Interview Scheduling

US Embassy Interview Scheduling

FilAm will schedule your interview for you.

Your Coach will be the one who will schedule your US Embassy Interview.

Please email the following information to you’re coach

Before you email the required information, please double-check to make sure there are no errors?

  • Philippines Passport Number –
  • Date it was issued –
  • Date it will expire –
  • Your date of birth –
  • Your MNL Case Number –
  • Two Philippines phone numbers –
  • The delivery address where you want your visa delivered too –
  • Your BPI (9) digit receipt number –
  • Please give me at least 3 three dates that you would like to try and have the interview on? –

Please keep in mind that you must attend St. Luke’s before the interview?
It normally takes two days at St. Luke’s. You will be able to go to St. Luke’s
anytime but make sure to go no later than one week before your interview date?

K2 Children

If you have any K2 children, then please provide the same information also?

  • Child’s first / middle / last name
  • Date of Birth –
  • Philippines passport Number –
  • Date it was issued –
  • Date it expires –
  • Their (9) digit receipt number –

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