This is an EXCLUSIVE look at the K1 Visa.

Cultural Differences!

Each and every year the K1 visa process gets tougher.

k1 visa guidance
K1 Visa Requirements

What’s new with USCIS? It seems like there have been a lot of recent changes lately. We want to keep you updated with their K1 Visa requirements.

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k1 visa guidance
K1 Visa Cost

What are the latest government fees and other related costs for a K1 Visa? See a breakdown of expected fees paid within a matter of months K1 Visa Cost.

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K1 Visa Meeting in Person

As a requirement, all couple that wants to get a K1 Visa must physically meet in person and file no later than two years from the time of the last meeting.

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Relationship Proof

What are the U.S. Embassy interviewers expecting to prove that a K1 Visa couple has a genuine sincere relationship? Plenty of supporting documents are usually required.

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Your K1 Fiancees K2 Child

You may be able to include the children of your Fiancee if you meet the USCIS poverty guidelines. Children that are included are called K2 derivative of the K1 and must be under age 21.

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k1 visa guidance
What is a K1 Fiancee Visa?

The United States government was the first to come up with the K1 Fiance visa. Many wanting to bring a loved one to the USA, consider this to be the easiest. It has also been the fastest.

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K1 Visa Poverty Guidelines

All K1 Sponsors will have to meet the poverty guidelines? You must prove that you can financially support your fiancee by showing income records, bank statements.

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USCIS Forms Are Free

Never allow anyone to collect money from you for USCIS forms. There free by going to the website or we can get those on your behalf as part of our service.

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k1 visa guidance
How does IMBRA affect you?

Many Americans who want to file for the K1 Visa are affected by IMBRA. International Marriage Broker Regulation Act find out if you are affected? Some may need litigation?

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k1 visa guidance
K1 Visa Medical Exam

Prior to the U.S. Embassy interview, all K1 and K2 children are required to have a medical examination done. Preparing your shot records in advance is usually beneficial.

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k1 visa guidance
K1 Visa FAQ

The K1 Visa process oftentimes catches couples off guard mainly during the preparation of the U.S. Embassy interview? You may have several questions?

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k1 visa guidance
K1 Visa Timeline

It’s always very helpful to have some sort of step-by-step way for understanding how the K1 Visa process works? Check out our updated timeline for 2020.

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Should I use a K1 Visa or CR1

Every couple will make a decision about what’s right for them to use a K1 Visa or get a CR1 marriage visa? Understanding how each works can help you decide whats best?

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Avoiding RFE and 221(g)

One of the biggest problems with K1 Visa do it your self couples, is they are more at risk for getting an RFE or 221(g) which can cause longer wait times or denials?

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k1 visa guidance
Beware of K1 Visa scams

How many times have you read online about some poor guy getting suckered out of thousands of dollars? It happens all the time! Know how to protect yourself.

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Getting Started Begins Here…

For Engaged Couples who want to apply for a K1 Fiancee Visa.

To those of you who are engaged!

Success in obtaining the K1 Visa can be yours!

The K1 Fiancee Visa stands alone at being one of the most guaranteed visas that you can apply for? By hiring a professional to assist you, the odds become greatly in your favor. If you are seriously thinking about getting assistance then conact us.

Not all do-it-yourselfers succeed in getting through the process without either getting denied or getting an RFE / 221(g) which could lead to denial if not handled properly?

For many who are desiring to apply for the K1 Fiance visa, the process can be done without the assistance pf a Lawyer or online service. However, if you are a busy couple and have very little time tackle all of the details of filing the USCIS forms,

then we highly recommend that you get professional help from someone that has done this awhile and is current and up-to-date with the latest rules and laws that USCIS imposes on couples that are engaged and from different countries?

K1 Visa Success Starts With Understanding How The Process Works?

It was in 2002 when I found my Filipina wife through a pen-pal program that charged a fee. At the time I was earning decent money and recently gone through a divorce being married to an American woman for thirteen years. Did the divorce make me sad?

Not really! I felt free at last from an abusive marriage that had taken its toll on me to the point that I was treated more like her slave even though I was a good provider and father, my ex was anything but loving.

Like the many thousands of men that I have personally consulted with since 2003, I learned that I wasn’t the only guy dealing with a lying adulterous wife?

For a short time after my divorce, I was dating about three other American women, which it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was making a terrible mistake almost going from the frying pan back into the fire again.

Every once in awhile I would see a guy with an attractive Asian woman.

There was a time where I would see an Asian woman and just called her a Chinese. At that time I didn’t know the differences between the Asians that I saw in America?

However, I did have an attraction to Asian women and thought that if I start a new life over again then how could I get close to one of these Asian women? How could I be one of those “Lucky Guys” and have my own Asian woman?

In 2002 I wasn’t online yet and the idea of buying a computer and the internet didn’t appeal to me yet, so I was still trying things the old school way.

But when I picked up a newspaper and found one of those tiny little ads about Asian women seeking marriage-minded men it piqued my interest quickly.

Long story short I joined the pen-pal program and ended up spending roughly twelve hundred dollars.

The moral of this story is, I learned a lot about the Philippines.

