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2024 K1 Fiance Visa processing CR1-IR1 Spouse processing with Adjustment of Status to follow, our directory is for any country but we specialize in the Philippines and offer couples a very competitive assistance fee.

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Not everyone needs help and can do it themselves, while some are simply to busy with work and simply do not have the time to do the research themselves.


Then you have those who lack patience, and are not willing to follow through on government red tape and may even lack online skills that are now very much required during the visa process.

Do it your-selfers often times make mistakes that can cost you more time and money perhaps even a denial?

Using a law firm or attorney is really only needed if you think you may need litigation from certain past crimes?

If you lack time, knowledge and strugle to understand government red-tape then we highly advise you go the route of hiring a specialized service.

This might be your very best option to save you time, money, and remove stress find out more contact us.


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