Finding new friends online, many in other countries is nothing new these days.

But what about long distance relationships, can they survive?


Long Distance Relationships


Inspiring ways to keep your Long Distance Relationships Exciting and Unforgettable!

Why so many people around the world are having long distance relationships?


Some relationships could be a son or daughter, brother or sister, aunts, and uncles, even grandparents who communicate from a different city or state?


What is the real meaning of a relationship?

A relationship where your love for your partner is much higher than your ego. Where your understanding of each other’s feelings is greater than your conflicts. …


A meaning of a true relationshipis where both of them will give a gesture message every day to feel him/her good.

What are the 4 types of relationships?

There are many different types of relationships.


This section focuses on four types of relationships:


Family relationships, Friendships, Acquaintanceship, and Romantic relationships.

10 Things That Hold More Importance In A Relationship Than Love

    • Trust.

    • Honesty.

    • Respect.

    • Communication.

    • Loyalty.

    • Happiness.

    • Compromise.

    • Safety.

    • Independence.

    • Partnership.


What are some types of Long Distance Relationships?

Distance is the key factor. An LDR could consist of communicating with your relative across the ocean, maybe your relative is working overseas or has immigrated to another country to live with a new husband or wife?


These kinds of LDR have been going on long before the internet began.

Probably the most common of all relationships and the most talked about is a romantic relationship.


Romance is so powerful that there are thousands of novels in which women enjoy reading. In long distance relationships, people treat one also as if it were a novel.

Long distance relationships are exciting in the beginning, because you look forward to either getting either a letter or a text message or receiving a phone call.


Girls love novels but guys and girls alike love a real relationship and a new romance always causes the heart to beat stronger.


How did people communicate before the internet?


People living in the same country only had two choices? They could send a letter or a postcard to one another, or call each other on the phone.

The cost was minimal and often very reliable.

Communication between people in another country, in the same manner, was often time more expensive and not as reliable.


What did Long Distance Relationship couples do before the internet?

Long before the world wide web, people didn’t have too many choices other than writing letters to one another, this is also known as Pen Pals.


Depending on which part of the world people lived in, phones or phone services were either not available or the cost of calling international inhibited a person?


Communicating through postal letters was very slow but more affordable.


The Origin of the Pen Pal:

Long Distance Relationships as Pen Pals?

How far back does Pen Pals go?

Approximately around the 1930s? One organization, in particular, the Student Letter Exchange has been assisting in the matching of Pen Pals since 1936,

when a teacher decided that his students should connect with students in other countries to pique their curiosity and expand their knowledge of the world’s cultures.


Match Making Through Pen Pals:

There have been thousands of matchmaking services worldwide before the world wide web went into play.


Many of these services ran newspaper ads or magazine ads to attract paying clients to introduce ladies from other countries.


Nowadays these matchmaking companies attract men and women through dating websites that often charged fees.

Long Distance Relationships


Long Distance Relationships had to rely on snail mail up until 1991 when the internet starting becoming available.

Today you can still find Pen Pal programs available online:
100% FREE


Did You Know!

Long Distance Relationships communication should be documented for future visa interviews:

For K1 Visa Couples who are sending Postal Letters, postcards, or packages across the sea to one another are encouraged to save all of their letters and envelopes, packaging, postal receipts, etc..


As this is still one of the most beneficial ways to prove to a US Embassy interviewer that the couples relationship is genuine and sincere.

The Age of the Internet:

By 1991 Long Distance Relationships were starting to enjoy a new benefit:

On the 6th of August 1991, exactly twenty-nine years ago, the World Wide Web became publicly available.


Its creator, the now internationally known Tim Berners-Lee, posted a summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup and gave birth to a new technology that would fundamentally change the world as we knew it.

Though the internet wasn’t quickly showing up in homes and businesses all across the world, it gradually began to be noticed with mostly richer folks that had a better understanding of what it was and how to use it through a device still known today as a desktop computer.

It took some time for (ISP) internet service providers to set up shop and then get internet into our homes and businesses.


The internet was very slow in the beginning as the only thing available was dial-up. Today things have changed tremendously with a much nicer experience to the user?

Today the Internet with its wifi and blazing fast connection puts people in touch as quickly as the drop of a hat.


The smartphone technology and all of its Ap creators have made communication a very sweet thing were people on opposite sides of the world can do live video calls and share pictures all at super low prices.

Couples Now Enjoy Communicating With?

Social networking sites. Most of us are familiar with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

• Dating websites

• Community blogs

• Image sharing sites

• Some created YouTubes that gave their biography and a glimpse into their life as a tool for finding someone.