I had no regrets and was very excited! I was on a path to a new life and I wasn’t going to allow anyone to get in my way! I kept most of my new ventures a secret with everyone in the beginning.

But as time went by everyone saw that I had a smile on my face and an extra spring in my heal!

At first, I only shared the news with my closest friend who supported the idea and was excited for me. But later my daughter found out about it because I couldn’t hide this anymore and she also supported me and I knew she was happy for me.

But when her mother learned about it and the mother’s side of the family found out, they all said I was seriously crazy!

When you are happy it seems like others want to steal your joy?

Remember I told you that I only told my best friend who was also a co-worker?

Well, he saw no harm in sharing with other employees about this new joy of mine and when those people found out, not all of them were very supportive at all especially the American women.

Some of them started asking me when I would receive my mail order bride?

I just laughed it off with them and said it doesn’t really work like that but if it did then I wouldn’t have anything to do with it?

One of them used the famous line that most of us have heard for years, you know the one where they tell you that she’s only gonna leave you when she gets her “Green Card”.

I considered myself a good judge of character and felt that something like that wouldn’t happen to me.

After a few months of writing letters
and making international phone calls.

I had a lot of vacation time accumulated and booked my international flight to the Philippines. Before I ever got this far I had done a lot of studying about the Philippines culture, their history, their government, foods that they eat there and the Christian faiths.

Nothing I read could prepare me enough for the culture shock?

All I can say is wow! the trip changed me in a number of ways and I guess as an American we just think the whole world lives the same way that we do? My fiancee and I did get along very well and we made a lot of couples photos, saved trip receipts as instructed by the pen-pal program.

After two weeks of enjoying the Filipina girl that I wanted to bring to the United States to marry, I decided to go through the process of how I can bring her to America?

The pen-pal program that charged me twelve hundred dollars failed me!

I won’t mention names or bash anyone because that’s not who I am.

But I will tell you that after I got back to the USA and contacted the pen-pal program to ask them about how to get my fiancee to the states,

they pretty much had very little to say about how the process worked or what forms to get or to even tell me which visa we needed because at that time I didn’t have a clue?

All of my calls from that point where being ignored and the one time they took my call they said I have to contact the INS for the forms. Pretty pathetic and down at that point is what I was feeling.

At that time I didn’t even own a computer nor did I know how to use one? When I thought and thought for a while about what I’m going to do, I decided to go talk to an old neighbor who was Cuban.

The husband and wife always treated me good and we always engaged in good conversation in the past, so this time I told them about my fiancee and that I met her and wanted to bring her to the USA to marry her.

They suggested that I go down about 3 houses and talk to a fellow there who was a retired INS officer which USCIS was formerly known as INS Immigration and Naturalization Service which operated from 1933 and ended by 2003.

Finally, I’m getting somewhere now thanks to Mr. INS neighbor.

Because of this retired INS guy who was very helpful and became good friends for a long time, I was able to petition my Filipina wife to the United States and marry her within the first 90 days with the “K1 Visa”.

The process did take about eight months and it seemed like forever to me but thank God we did it and very little credit goes to the pen-pal program.

The K1 Visa forms that are required now have changed
somewhat since the operation of USCIS took over.

Remember that all USCIS forms are FREE and available online at where you can download them and save them to your computer and fill them out online then print them.

For a K1 Fiancee Visa you will need the following application from USCIS.
  • (1) G-1145 Electronic Communication form.
  • (1) I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee Application.
  • (2) Fiancee Letter of Intent – one is for the sponsor and one is for the beneficiary. (You have to make these).
  • (1) I-129F Cover Letter – (You have to make this).
  • Both the sponsor and the beneficiary has to provide brand new 2×2 passport-style photos.
  • If either of you been married then you must provide all divorce decrees or death certificates.
  • If either one of you has any criminal records, you will need to provide certain ones that fall under IMBRA?
  • Proof of meeting documents are required also. Couples photos, trip receipts, US passport pages with stamps in them.

Not everyone’s case is the same
which means there may be more required items needed in order to avoid an RFE – Request for Evidence.

Previous Marriages: When they say they want your divorce decrees or death certificates or annulments, they want them all no matter if you had up to 6 previous marriages you must provide all of them. And they have to be the certified copies.

Police Records: If you had any criminal convictions regardless of how old they are or if they been expunged, you still have to provide this information and as much of the certified copies of the court and police records that you can get your hands on?

This may require hiring a lawyer to get those for you? Felony crimes, sex crimes, drug charges, domestic violence, alcohol, all must be mentioned.

Other K1 Visa filings: If you have ever filed for this or any other fiancee, you are required to provide information and may also be asked to submit any records about a previous marriage or an “Approved I-129F” IMBRA imposes strict multiple filer rules on US citizens who have filed before?

If you are serious and have a desire to move forward with a K1 Visa, then we encourage you to contact us for your FREE Consultation to learn more about your situation and see if you have any qualifying issues that need to be fixed before you file?

You can also complete our online K1 Visa Evaluation Application to see where you and your fiancee stand?

[K1 Visa Online Evaluation…