K1 Visa Specialist

K1 Visa Specialist
K1 Visa Specialist

We treat each and every case as if
it where our own loved one.

K1 Visa Specialist, Specializing in the Philippines to USA.

What many have told us:
I hear it all the time from many guys calling for a free consultation, “Saying that we are so different from the last agency” that they called and talked to even as many as 3 other agencies that consulted with them and everyone says that we are very informative that we give them the time that they need to ask questions and we give them straight up answers!

Either we know or we don’t:
If it’s something we don’t know then we tell them honestly that I don’t have the answer for that but I’ll go check into it, or if they are going to need litigation then I tell them that we are not capable of litigating for them and that it would be in their best interest to consult a lawyer or immigration attorney?

K1 Visa Specialist

Cover all of their questions:
Our way of communicating with so many is by giving them time to ask their questions and to answer them the best we can without trying to get to the bottom line as I have heard many others try to do without barely giving the guy the time of day?

Treat others the way we want to be treated:
We like to treat people in the same fashion that we also wanted to be treated during the time that we where going through the same process? All to often law firms especially only try to keep you in the dark they don’t like to point blank answer you’re questions and the majority of them prefer to sound very skeptical rather then optimistic about you’re case?

K1 Visa Specialist

Our job is to take you by the hand and walk you.

We’re just getting started:
Once you have gone through consultation, it doesn’t mean that we’re finished with you! This is going to be a one on one relationship with you and your loved one and that means we plan to stick with you both until we have fulfilled our commitment to you both?

There are three phases to this process whether or not you’re trying to get a K1 Fiancee visa or a spouse visa? Both you and your loved one will from time to time have questions or concerns and all of our clients daily are free to ask their questions in email, messenger by phone or some of the other ways that we offer.

K1 Visa Specialist

Forward it to us:
We rely on the sponsor to let us know when they have received something in email and or through postal mail? Our job is to let you know whats next or how to handle the next step to insure you both that you’re on target and that everything is moving smoothly?

Relay the message to you both:
Our job is also to let both you and you’re loved one when to get something such as birth certificate, certificate of no marriage, NBI clearance, police records from other countries if applicable, the list is huge and these are just a few to mention.

K1 Visa Specialist

We will schedule you’re loved ones US Embassy interview when it’s the right time. We’ll also convey to them how to prepare for the interview as well as how to prepare for the medical exam when and where to go. At some point they’ll need to be instructed on how to attend the CFO seminar what to bring where to go etc..

The final leg:
Once your loved one has their visa and has completed their government seminar,we will prepare them for the exiting of the Philippines and the arrival to their US port of entry.

K1 Visa Specialist

If you have signed up to be one of our K1 Platinum clients you will receive ongoing support after you both have married within the first 90 days. We’re going to instruct you next about what required items to gather up and what required information we will need in order to complete your forms correctly.

Ongoing Support:
The process of adjusting you’re status and getting Employment Authorization and the Advance Parole is also ongoing support and we will be here to guide you both until you received your cards.

K1 Visa Specialist

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