Once a couple finds each other they are more inclined to communicate with live video chat on one of the many Apps.

  • Skype

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Viber

  • WhatsApp

  • Wechat

Communication for Long-Distance Couples:

Long Distance Relationships can survive and have a more meaningful relationship.

Live video chatting daily is the oxygen that keeps the relationship alive.


One would have to ask how did pen pals ever survive before the internet?


Well, one thing I can surely say about pen pal relationships as there were no scammers or gold diggers.

Couples who relied on sending each other letters had to exercise much patience as it could take three weeks to get each other’s letters?


As I have been told in the old days a lot of letters never arrived. It is assumed that some had been stolen by corrupt postal workers who thought there could be cash inside the envelope?

Unlike the internet scamming pen pals did not exist.


So if you were a person with less than good intentions you certainly didn’t want to waste money for an envelope and postage then add maybe another three weeks to learn if the person you wanted to scam would send you any money or not?

With the internet connecting people all over the world today, it’s easy, fun and exciting to use one of the many phone Apps to connect live with video chat and share where you’re at and what you’re doing and to be able to express yourself makes the relationship to feel much closer.

Long Distance Relationships
Enjoy your Long Distance Relationship by making live video calls through your favorite Ap.

Long Distance Relationships Pros and Cons:

The “Pros” of Long Distance Relationships with the internet.

• Guys especially like this one. You don’t have to fix yourself up every time you communicate.

• In some cases, you can clean the house, be at work or laying in bed and still communicate.

• You can save money from going on dinner and, movie dates and not waste gas in your car.

• Many online Apps offer emoticons which can be used to liven up the chat.

• Some couples like to get bold and use it for naughty fun.

• The main reason for so many couples is because the internet brings them together quickly.

• Compared to snail mail and expensive calling cards, the internet makes life so much nicer.

• Internet is cheaper for most worldwide and more stable than old day phone calls.

• With the internet, many online chat applications offer ways to save your messages.

The “Cons” of Long Distance Relationships with the internet.

• Your smart device can shut off when the battery dies so try to keep it charged up.

• For many countries like the Philippines, the internet can get intermittent, which is frustrating.

• Couples that get into arguments feel that things could be resolved easier if they’re physically together.

• Long Distance Relationships eventually can wreak havoc on one’s mind if one or the other doesn’t show up to chat?
It can mean that the internet is out, a phone battery is dead, or a wild imagination starts thinking that he or she is out with some else perhaps having a side relationship?

The best advice to give you to avoid “Red Flags” in the relationship is to work hard at Instilling Trust.

I have known many Filipinas that worked hard and went the extra mile to be on time for all chat dates and made sure that she put her boyfriend at the top of her priority list.

Be creative and honor each other with loyalty. A Long Distance Relationship can take work and be loyal to each other is a key ingredient that helps your relationship survive.

Long Distance Relationships Eventually Change for Better or for Worse:

What factors will determine the future of the LDR?

I have known of many Long Distance Relationships that survived six years, and then I have known a lot that only survived barely a year.


What are some factors that can keep the relationship alive or dying?

No Magical Ingredient: There really aren’t any key ingredients that determine how or why a long-distance relationship will last or die?


Humans are different in so many ways with so many different teachings.

I have known couples to survive an LDR, some six years and you can find some that been communicating long-distance even ten years!


The best I can tell you is that I have noticed some couples feel happy and content with what they have in life and some of the contributing factors to this can be:

Positive Factors:

• They are churchgoers or have faith in God that keeps them perhaps more traditional?

• Possibly they both feel that they were brought together by God?

• Possibly some feel that they could never find another guy or girl as good looking as the one they’re with now?

• Possibly but not exclusively one of them is receiving some financial support for daily needs?

• For me, the biggest factor is physically meeting in person as often as possible? This can give each other something more real to hold onto.

• Another big factor can be family? If one or both of you have maybe a parent or parents who become a part of the LDR then it can strengthen the trust and assurance. Even kids can participate.

Your long-distance girlfriend could have a sense of belonging if they are now communicating with the man’s family or vise Versa.

Negative Factors:

From what I have learned there are many negative factors that can destroy LDR couple:

• This works either way as I have seen it happen with the men as well as with the women? I call it “Red Flags” these red flags come in many ways and will quickly destroy a relationship!

Red Flag – She is constantly asking for money and giving stories that often time don’t add up?

Red Flag – She has been late or a no show for our online chats? You noticed a sudden trend.

