K1 Relationship Proof

How to prove you’re relationship is genuine and sincere? 

November 03. 2018

USCIS has some very strict proof of relationship requirements that must be observed by the sponsor and the alien beneficiary.

FilAm has made this page available to better equip couples in accumulating the needed proof that is vital to your success.

The U.S. Embassy Philippines is perhaps the toughest Embassy in the world to acquire most any type of visa.

Please realize that all cases are not alike and depending on your case, certain items may or may not be needed.

Our free consultation is to evaluate your case and see where you and your alien Fiance(e) or Spouse stand in order that we can better serve you.

Through our years of experience, we have been able to determine that those who attend their U.S. Embassy Interview with plenty of well put together proof of an ongoing relationship, are the ones that have the best results.

Most importantly is, those who attend their interviews with everything mentioned below are the ones who have more confidence and are less likely to be nervous throughout the interview.

If you are in the early stages of building a relationship or wanting to begin with the I-129F petition, you need to have a look at all of the gold nuggets that contribute to you having plenty of proof of an ongoing relationship.



Below is a list of the very best items needed for building your case for the US Embassy.

  • Hard copy letters, single page letters, post cards, special occasion cards.
  • Email letters, always try to make your emails at least a 1/4 of a page with text.
  • Small gift packages, FedEx, DHL, UPS, US Postal service, Balak-biyan box.
  • Online gifts go to google search and type in anything with the word Philippines in it.
  • Phone calls, cell phone, land line, bag phone, internet modem, calling cards.
  • Monetary support, occasionally, bi-weekly, monthly, Western Union, XOOM.
  • Text messaging records.
  • Internet Chatting, Yahoo, Skype, Dating sites that have built in chat service can provide chat logs.
  • Social Networks such as Facebook, or others allow you to print messages to each other.



K1 Visa Genuine Relationship Electronic Communication Documents

Beneficial Tips of Email, Chatting.

Email Chat verses Snail Mail – PROS & CONS

This section is to inform both sponsor and beneficiary of the pros & cons involved with email and chatting in connection to I-129F Fiancée visas and US Embassy Interviews.

The US Embassy Interviewers are not all alike in their methods from interview to the interview. In fact they tend to break things up a bit looking more at one particular items this month while the next month will be another focused item.

We have seen some weeks where all the interviewers are asking for are Postal letters that any applicants would have as part of their proof of an ongoing relationship, then a couple of weeks later their asking specifically for electronic communications which tends to be the way everyone communicates anymore.



Chatting on Skype or Yahoo Messengers

I personally agree that since the improvement of today’s technology the world we once knew to be very big and distant to so many has become smaller and new friends, distant family are quickly reunited in a matter of seconds by the help of email and live chatting.



Lets review the PROS and CONS with emails.

We all enjoy the benefits of emailing one another for the soul purpose of it’s speed. Emailing has made life much easier and it can be sent to the other side of the world in a matter of seconds.

In this segment we will talk about the benefits of the sponsor and the beneficiary communicating by way of email. And then the down falls it can also have with USCIS.



With Emailing

1. Emailing is how most of us communicate. It is how most of us even met our boy/girl friends in the first place.
2. We email one another because it is convenient, it’s faster than snail mail, it’s for the most part cheaper.
3. We have found emailing to be exciting to use, because we can send attachments, such as pictures, files and save it all.
4. We can count on traveling anywhere in the world and still be able to access our email accounts. 
5. Emails are great because it reduces the use of paper, known as paper reduction. 
6. Emailing makes us all look perfect, because it offers spell check, grammar check and it offers countless font styles with any color we desire to personalize who we are.
7. Emails can be saved for many years and most people like to go back to old emails to refresh their memories of certain events.
8. Last emails do hold some value to them with USCIS, but still not the same value as a good old hand written letter.

If you are saving emails to use for the purpose of establishing your case with USCIS for the I-129F Alien Fiancee Petition or to build your case using the I-130 Family Visa for your Spouse, then here is what you should know.

