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About Me:

Lets get to know each other a little more so that your trust is more certain if your in search of a “Virtual Assistant” who will never give you wrong or outdated US Immigration information.


I like you, try to be a “low key person” with privacy always an issue online, I too prefer not to dangle my pictures and information out there like a carrot waiting to be devoured by cyber-crime.


People always ask “who am I” and “where do I live”. These are very important questions if a couple is considering hiring a person or service to handle their US Visa process.


I am an American living in the Philippines since 2008. I started assisting couples since 2003. My area of expertise is with the K1 Fiance and CR1/IR1 Spouse Visas.


I was born in 1962 and spent most of my life in Florida. I came to the Philippines so that I could:


My Area of Expertise:

  1. Offer a better service to Americans that have loved ones in the Philippines and desired to have someone there who could guide their Filipino loved ones in ways that US Attorneys and Lawyers could not.


  2. By me being in the Philippines, I am able to have a home and food plus other regular amenities much cheaper than I had in the US. allowing me to offer a service that can save you a lot of money versus those of the US.


  3. By me being in the Philippines, I am not only able to guide and assist couples through US Immigration processing, but I have a very good knowledge about the Philippines government which is important for your Filipino loved one when it comes to NBI, PSA, DFA, DSWD, CFO, CENOMAR, and OFW Police records.


What I offer:


If you are serious about getting assistance with the following visa types, then you have come to the right place, as I offer assistance with positive results to the following visa and immigration processes.


  • K1Fiance Visa Assistance

  • CR1/IR1 Spouse Visa Assistance

  • CR1/IR2 Children Visa Assistance

  • F2A/F2B Children or Adult Child Visa Assistance

  • Adjustment of Status 2-year Conditional

  • Removing the Condition 10-year green card

  • US Embassy Support

  • IR5 Parent Visa Assistance

  • US Naturalization Assistance




Contact if you are wanting to receive a FREE, friendly, informative consultation for any of my listed services.


I can consult one on one or with the couple together in video or voice chat.


How Hard is it to get a B1/B2 Tourist Visa?


Every year I get many people with the one question, can I get a B1/B2 Tourist Visa to go to the USA and visit my boy/girl friend?

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