Red Flag – He works too much and often goes days without making an effort to communicate?

Red Flag – He said he doesn’t drink, but oftentimes he appears drunk with slurred speech?

Red Flag – He said he is getting a divorce, but several months later he is still married?

Red Flag – He has been planning to visit me but every year he keeps saying something came up?

Red Flag – I found out that he/she has another facebook account but they denied it, or I found out that they are chatting with other people instead of with me?

Red Flag – I sent her an expensive gift and asked her how she likes it and to show it to me on video but she tells me it got stolen? Sadly a friend of hers told me she pawned it.

The above Red Flags are only a few, but come into the thousands and kill a relationship quickly.

Men or women often get treated very unfairly due to very long and uncertain waiting periods that in some cases may never see an end?


Regardless if you’re in one of the mention situations mentioned below or not, to keep your LDR lasting through the ups and downs learn how to nurture him and her.

• Either the man has to pay for and submit himself to a very long wait for her to get an annulment that costs thousands of dollars and have a waiting period of 3 to 5 years with some never-ending.
Or the woman is stuck waiting for the man to go through a divorce as well.

This happens more often than anyone would imagine. What can be done in a situation like this?

Opposite sides of the world:

Many refer this to being a world apart. For example, a man lives in the USA and has an LDR with a woman who lives in the Philippines.


This is a very long-distance relationship because there maybe nine thousand miles between them, 12 to 14 hours time difference, her Monday is his Sunday, making it tough for both of them to deal with each other’s schedules.

For some, this tends to wreak havoc on the mind in a way that now the couple feels so far apart from each other.


Often for the man, it might be freezing winter weather while for the woman it might be warm sunny weather, but both wishing that they can be in each other’s location either enjoying the snow or enjoying the tropical weather?

If you want to have a successful long-distance relationship, then treat it like a potted plant and nurture it daily.

Nurturing your relationship is like a potted plant.

You need to water, cultivate it, give sunlight and fertilize it.

Nurturing him or her is a “Must”!

There’s only so much a couple can do in a video chat right?

You both need to give your all if it means spending some of your budget needed for other things just to call or pay for the internet then do it, sacrifice hanging out with your friends and take less time to do your hobbies to nurture your relationship.

• Be on time for chat appointments or at least have some other method to get a message out that something is wrong on my end I can’t come online right now.

Don’t leave the other person hanging! I have known a lot of couples that this happened too frequently and one of them accused the other of cheating! This can destroy trust quickly.

• You got to make sure your phone is turned on at all times. Sacrifice playing games with it to leave some charge on it for any reason at all he or she may need to call you?

This is an important factor that keeps the relationship alive is knowing that at any time they need to call you then you’re going to be there for them.

• Taking time out to visit in person is a huge help! For example; a woman whose boyfriend takes time and puts effort into making a long-distance journey to be with her will show her that you are serious?

If the relationship is two or three years old then visiting her one week a year can not only prove to her that you love her, but it also helps with applying for a K1 Visa.

• Here’s one that sometimes can be a touchy subject? Sending her financial support.

Honestly, a truly good woman will never ask for financial support and an even better woman won’t word things in such a way that she hopes her man reads between the lines that she needs money?

No matter who you are money is part of it, and it’s ok to send some for essential needs.

• This last nurturing piece of advice is one that I find to be incredibly heartfelt is when the woman no matter rich or poor she takes the time to go shopping, then wraps up your gift, then takes it to the shipper and pays for it to be delivered to you.

I never knew of many women who have done this, but those that have done it, in my eyes I just knew she loved this man.

K1 Visa Advice for the couple:

What are the two “BEST WAYS” to prove the relationship is genuine and sincere?

With my many years of experience at assisting many couples who developed their Long Distance Relationships and decided to move to the next level of becoming engaged and needed the K1 Fiancee Visa, I have noticed that US Embassy interviewers tend to only want to see relationship proof.

They don’t care to look at chat logs, or text messages, not even screenshots, but what many of them do like to see are your Emails and or Postal Letters.

There is another post that gives more in-depth details about how to accumulate and put together these items for a US Embassy Interview.

So to keep the relationship alive daily communicate with live video chat.

But to show supporting documentation to prove you both have a genuine, sincere relationship do either emails or postal letters or both.

What is the success rate of long distance relationships?

Long distance relationships have a 58 percent success rate, according to new research.

A new study of 1,000 Americans who have been in a long-distance relationship found that whether or not you and partner make it through the long-distance phase will come down to a coin flip.

5 possible signs
that your not ready to be in an LDR.