Both the sponsor and Alien Fiancee or Alien Spouse should remember to only print email letters that have some substance to them. This means, that you need not waste time printing anything out that is only 2 or 3 lines long.

You need to keep emails that are deep with conversation at least if you print out the page you should have a fourth of the page with something on it, but this can also depend on what size fonts you are using.

Never include emails that have arguments in them and never include emails that are using derogatory talk, as this could become incriminating towards you.



With Emailing

Throughout the years, USCIS has uncovered what they call sham relationships between couples who shared each other email passwords. It has been known that some couples have gone into each others email accounts and altered dates, letters and information to better their case. Unfortunately this has given emailing a bad view with USCIS, thus causing them to scrutinize electronically sent letters.

USCIS considers a couples email letters to be very little value in comparison to hard copy letters. If your email letters are very informative as we have said above and put together neatly according to date then placed in a folder, then they may get some attention, but honestly not the same attention as hard copy letters (postal letters).

USCIS originally required postal letters as a means to provide good hard proof of an ongoing relationship. They feel that this means is far better because it truly shows who both sponsor and beneficiary are. They feel that putting a hard copy letter in each others hands is more evident because the envelopes show the post offices stamped date.

It also allows both sponsor and beneficiary to know the real person that you are, because without email grammar check, spell check and fancy fonts, the real character in each of us come out. In other words hiding behind our computers seems to hide our true character. Hard copy letters tend to carry more weight or value because they are more personal.

Based on our years of past experience:

FilAm Immigrations is not here to say that your emails won’t help you, but we simply want to improve your case when it comes to attending the interview to get an I-129F fiancee visa or an I-130 spousal visa.

We simply want you to know the pros and cons about these methods and what USCIS looks at, in your case before and during the interview with the US Embassy of Manila.

We feel that every case is different and depending on many circumstances, you and your loved one may or may not need to shore up in areas that are weak. That is why we offer our free consultation to you, so that we can review what you have done and find out where you both stand before filing a case.


K1 Visa Genuine Relationship Postal Letter Communication Documents

K1 Fiancee Visa Postal Letters.

This Section is to better educate both the sponsor and the beneficiary with beneficial tips in the do’s and the don’ts while developing your K1/K3 case.

Every Sponsor who exercises their right as a U.S. Citizens in regards to petitioning a nonimmigrant Alien to the U.S.A. with the said Visas K1/K3 often time do so unaware of the many pitfalls that lay ahead.

We have created this section to shed much needed light on subjects that so many of our clients have needed to be instructed on, in order that their case would be more convincing to the USCIS.


For Sponsor and Beneficiary.

The information that we share here is intended to benefit both sponsor and beneficiary no matter if you are in the early stages of your relationship or you have already met each other and about to begin the visa process.

 A Sponsor in this case is someone who is from the United States, and is the one who is bringing another person from another country to live in the USA. Also known as the Petitioner.

 A Beneficiary is someone who is being invited from their country to live in the USA through the use of a K1 or K3 visa. Also known as an Alien Fiancée or Spouse.


Tips about writing and sending hard copy letters to the Philippines.

First of all, I know that many of you just hate the idea of sitting down and grabbing a pen and piece of paper and writing letters. Who doesn’t?

And then you have to place it in an envelope, then carry it to the Post office to pay for an International stamp and wait for the thing to arrive to the Philippines or to the USA in anybody’s guess 2 weeks, 3 weeks 2 months? “Or maybe never”?

How can Snail mail really benefit your case for a K1 fiancee visa interview?

With all the high tech offered to most everybody, why do I want to fool with the uncertainty of the US or Philippines Postal services?

Yes it is slow! But we can’t blame the US Postal service. All postal letters that leave the U.S. get to the Philippines rather quickly but once it is in the Philippines that is where it gets held up for awhile by customs.


Here are 3 reasons why it is important.

