USCIS Acronyms

USCIS Acronyms Abbreviations
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USCIS Acronyms Abbreviations often seen
on I-797, RFE, 221g

Throughout the course of your visa journey,
you will notice the US Government uses acronyms.

USCIS Acronyms Abbreviations
USCIS Acronyms Abbreviations

FilAm may also use some of these acronyms
throughout our correspondence with you.



USCIS Acronyms



Acronym Meaning

A-Number Alien Number

NOA1 Notice of Action Receipt

NOA2 Notice of Action Approval Letter

AOS Adjustment of Status / Affidavit of Support

AS Adjustment of Status

ARC Alien Registration Card

AP Advance Parole / Administrative Processing

AR Administrative Review

Biometrics Electronic Finger Prints

BP Border Patrol

DHS Department of Homeland Security

DOB Date of Birth

EAC Eastern Adjudication Center

EAD Employment Authorization Document

ICE US Immigration & Custom Enforcement

IMBRA Internation Marriage Broker Regulation Act

LPR Legal Permanent Residence

NOA Notice of Action

NIV Non immigrant Visa

NVC National Visa Center

POE Port of Entry

PR Permanent Resident

RFE Request of Evidence

221(g) Application Pending Further Action

RFI Request for Initial Evidence

USCIS United States Citizen and Immigration Services

WAC Western Adjudication Center


USCIS Acronyms