining all potential supporting documents to use

  • Included is, instructions for properly obtaining character witness letters to declare and bare witness of a bona fide marriage

  • Included is, a detailed step-by-step email on how to place everything for the submission at USCIS

  • In the event, of receiving an RFE request for evidence letter, we will further guide and instruct you on how to properly fulfill the request

  • After you have received a letter from USCIS about attending a couples interview, we will explain how to prepare for that

  • After the 10-year green card has been received, we will have completed our obligation

❌ This package is not covered by our money back guarantee

❌ All government fees are not included

Removing Condition Requirements

10 Year Green Card

fiance spouse visa

Remove Condition, to get you’re 10 year Green Card

K1/K2 Adjusted – REMOVAL:

(I-751)- If you adjusted from K1 Fiancee to a 2-year conditional and your 2-year card is nearing the 90 days before expiring, then you have to act soon at getting your condition removed so that you can receive the 10-year permanent resident card.


If you file for removal later than 90 days, you will be out of status and may have to hire an Immigration Attorney to protect you from deportation? If you file to soon USCIS will mail it all back to you.


CR1/CR2 Adjusted – REMOVAL

(I-751)- If you arrived in the U.S. as CR1 then you would have received your 2-year conditional resident card and must file for removal of the condition exactly on the 90th day before it expires to avoid the major hassle from USCIS?


If you file for removal later than 90 days, you will be out of status and may have to hire an Immigration Attorney to protect you from deportation?


If you file to soon USCIS will mail it all back to you.


Filing Fee for the I-751- Removing Condition:

$680.00 which includes the bio-metrics fee already.


This is for removing the condition to upgrade to a 10-year green card only.


10 Year Green Card


FilAm Assistance:

Our service provides:

Once we received your payment to Remove the Condition, we will gather vital information from you through our online questionnaire. We then will fill in the I-751, then send it back to you to print out and sign.


We will advise you on what other supporting documents are going to be required for you’re particular situation.


10 Year Green Card


Our Review:

We will review to make sure that you aren’t missing anything to insure a smooth process.


Our guidance will give you a complete step-by-step layout so that you can properly mail everything to USCIS worry free!

RFE – Request for Evidence

Though rare, we make every effort to insure nothing is left out of your application I-751 and to make sure that you have signed everywhere and that all of your information is truthful without any errors.


On such things as dates, the spelling of names, and other vital information.

If you receive an RFE during your application process, FilAm will assess what is needed and do everything to get you back on track.


10 Year Green Card


90 Days Average:

Once USCIS has received your I-751 Application and supporting documents, it most likely will take up to 90 days before you receive your GREEN CARD in the mail.


But during those 90 days, they will do your bio-metrics.


This appointment is to gather physical data by which a person can be uniquely identified.


At your bio-metrics appointment, USCIS will collect your fingerprints, take your photo, and have you sign your name for electronic capture.


If you do not attend the appointment, your application may be denied.


Our Commitment to you:

Once you have received your 10 Year GREEN CARD we will have fulfilled our commitment to you.


Do we offer a GUARANTEE?

FilAm does not guarantee you a Green Card, as nobody can guarantee this!


However, if all of your information submitted to us was totally complete, with no false information of false documents,

then as it has happened to the many hundreds of others that we helped it should also happen to you. Since 2003 we have not ever had one applicant get denied their 10-year green card.


10 Year Green Card


2-year Conditional getting close to expiring?

If you are getting close to the 90-day mark of when your 2-year conditional resident card expires and are unsure about how to proceed to remove the condition then go here to [Contact Us]