1. Because the USCIS formally know as the INS, intended this method to be a requirement.

2. Because hard copy letters carry a lot more weight than email letters, because it is something tangible. It shows that both sponsor and beneficiary both cared enough about each other that they would take the time to write a letter and exercise patience.

3. It also is identified that both sponsor and beneficiary are showing who they really are by physically writing a letter. Rather than hiding behind their computers typing an email and using flawless text styles and spell check, they are sharing who they really are.


If all a couple had was a bunch of “postal letters” then e-mails and phone records wouldn’t really matter at the interview.





Hard copy letters would include single page letters, post cards, special occasion cards.

The reason postal letters tend to carry more weight or value than email, is for the fact that USCIS has taken notice with the majority of K1/K3 cases being valid cases, by the time it has taken couples to develop relationship to the time they submit a petition for a visa.

The number of cases that have come through the system that were known to be valid verses the number of cases dubbed as invalid, were partially due to the fact that valid cases had more time involved as a result of hard copy letters and this added to being a more reliable means of really knowing the person because it truly involves time.

The cases dubbed as invalid, are partially due to the fact that couples who only email are building their relationships very quickly, then moving on in a very short time towards becoming husbands and wife in filing petitions for K1 or K3 visas.

It is our observation through past experiences with couples, that has proven to us, that USCIS highly appreciates couples that take the time to write letters back and forth to each other even if it is just for the sake of pleasing the USCIS.

As far as we are concerned there is nothing wrong in emailing each other for the sake of learning about each other and for the fact that nobody wants to sit around for weeks, waiting on a letter to be delivered in the mail.  

So please keep in mind that postal letters have more value in your case then emails.
Remember that this is a real gold nugget in proving your relationship is a genuine one.

It is important that both sponsor and beneficiary write letters to each other but it is our observation that USCIS mainly requires the US sponsor to do this, as the sponsor is the petitioner who is petitioning his or hers fiancée/spouse to the United states to become a resident.

A huge part of providing proof of an ongoing relationship would be if the beneficiary could attend the US Embassy Interview with a minimum of 10 letters in their envelopes. Remember that this is only a portion of the proof and not exclusively the one thing that will grant a visa.

These are (9) helpful tips provided that can help decrease the chances of your letter being stolen by Philippines postal workers.

1. Use generic envelopes. preferably non security white envelops would be the best, because this keeps your mail blending in with the rest of the letters circulated through the Philippines postal services.

2. Keep your letters light in their weight. The reason for this is, because envelopes that have more than a single page letter tend to cause your envelope to be bulky and Filipino postal workers notoriously think that something valuable might be inside worth stealing such as money.

3. Avoid writing BOLD print or using any stickers on the outside of your envelope, as this is an attention getter. Also do not use high light markers or write AIR MAIL / U.S.A. again all attention grabbers.

4. If sending special occasion cards. Please avoid using the different colored envelopes. Use white, the fact that the card and envelope are already an odd-ball size stands out. 

5. Some people have just written on the envelope, the mailing address only and left off their return address putting only their name. One thing to remember is, once your mail has left US territory it’s not going to be returned to you, if the Philippines post office can’t find your beneficiary. So consider it gone once it has left US soil.

6. Remember to always write the date on the actual letter itself also very important to write on the letter itself your mailing address. Some day when the Interviewing officer reviews your letters, they will be comparing the postal rubber stamp dates with the date on your letter, so do not neglect to do this.

7. Keep in mind, that if your Fiancé(e) has not been getting her letters, then it could mean that Filipino postal workers are stealing them. If your girl / boy friend has not received your letters but you suddenly are getting letters from the Philippines from different woman whom you have no clue about, then this is a good sign that post office workers have stolen your fiancé(e)’s letters and are given the addresses to other Filipino woman who want to take a chance at winning your heart. This has happened on more than one occasion.

8. Often times rural areas of the Philippines are so out in the sticks that mail deliveries take additional days or weeks to arrive. If any of the above items affect your fiancé(e), then it would not be a bad idea to have your fiancé(e) find a close friend or relative who may live in a more suitable location for receiving mail to be the one to mail to such as IN CARE OF.

