Testimonials K1 Fiance USA – Philippines Success Stories K1/CR1 Visa client that
we’ve successfully assisted since 2003

Real FilAm Couples Whom We have Served.

Happy Couples From All Over the USA and Philippines.

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Testimonials K1 Fiance | USA – Philippines Success Stories

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Its easy they said, you can do it they said, don’t waste you’re money they said! Hahahaha that’s what friends told me.

If anyone dares to think that the Immigration process here in America is easy then you’re greatly mistaken!

I know for sure I would of screwed this up big time! I found FilAm and listened to them and let me tell you, if I done this alone I wouldn’t be standing here today with this beautiful woman.

FilAm! You guys Rock!
Phillip & Nesil – Chattanooga TN 2018

Testimonials K1 Fiance

FilAm made it a lot less stressful! The USCIS process was way to scary for me to think that I could just read their instructions and make this happen?

I hold a Bachelors Degree and still I did not feel comfortable trying to do this alone. We searched online and we found FilAm and we liked what their site said plus they gave us a free consultation which was very informative.

Our K1 Visa was in hand after 5 months and now we’re happily married.

Steven & Evangeline – of Connecticut 2013

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Welcome all who reds this. Mitch and I are here to share that after we hired FilAm they got all of our paperwork done quickly. They where very helpful in instructing us every step of the way.

I never had long to wait for our coach to get back to me with answers to my questions and their online support, case file review and mock interview was so very helpful.

Please try FilAm and we’re pretty sure you won’t get disappointed. Top notch service with a reasonable fee.

Sincerely Jason & Allymae – Hawaii 2017

Testimonials K1 Fiance | USA – Philippines Success Stories

Testimonials K1 Fiance

I hired FilAm to assist me and my lady while I was to busy driving a truck cross Country and my girl was doing a lot of work in her job 6 days a week 12 hours a day at very low wages.

She found you guys on fb and shared the details with me. I was impressed with what I read and so was she.

We decided to go with you guys and it really was the best things as from start to finish she got her K1 Visa in hand after about 7 months.

We’re indebted to you FilAm.. George & Farris – Buffalo, NY 2017

Testimonials K1 Fiance

It was a shaky 2018 for us. We hired FilAm that year to assist us through the K1 Visa process and they did very good for us.

I had lost my job right in the middle of all this which was very critical and both of us thought we’re not going to make it!

FilAm kept us encouraged the whole time while I had to find another job and all of this took place just 6 weeks before our petition got approved. We prayed and we listened to our FilAm coach and God answered our prayer we got the K1 Visa.

Joseph & Renin Rose – Atlanta GA 2019

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Hi! We’re here in Boston MASS. I got my girl here with the K1 Fiancee Visa and the help of FilAm.

The whole process is to much to understand I was really lost with USCIS and what requirements where needed and this whole thing wasn’t easy.

Had we not found FilAm maybe we’re still thousands of mile apart from each other 🙁

If you want a friendly and affordable service I think you better hire FilAm.

Nester & Merivic Boston Mass 2018

Testimonials K1 Fiance | USA – Philippines Success Stories

Testimonials K1 Fiance

The process of getting a K1 fiancee Visa would have been to stressful for us had we not retained FilAm Immigration Services.

I am normally a very proactive guy and it just seemed like our FilAm coach was exactly proactive as me in everything he done?

I have a lot to share about FilAm but for now the high-light I want people to know is that FilAm has some awesome communication with their clients and all of the information is sound, solid very up to date and they are super professional and I wouldn’t be afraid to tell anyone looking for a K1 Visa service to go with these people as they are cheap in price but loaded with information!

We got our K1 Visa after 5 months and FilAm also did our adjustment of status for us.

Sincerely Scott & Rachael Sarasota, FL 2017

Testimonials K1 Fiance

My Bride is at my side and I really want to thank the folks there at FilAm for making it all possible for us!

The K1 Visa process was fairly smooth and due to a very busy work schedule I just wasn’t able to take good quality time to learn everything about how the process worked?

Both Diane and I worked hectic jobs and all I can say is, FilAm really took the stress and worry out of the picture for us so that she could get her K1 Visa and be with me today.

FilAm also done her adjustment of status and I come to realize how difficult that process is also. Again I lift my hat to you FilAm for a job well done.

May you’re business prosper many times over..

The Cavez family Richmond VA 2017

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Hey guys!
My baby is here and she is ready to get her adjustment of status going.

You done such a fabulous job with our K1 Visa process and now we look to you again for the resident card and employment card so that Sheila can work also.

I have a couple of friends that plan on using you’re service as they are communicating with a sister and friend of Sheila from Davao.

Many thanks to you guys for keeping us on track! I would of messed this up for sure if I tried to do it on my own.

Talk to you soon!

