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My wife and our two kids had a very pleasant experience with the assistance of FilAm Immigration Services.

The K1/K2 process was so much easier to understand throughout the many different phases as our personal coach kept us up-to-date and made sure we didn’t do something prematurely.

For me the best way to deal with the visa process is from the comfort of my home without having to go into an office. A great big sincere thank you to the good people at FilAm Immigration Services.

Sincerely JC & Itchu

Who needs a K1 Visa Cebu?

The Sponsor and Beneficiary

If you are a United States Citizen, and are engaged to an alien fiance, from another Country, or you have an Alien Fiance, and would like to get a K1 Visa Cebu to the USA, then here are a few helpful tips to consider.



As I have said, to many others,


  • Is it Sincere? Make sure the relationship is real and that your LDR girl/boyfriend is being genuine and sincere with you.




Without a doubt, it gets expensive.


  • Nevertheless, meeting him or her in person is a requirement. That could cost the sponsor thousands of dollars.


  • Furthermore, getting to know them online, before investing to much money should be taken into consideration.


  • Subsequently, meeting personally could lead to bigger, and better things.


  • Undeniably, one trip to visit him or her may not be enough to satisfy each other in knowing if a marriage would be right for the two of you.


As a result,  if the trust is there.


  • In addition, If the couple has mutual feelings toward one another, and red flags aren’t popping up, then chances are this is for you and the pursuit of a K1 Visa would be a great ideal.


I was shooting in the dark at the beginning of our K1 Visa journey, thinking it can’t be that hard and I would be able do it on my own.

After doing research on which my fiance in the Philippines needed, and trying to figure out all of the needed paperwork, plus other requirements, It freaked me out, and I went into panic mode.

My Filipina fiance told me she had a friend who gave her the FilAm Facebook account and we contacted them.

Long story short I probably would have screwed everything up, had I gone this alone.

Brian & Sheila Mae

K1 Visa Cebu, Requirements

Consequently, not all couples, will need to provide the same K1 Visa requirements in part with their I-129F Application.



In brief, some couples will require a lot more than others based on their situation. Below are requirements for K1 Visa Cebu Philippines Couples.



  • First, the sponsor is a US Citizen and not a green card holder.

  • Second, the couple has physically met in person, within the past two years and is able to prove it.

  • Third, the couple can show their intent to marry within 90-days of the alien fiances arrival on US soil.

  • Next, the couple can provide supporting document of a genuine and sincere relationship.

  • And then, does the US sponsor has the capability to financially support the alien fiance and can prove it.

  • Extremely, important the alien fiance is able to pass a medical exam as part of the interview.

  • Next, is neither the sponsor, or alien fiance, has a disqualifying criminal convictions.

  • However, if you do, then we advise you to seek consulting, to better understand if you qualify, and what needs to be done.

  • Furthermore, only if applicable, you will be required to provide certified Divorce decree, Annulment certificate or Death certificate.



Of course, there may be more depending on each individuals circumstances.



FilAm Immigration Services, will be able to let the couple know if they have a good solid chance of getting a K1 Visa or may face rejection or worse a denial.



Summing up,

Why not found out, in 48 hours or less, if you, and your alien fiance, has a decent chance at getting the K1 Visa by completing, our free online K1 Visa evaluation.

(It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete).


My free consultation with a FilAm Coach saved me considerably from making very costly mistakes.

As the sponsor I have been married 3 times, and knew nothing about the need to disclose my previous marriages.

In addition I had a few DUI’s in the past 20 years which I also would have been affected with unknowingly.

With the help of FilAm, I was able to provide police and court records making my petition process smooth.

Sincerely Brandon & Cindy

Frequently Asked Questions about the K1 Visa Cebu

Where will the Filipino Alien Fiance attend the K1 Visa Interview?

  • U.S. Embassy in Manila
    1201 Roxas Blvd, Ermita,
    Manila, 1000 Metro Manila



Where will the Filipino alien fiance attend the K1 Medical exam?

  • St. Luke’s Extension Clinic In Manila



In Addition,
You can include the Filipino alien fiances children to be a part of the K1 Visa process?

  • Yes as long as the US Sponsor is able to meet the USCIS Poverty Guidelines, then the kids of the alien fiance can come together as K-2 Children



What to Expect,
How long does the process of getting a K1 Visa take?

  • Every couple applying for the K1 visa has different situations, and for some the process takes longer.

    if your a couple with no previous marriages, or criminal records, then your case will likely move faster.


    Another thing to consider is if the couple filed correctly with all of the right supporting documents.

    On average, the start to finish can take between 4 to 8 months.


On the Whole,

How much does it cost, to get a K1 Visa Cebu, Philippines to the USA?

  • There maybe more, or less, when it comes to other expenses, such as passports, photos, birth certificates, civil status records, and police records.

    But the Government fees alone, will cost you for just a K1 Visa $1,275.

    • USCIS Filing fee is $675.

    • Nonimmigrant visa application fee is $265.

    • Medical exam fee is $335.


My wife got her K1 Visa through the service of FilAm Immigration, and we had no regrets whatsoever.

The process was very smooth and the coach we had was super informative and very detailed in explaining all of the steps that we needed to go through.

After she arrived to the In United States we married and FilAm Immigration again assisted us through getting her green card and employment authorization.

Sincere thank you from Bill & Monica

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