9. The last rule of thumb that really needs to be observed, especially if you the sponsor are a US government employee or working for a very well know company or perhaps you are in a high position such as CEO. Please note that if your fiancé(e) is not getting your letters and you have written things about your employment or about being very wealthy, then the possibility of so called Muslim radicals in which may have ties to terrorist groups may be intercepting your letters and would most likely know when your arriving to the Philippines, where you will be staying, what kind of work you do. All of which could place a price on your head. This should be especially considered if you have a fiancé(e) living in Mindanao Philippines.

K1 Visa Genuine Relationship Phone Call Records Communication Documents.

Beneficial Tips

Phone Bills Proof of an Ongoing Relationship Documented phone calls. K1 Fianceee visa

How important are those phone calls that you make to the Philippines?

Well according to USCIS phone calls to your loved ones abroad are a very vital part of providing proof of an ongoing relationship.

Below are helpful tips about saving evidence that will be needed in your case. We have provided you with the most valuable ways to document those calls as well as how to organize and itemize receipts and bills. 


Phone Calls:

Can be expensive when it involves calling outside your own Country.

It’s best to find the cheapest means of calling and there are many providers out there competing for your business. However keep in mind that which ever service provider you choose, your going to need to have documented phone bill to prove you made the calls during the US Embassy Interview.

US Embassy Interviewers certainly have no set requirements when it comes to how you call, but how you document those calls. With the way the U.S. economy has been there are many people forced to take cuts in pay just to be able to hold on to their jobs.

So with cost constantly going up and income going down, what are your options of calling your loved one overseas without blowing your budget?

Well just for the sake of daily communication with your overseas loved one, the instant messaging through Yahoo or Skype seem to be the most affordable way to go for all of us, rich or poor.

But in order to maintain an acceptable amount of documented proof for the USCIS, it is best to have balance with all the methods such as letters, email, monetary support, gifts, and phone calling.

This section provides most of the calling methods available to us today.

• Land Line  
• Mobile Phone
• Analog Modem
• Google Calls
• Yahoo
• Vonage
• Magic Jack
• Aspen Communications
• Viber & WeChat application for internet ready phones or tablets make free phone to phone calls.


Land Line phone calls

1st. | Direct Dialing

If you ever call your loved one in the Philippines direct you will quickly learn that it costs to much. But if you do this then you will take your phone bill and search for all the calls you made to the Philippines.

You need to be taking a yellow high light marker and placing a line across the number and placing a little side note like the (BELOW EXAMPLE)

Jane Doe | Philippines | Phone number +63 919 123 5555

Then itemize all of these according to dates and place them in a folder.

2nd. | Calling Card Services


If you use your land line but purchase calling cards or online pins and access numbers then here is what you do.

Save the receipt each time you purchase from a store or from the


internet. If you bought calling cards from a store, then you will attach the original receipt to that particular calling card, once the card has been used.

If you purchased a calling card service provider on-line then what you need to do is print the receipt that they send you after the transaction is complete. Itemize all of these according to dates and place them in a folder.

Now if you want to take it even a step further, you can place a strike through the calling card access number that shows up on your monthly phone bill and put a little side note explaining that this was an access number from a calling card that I used to call the Philippines.


Cell Phones and smart phones

Using  your mobile phone is pretty much the same as the rules that apply to using a land line phone. Everything in the above section will still apply to mobile phone calls to the Philippines.

Just remember to be careful and exercise caution, because if you do call direct, you might be slapped hard with a bill that could leave you short for many months.

Often time so many people tend to get so wrapped up with their loved one on the phone that they totally forget about the consequences when they go over on their minutes available to them in their monthly plan and in addition the international dialing will also get you where it hurts.

Best to always wait until your nights and weekends are available to you before calling to the Philippines, because once your on the phone with that special someone, the time melts away unbelievably fast.


