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We Specialize in Philippines, K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL

Many K1 Fiance and CR1 Spouse Visas Populate Florida
With 47% from the Philippines.
Our Service is unique K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL.

We Specialize in K1 Fiance(e) Visa Service Bradenton FL.

Updated August 11, 2019 From the Philippines to Bradenton FL you can bring your Fiance(e) or Spouse QUICK – EASY – AFFORDABLY While we remove the stress and worry so that you and your loved one can continue to enjoy the romance.

We have been assisting couple since early 2003 by reuniting them on US soil with the K1 Fiance Visa or the CR1 / IR1 Visa for spouses.

We have procured more than 2,600 K1 & CR1 Visas successfully and can GUARANTEE that if you follow FilAm Immigration Services instructions you to will succeed in getting the proper visa for your situation.

With an office in Orlando, Florida and office in the Philippines we have all the bases covered. K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL is one of many cities throughout the United States that we assist.

However office visits are never required as all the work is done electronically we make our selves available 24/7 to all of our clients. All US Citizens can communicate with us through our US number and e-mail or chat with us on Skype or FB and our K1 or CR1 Visa applicants will be able to communicate with us on their time zone through our Philippines mobile numbers as well as facebook, Viber, WhatsAp or Skype.

We offer competitive packages to meet your budget! 

We have a service for everyone depending on what your needs are? K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL has been a huge need in the recent years with so many LDR taking place from the Philippines.


Everything mention above in the DELUXE package plus both sponsor and beneficiary will have unlimited communication with our office throughout the whole process to answer all questions and concerns about the K1 Visa processing. In addition we offer full support both to the sponsor and the K1 Applicant during the US Embassy interview process. This includes St. Lukes clinic, Non immigrant visa applications, case files for interview, CFO Seminar, guidance of procuring all proper Philippines documents, mock interview and US Port of Entry all the way until your loved one has arrive into Florida to be by your side.


The Platinum offers everything that you would get in our Basic & Deluxe Packages except you can take it a step further, if you purchase this package which is also known as our A-Z process. This will carry our service ongoing right through once you and your Fiance(e) have married FilAm Immigration Services will then begin the process of Adjusting your now wife’s status to Conditional Resident status, plus we will also process her Employment Authorization and Advance Parole so that she can return to the Philippines and re-enter into the United States if indeed a family emergency arises?

If you chose our DELUXE then you decide to let us do your Status change later it will cost you $325.00

Our CR-1 / IR-1 Visa Service fee: $525.

K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL also does CR1 Spouse Visas, assisting both the sponsor and the beneficiary with the complete process for either the CR-1 or the IR-1 Visa depending on how long you have been married? We will gather all the required biographic information from both husband and wife then gather all of the correct USCIS forms and completely fill them in with the right information to insure that your petition will not be rejected.

Both the husband and wife shall have unlimited communication with our office from start to finish to guide and counsel with you through phone, email, online chatting so that your questions and concerns will be taken care of throughout the whole process. We shall guide you with our instruction every step of the way and will be able to communicate with you about all the letters that will come to both of your from USCIS & NVC. 

We will instruct and guide your spouse at the appropriate time with St. Luke’s clinic and the interview. We will instruct her through with her CFO Guidance and Counseling session and her US Port of Entry. 

In Need of US Embassy Support for a K1 Fiancee, but was not our client? $200.
K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL also provides online support to K1 Fiances that are in need of US Embassy assistance.

In Need of a Complete Adjustment of Status, but was not our client? $325.

If you have more than (1) one child who arrived as K2 Children and they are Adjusting their status together with their K1 parent, we will require an additional $75. on the 2rd. child plus each additional child if more.

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K1 Visa Service Bradenton FL
Bradenton FL 2007 K1 Visa

Dear FilAm Team,
We wanted to say thank you for doing a fabulous job with Tammy. It only took 4 months for our I-129F Petition to get approved and on the 5th month she was here. I owe it all to you for your guidance and counseling that you guys rendered to us. You truly are “EXPERTS!” My wife and I are already pregnant with our first child ever and will be sharing pictures with you. Many thanks from,

Troy & Tammy Derks 2007 Bradenton FL