Terry & Sheila from Scottsdale AZ. 2015

Testimonials K1 Fiance | USA – Philippines Success Stories

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Hi to the good folks at FilAm Immigration My world was upside down upon trying to figure out which USCIS forms to get and even understanding how to answer some of the questions was a big challenge for me.

I loved my Filipina wife so much that I just could not bear the thought of messing this thing up. I started to do this petition for the k1 Fiancee Visa on my own until one morning I finally got my head out of my rear end and said my God what am I doing?

This is my life I’m dealing with and I was losing sleep for awhile trying to figure out if I was doing it all right or not? It was at that I point that I finally decided to give you a call and you gave me more time than I would have ever expected anyone to give me by walking me through the process step by step.

I realized that I made the right choice by calling you because I was headed for disaster if I submitted thing on my own. I can’t thank you enough for your stead fast time you showed me and also my dear wife.

We tip our hats to you for all the hours you put in to our case and it certainly paid off. Your prices are what really opened my eyes because I did call an Immigration Attorney who wanted to charge me $1,800.00 without even any kind of guarantee.

Sincerely Gerald & Juanita – Spokane WA. 2010

Testimonials K1 Fiance

I am one old but happy man, thanks FilAm Immigration Services,
Last year you told me that my chances of getting my precious Fiancee into my arms about Christmas time looked pretty darn good..

Wow!!! were you ever right sir..  We had to jump through a few hoops to do it because of the holiday seasons but with your help we made it.

The I-129F was much better for me to use than the K3 Spousal Visa route that I had originally plan to use.

I can only say to your future clients who are considering your services, please take advantage of FilAms deluxe package for the K1 Visa because trust me you will need it and it’s equally as difficult to put together but with FilAm it turned out good.

If you think your home free after the wedding think again! Your Fiancee will need to do the Adjustment of Status I-485 the Employment Authorization I-765 & Not a bad idea to get the I-131 Advance Parole also.

I wish all of you the best of luck.. 

Sincerely Adriane & NathalieAkron OH 2004

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Hello FilAm Team hope your fine? I had you guys help me with my I-129F petition last year and for awhile I was a bit upset with you because you informed me that the 18 year age difference would make things more difficult for us. 

Thank God we followed your instruction to a (T) because another guy I knew that worked at another terminal near mine was also in the process of bringing a very young Filipina over using the K1-Fiancee Visa.

The U.S. Embassy of Manila slapped a denial on them and I found out that he filed his I-129F on his own and had tons of stuff missing and not enough proof of a relationship.

So I later realized how important all of this stuff was after you instructed me about it many times. 

Thank God I listened and my wonderful life mate is here with me in the Hoosier state.

Sincerely Franklin & June – 2007

Testimonials K1 Fiance | USA – Philippines Success Stories

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Wow What can I say??? We made it!!! Thanks a million FilAm for an emotional roller coaster ride with the USCIS seemingly taking for ever to process my wife’s K3 Spousal Visa.

I had searched before going to the Philippines for a Visa service who could assure me that all of my efforts would not be in vein.  I decided that out of 5 choices to place my future in the hands of FilAm Immigration Service.

We made it after 12 months and life is finally good for both of us. Our food taste better, our music sounds better, our weight is coming back on hahaha these kind of romances can take their tole on the body fore sure as I had lost 20 Lbs. that year. 

You guys really made me feel a lot better and for sure I needed a good friend to help me through all of this and our coach kept me going, So a great big thank you for all the efforts you poured in to our case.

Sincerely Kevin & Tes – Kokomo IN 2004

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Hello Guys how are you? Grace and I are very happily married now in our Alabama home.

I am still doing my same old cable installation job and Grace is at home pregnant with out first child.

Life for me is finally good now that I have a wonderful Filipina to share my life with.

I hope all of the people reading this will seriously consider hiring FilAm to do their K1 Visa processing?

FilAm also done our AOS, EAD & AP.

Sincerely Tommy & Grace / 2009

Testimonials K1 Fiance

Dear FilAm Team You made my 2009 year the best year ever as you said you would. I filed my I-129F petition at the USCIS service center of California and within to months Janet got her first letter from the U.S. Consulate in Manila.

I was amazed as Janet also was amazed and very frightened at times about how quickly things began to move for us and of course Janet says that FilAm really gave her the confidence and support that she needed in order to be successful during her Interview.

We are very happy to have you guys steer us and we are now living in our Washington home with unspoiled beauty that Janet never in her life imagined seeing with her eyes until she came here.

Also her I-485 Adjustment of Status papers and the I-765 Employment Authorization papers went through in only two month after we got them filed so we are very pleased with the whole process and would love nothing more than to be a word of mouth for FilAm Immigration Services.

A million thanks to you all…  From Dewayne & Janet – 2004

Testimonials K1 Fiance | USA – Philippines Success Stories

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