K1 Visa Genuine Relationship Monetary Support Receipts

Sending Monetary Support to your K1 Fiancee

PROS & CONS with Monetary Support

How does monetary support help my case? And what  are there pros and cons involved with it?

Monetary support is optional and for many it is a good way to increase proof of an ongoing relationship, but for some sponsors it sometimes can hurt your case.

In this section we will explain to you the pros and cons about financial support also tips on how to adequately incorporate it into your case. 

The US Embassy Interviewers may have some different views on this subject.


First of all what is monetary support?

I have had plenty of sponsors ask me what is this monetary support? My answer to them is, it is sending money to your boy/girl friend in the Philippines through the use of a money remittance service such as the well known providers like.
Western Union Money Gram Xoom  Forex

Monetary support is to be treated the same way as if you were sending a gift to your loved one in the Philippines. It is another good form of providing proof of an ongoing relationship as required for K1/K3 cases and would be one of the questions asked on the I-129F Alien Fiancé(e) Petition.

Monetary support is all a direct requirement when a sponsor is using the I-130 Family visa to petition a Spouse. USCIS wants all petitioning sponsors to provide proof of an ongoing relationship, and financial support shows that you are serious.

There are no dollar amounts required by USCIS, nor are there any requirements on how or when you provide support accept what is important is how you and your loved one presents it in your case before and during the interview.


Sponsors here is what you should know.

Whether you are a K1 or a CR1 / IR1 sponsor. If you are, or are planning on providing your loved one with financial support, you will need to prepare yourself and your loved one with these guidelines so that your case will be acceptable.

The Pros about monetary support.

Monetary support is a helpful way to provide proof of an ongoing relationship for K1/K3 petitioners in conjunction to USCIS.

It is usually done within a matter of minutes or within 24 hours, and can be done at an online outlet or from the comforts of your home.

In some cases, depending on whom you use? It can provide you with accumulated gift points such as free international calling.

It is often times very helpful to your loved one and their family, especially in 3rd. world nations such as the Philippines.

Monetary support is for most sponsors, a bit of a sacrifice in as it shows that you are serious about that person in which you are petitioning to the U.S.A.

It is very easy for both the sponsor and the beneficiary to gather needed receipts, in the building of your case.

Sponsor & Beneficiary These are things you should be doing.

Both Sponsor and Beneficiary should be saving all of their receipts, so that they will be able to provide plenty of good proof of an ongoing relationship for later.

The sponsor should save his receipts by keeping them all in an orderly fashion according to their date. Some time just before the Alien Spouse or Fiancée attend their Interview these receipts shall serve as proof.

The Beneficiary should save all of their pick-up receipts. Also these should be kept in an orderly fashion according to date. All of the beneficiaries receipts and the sponsors receipt will be put together just prior to the interview.

If the sponsor does online money remittances, then he will need to go to his email account to print out all of the receipts that were emailed to him. If he used a store then save those receipts.

The Cons about money remittance.

In most cases if a sponsor sends his (girlfriend or Fiancée) money in the Philippines, “Note” we said girl friend, this does not include a Spouse. The monetary support you provide, could possibly backfire on you, depending on these reasons.



If you the sponsor, are much older than your fiancé(e), such as your fiancée is between ages 18 – 23 and you the sponsor are 45 and above. USCIS most likely will scrutinize your fiancé(e) at her interview.

USCIS tends to believe that a young Filipino who is planning to marry a man that is much older than she, may not be sincere in her feelings toward him. USCIS views this as if the alien fiancé(e) is only interest in such a person only for his money, 

Sometimes but not all of the time, will we at FilAm Immigrations bring your monetary support into the picture if your fiancé(e) is very young. Reason being is because we feel it could be used against your case rather than help it. In these particular cases, it looks much better on a young Filipina if there is no monetary support involved.

US Embassy Interviewers often time look at larger age differences in a different light than you or I do. What they see is the possibility that your fiancee only wants to marry you because you provide her with plenty of financial support enough for her to go crazy and that maybe the reason why she only wants to marry you? It is our job to eliminate any possible such “RED FLAGS” So that your fiancee has some legs to stand on at her interview.

