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Updated August 12, 2019

Fort Worth, Dallas TX residence in search of a K1 Fiance visa service that provides Philippines to the USA support. If you have a fiancee or spouse from the Philippines and are desiring to get them over to Texas to live as a permanent resident, then we have a Philippines representative in the Philippines that will assist you’re loved one from start to finish to ensure that you both have a happy ending by getting approved a K1 Fiance visa or CR1/IR1 Spouse visa.

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We offer online support to both Couples at the most competitive rates available! Starting at $325.00

K1 Visa Service Fort Worth Dallas TX Philippines

$650. Package
We also have our A-Z K1 Platinum Package which offers US Embassy support and Adjustment of Status once you’re loved one is on US Soil. This is our most sought after package for the one time fee of $650.

Looking for only U.S. Embassy support?
We have our online embassy support for a one time fee of $200. which allows us to assist your loved through the preparation of their embassy interview.

Need a CR1/IR1 Spouse Visa assistance?
For our one time fee of $525. we offer a full service to assist from start to finish in the process of petitioning you’re spouse to the United States from the Philippines.

K1 Visa Service Fort Worth Dallas TX Philippines

Adjustment of Status:
Does you’re K1 Wife already live with you in Texas and you both married within the first 90 days? If you need assistance with the Adjustment of Status process and Employment Authorization then we have our one-time low fee of $325.

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K1 Visa Service Fort Worth Dallas TX Philippines

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