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Our Clients who have purchased a Deluxe or Platinum service or CR1 Clients will enjoy these Benefits!


 k1-fiance-visa.comWe will answer all K1 Visa questions that you & your loved may have.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe’ll take you by the hand & guide you both every step of the way.

k1-fiance-visa.comYou’ll get Start-to-Finish: I-129F Petition & Embassy Visa Application.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe will fill in and inspect the forms for you insuring they are error FREE! Many Immigration Attorney’s farm out visa jobs for services like ours to do the work and they charge you fee’s amounting to thousands of dollars. You don’t need to pay their high fees anymore! Cut out the unnecessary expenses!

k1-fiance-visa.comWe are up to date and know how the U.S. Embassy in Manila operates. We make sure that you and your loved one aren’t in the dark, this allows us to get your visa issued quickly and bypass the red tape.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe Assist the Sponsor to Compile the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe are able to identify and correct any potential problems on your K1 Fiance(e) petition so that the petition that the USCIS receives is “Problem Free” and will be processed smoothly without any worries. We know what they want to see at USCIS and the US Embassy.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe place a lot of emphasis into your case to insure that you and your loved one get off to a good start so that everything else will go smoothly as we routinely triple check all paperwork before we give it a green light.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe will not green light your I-129F petition until we are absolutely confident that there are no problems that may cause the USCIS to   “Rejected or red flagged”   it and kick it out of the system. Our job is to be sure the I-129F petition is submitted professionally.

k1-fiance-visa.comYou will receive explicit instructions and guidance pertaining to your petition on how and where to file and what methods to use in presenting your petition, plus we will be able to let you know approximately when the petition will be approved by NVC and USDHS.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe will assist and teach you in checking the status of your petition online.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe’ll instruct you on when and what Notices to look for from USCIS, NVC, USDHS and the Bureau of Consular Affairs. At this point our Philippines team will start to place together needed instructions for both you and your Fiance(e) eventually leading to how and when to schedule an interview.

k1-fiance-visa.comOur team will schedule appointments to help your Fiance(e) through the St. Luke’s clinic examination in Manila, providing them with information on what will be required, what will be done, what will be asked and we’ll assist her with her pre-registration online form so that she will be able to attend with a shorter processing time.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe will provide you and your Fiance(e) with information on how to procure and gather vital important documents needed for the case files to present at the US Embassy.

k1-fiance-visa.comYou Fiance(e) will be able to chat online with us through scheduled appointments so that all of her required documents and needed NVC forms can be completed and put together for interview day.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe will have our Philippines office take the time to prepare your Fiance(e) for her interview by instructing her step by step on how the process is handled at the US Embassy and during her interview. We will keep her informed of any last minute changes and requirements that may occur? Our chat session will also giver her a good taste of what may be asked at the interview by conducting our own mock interview.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe assist you with filling out your I-134 Affidavit of Support and carefully review it for errors. Plus instruct you the sponsor on what and how to procure required documents to support the I-134.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe are here to help you and your Fiance(e) avoid costly mistakes. Once a mistake is made, it’s too late.  The U.S. Embassy in Manila is one of the toughest Embassies in the World to get a K-1 visa from. A great deal of effort is undertaken by the U.S. government to scrutinize each K-1 visa application and reject filings for any “legitimate” reason, including minor procedural errors. Getting it right from the start can make the difference.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe remove the risk of having your K1 visa denied by accurately taking the steps of doing each process right from start to finish.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe remove the stress out of the K1 fiancee visa paperwork and process.

k1-fiance-visa.comMore understandable, Affordable, Accurate, Fast Smooth Error Free Process.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe’ll do it right the first time! Because there isn’t no second time at this!

k1-fiance-visa.comLet our track record and experience go to work for you! Our fees are the most competitive in the industry..

k1-fiance-visa.comAvoid costly mistakes and subsequent delays with the USCIS. Hire the Pros.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe are Private and Secure. We will never release or sale your information for any commercial or third party usage. You can Trust FilAm Immigrations with your vital information as we treat and handle each and every case as if it where our own.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe Make it Easy and Stress Free! So you can enjoy the romance.

k1-fiance-visa.comLow, flat fee – No hidden costs or fees. We’ll never ask for more money.

k1-fiance-visa.comK2 Child I-129F Petition No Extra Charge.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe specialize in the K1 Fiance(e) Visa from the Philippines to the United States with offices locate in the USA and in the Philippines to better serve you with a guarantee. We are here Exclusively for US Citizens

k1-fiance-visa.comWe accept PayPal, Western Union or you can mail us a money order even make bank deposits to our US Checking Account.

k1-fiance-visa.comOur Success is your success! Getting it done right the first time is what FilAm Immigrations has prided themselves with since 2003.

k1-fiance-visa.comEasy, Affordable, Guaranteed! And Bringing Couples together time & time. As it has happened to may others it will happen for you.