FilAm Immigrations has the most logical ways to remedy this problem so that all interviewers are not getting the wrong picture about you and your girl.

We do not want to cause any confusion with what you are doing in your relationship, but feel that it is important to shed some light about the possible things that USCIS could view when your case is presented to them.

We would like to mention also that alien fiancé(e)’s who are considerably younger ranging from 30 on up do not fall into the same category as if it were a man say 60 years old and a woman 20 years old.

It’s all about maturity, and USCIS takes this in to consideration. Even though most of the alien fiancé(e)’s that we have known throughout the years tend to be much more mature than Western woman for their ages.

You are encouraged to give us a call to have your case reviewed on this subject, and allow us to evaluate what may need to be done in order to shore up on your proof of relationship. Not all cases are the same, so depending on many variables to your case will depend on how your case must be handled.

Proof of a Genuine Relationship Gifts Receipts and Pictures

Beneficial Tips

Proof of an Ongoing Relationship, Sending Gift. K1 Fiancee Visa

How Important are your Gifts in a K-1 Visa relationship?

This page is dedicated to sending gifts to your K1 Fiance visa loved one in the Philippines.

In order to build your K-1 Visa case with USCIS you will need to provide plenty of convincing proof of an ongoing relationship.

We have given in this section tips that are proven to be very effective methods in proving your case before and during the U.S. Embassy Interview. If your wanting to send your Alien K1 Fiance(e) or Spouse a gift, what methods can be used to document it?


You have (3) ways of providing proof of a tangible gift.

1. Gifts that you bought in the USA and sent in a package to your loved one.

2. Gifts that you bought from an online service that is located within your loved ones Country, and had it physically delivered by the service provider. The best way to send gifts that really count are to use online services based in the Philippines. Here’s an EXAMPLE google search Philippines roses or flowers or gifts.

3. Gifts that you have personally bought in the USA and brought to them or gifts that you bought them while in the Philippines.


The below information pertains to all of the above

Any gift that you have purchased whether it be from the USA or in the Philippines, must have receipts and at least (1) photo of your loved one holding the gift.

So if you have sent, or brought anything from the U.S. or purchased gifts while in the Philippines, you should save the receipts. It is a must in establishing your proof of an ongoing relationship for your case with USCIS.

It is very important that your loved one in the Philippines gets all of the receipts from you the sponsor. He or she will also need to have pictures taken with the gift so that they can be attached together with the proper receipts.


Also if you have sent gifts from the USA to the Philippines and you used a courier such as FedEx, DHL, UPS or the Postal service, you will want to hold on to those receipts for a later date so that your loved one can attach them to their picture, that way when they attend their interview they will have one picture attached with a purchase receipt for the gift, one receipt from the courier sending and delivery.

It all should look something like the below example.









At some point just before the US Embassy Interview date, your loved one will prepare for her interview by bringing all of the receipts and photo together in a nice neat stack held together with a paper clip.

You and her can repeat this action as many times as you like. The more evidence provided in proving you have an ongoing relationship, the better.

Here are some more example photos for establishing your case. 

Use these as guidelines for your own case.

When your Alien Fiancee or Spouse is making the photo, be sure that he or she has their full face in the picture as a minimal. close up are ok, but whole body shots prove to be more convincing.

If the gift you sent is large then holding it in front of the camera will require a whole body shot, but if it is small like shoes or perfume then a close up shot is fine.

All of the examples on this page cover gifts that you mailed from the USA, Gifts that you sent online such as  sending online flowers, fruit baskets, etc… Any gifts that you the sponsor purchased while in the Philippines would also require your receipt and a picture of your loved one holding the gift.





US Embassy Interviewers and CFO Seminar Interviewers may or may not ask to see any of this stuff? But sometimes they do and we highly recommend that your K1 Fiancee goes to all of her interviews overly prepared because this is the key to her success in getting approved.