Who Needs A Lawyer For K1 Visa?

who needs a lawyer for k1 visa
Who Needs A Lawyer For K1 Visa?

Many ask if they need a Lawyer for a K1 or CR1 Visa

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Who Needs A Lawyer For K1 visa?
The law does not require that you use an immigration Attorney or a Lawyer to complete K-1 petition documents such as the Form I-129F. Here is what USCIS says about this? You can file USCIS forms yourself, but many people choose to have help.

Understanding the Questions:
Filing the forms yourself is where most people run into problems, in that they simply either misunderstand some of the questions or they completely take USCIS instructions at it’s word? Unfortunately this is why you have many couples relying on Immigration Attorneys who make you feel as if you’re not equipped to properly file on your own.

Removing the Complexity:
FilAm has taken the complexity out of the process so that anybody can complete the forms with the same or better accuracy than the best immigration attorney. Nearly all K1 Fiancee Visa applications are approved if you qualify and most people don’t use a lawyer. Just get the forms right and if you qualify, you will almost certainly be approved.

Who Needs A Lawyer For K1 visa

Cost Factor:
The truth is, every year there are more do-it-your-selfers who file the I-129F Petition without Lawyers or specialized services such as FilAm that get approved and saved large amounts of money. Lawyers charge very handsome fees that most aren’t willing to pay! Even some specialized services are a bit too pricey for them.

Their are many who get denied also:
The biggest problem we have seen with do-it-your-selfers is often times they get stumped in one of the three major USCIS processes and realize that they are now faced with a decision to either bring a lawyer into the picture or many of them come to us for a low cost specialized service.

Some messes go be beyond fixing:
Sometimes the do-it-your-selfers make a mess for themselves leaving it very tough to fix the mistakes to a point that they may really need to hire a lawyer to litigate for them? This is why people who have very busy work schedules, or lack the understanding needed or are easily stressed out with government paperwork, should at least hire a specialist such as FilAm.

Who Needs A Lawyer For K1 visa

Who should hire Lawyers?
People who may seriously need some form of litigation in order to get approved either with their petition or with their interview in regards to the K1 Visa processing. You should bring an Immigration Attorney into the picture if you have criminal charges which fall under IMBRA and even more so if you have more than average criminal charges against you?

For some who simply have plenty of cash to spend and feel that nobody can do it better than a law firm the choice is yours! Although FilAm has had lots of clients hire us not because they didn’t have enough cash but because those guys wanted to be a good Stuart with their money and felt that they just needed a little extra edge to insure that they could make it through this process without any possibilities of getting denied?

Who Needs A Lawyer For K1 visa