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Do you think your dealing with a Gold digger a scammer?

Since the world of online chatting, globally scams are always on high alert. Could you’re potential spouse be doing K1 Visa Scams? Red Flags,


K1 Visa Scams!
Nobody wants to be scammed!

k1 visa scams

It’s something many K1 Sponsors prefer to not talk about.

Every year K1 sponsors get scammed out of thousands of dollars by their fiancees.

This isn’t a page to put the many good ladies to shame as there are many more good decent women out there than there are bad ones!

Online scams take place everyday!

But many usually don’t think it will happen to them. Many American guys whom we have consulted with had talked about the many girls and sometimes fake girls who diligently tried to scam them out of money after only a couple of chats.

Scamming has become a way of life for many and some have gotten rich off of doing it while many others have watched others do it and decided if they can do it, SO CAN I !

Dating Sites:

Online dating hasn’t slowed down at all since it took off in 1993 as the internet and internet cafes had gotten more and more popular.


Imagine a man having been married to a Westerner woman for 20 years and in those 20 years, his wife treated him more like an ATM to lean on rather than to treat him like a husband who loved his family and worked hard daily to try and keep harmony in it?

Sad But True:

Then finally, as many will tell you a divorce took place and the man often times gets stuck with hefty child support, some with alimony and they lose their house some loose half of their pensions and ex-wife’s family alienate you and teach you’re children that you were nothing but a bad father.

So then through time this man heals and tries to move in his life with the hope and dreams of starting over!


The age range of these men usually between 32 to 65 feeling like scum when in fact many of them really have been outstanding citizens and role models in their family, now left out as if they’re nothing but garbage.

Testing the Water:


So now you take one of these men who discover online dating or maybe even use Social Network and many will at first dabble in it…

The self-esteem of many such men is low and they feel like nobody wants them, that there too old or lack desirable features that a woman wants in a man?

So now he decides to take a shot at it and find out if this is for him or maybe not?


As many have reported telling me for years now that lots of women mostly young and very attractive girls had caught their attention! SOUND FAMILIAR?


Before you know it there are numerous women wanting to chat with him and sharing pictures and asking for his email address, his FB account, does he have Skype or Viber and can he call her?

Feeling Alive Again:

It doesn’t take much time for a guy to start liking all of the attention and suddenly his esteem is rising through the ceiling and now he’s chatting live with a cam and before he knows it, he’s falling in love!

As many guys have told me after the first chat with some of these ladies, their already telling him that they love him, some batting their eyes lashes at him, having huge smiles on their faces and some will even dress very provocative to lure his attention.

I can spare you all of the details and cut to the chase here.

Before I proceed! Let me tell you that throughout the past nearly 20 years, I have known and heard about scammers who have done their best to rape a guy financially, leaving him to bleed and lick his wounds and YEP YOU GOT IT!


Try to start over again.


But also in those 20 years, I have known more decent, genuine, sincere, honorable, and educated woman that have done all the right things and had a burning desire to marry one of these guys and get their K1 Fiancee Visas.

True Love Really Does Exist:


There is a lot of “BAD ONES” out there but plenty of good ones also! Try to stick with girls a little more in you’re age range is what I have taught many guys,

but then we have found out that some older ones are also scamming and some who say their not married really are married and don’t have kids but really do have kids!

The truth is, there are also many awesome, intelligent, educated, younger ladies who are genuine and sincere as well and many of those also very attractive and beautiful.

So it’s mostly about how a person was raised up? So we have guys 30 and 40 years older find true love with young ladies also.

Is everyone a scammer?

Absolutely Not!


Fishing For Dollars:

Many guys have said that they felt as if the girl was trying to scam them and those girls would be blocked or ignored while the guy continued to weed out all the bad ones until he had maybe a hand full of what he felt was genuine keepers?

FilAm throughout the years has helped guys by teaching them how to spot what we call,


Possible Signs That You’re Dealing With A Scammer:

  • They tell you after a short time of communication that they love you.

    Many believe that telling a person you love them without meeting in person or communicating for a lengthy period of time is a person that is not sincere.

  • They tell you that they’ll be online at a certain time but are often late.

    Often time a girl who acts like this is chatting with another guy or already has a boyfriend with her, or possibly married?

  • They come online moody or not very talkative almost have tears in their eyes.

    This is a very common scenario where she acts sad and wants you to ask her what’s wrong, only to tell you that her grandmother or aunt is very sick and needs medicine but it’s a way for her to try and get you to send her money.

  • They tell you that they can’t chat with you long or maybe only sometimes.

    Again this is a line often used in an effort to try and get you to send them some money to help them pay for their internet cafe bill or buy load for wifi. This one is a judgment call.

  • They chat really good with you for a couple of weeks then disappear.

    We’ve heard this sort of thing happen often and more than none it was for reason that she had another foreigner meeting her in person and so she was not able to communicate with you.

  • You call them but their phone is turned off. 

    Depending on how long you both have been communicating this one could be because she’s mad at you and doesn’t want to talk to you?

    Or sometimes she is doing something else like maybe partying or with someone that she doesn’t want you to know about?

    Use your discretion about this and also find out what time of day this happens?

The really clever scammers will never ask you for money but feed you a good line in hopes that you’ll read between the lines?

The bottom line to all of this is that it always has money attached to it!

So how is anyone suppose to know if their being scammed or if it’s a sincere relationship?

The truth is, every last one of us needs money to live on and depending on where you live money doesn’t come easy.


It’s alright to take care of someone that you already met in person and have spent enough time to know that they are either sincere or not?

Be very careful to not make promises about buying this or that!


The best advice I can tell most of you is to not be taking pictures of your house or car or boat or luxury items as this only paints a picture of DOLLARS SIGNS in a person’s eyes.

A truly good woman will not for any reason ask you for financial support or try to get you to read between the lines as a way that she needs you’re support.

Below are three true stories of being scammed by a K1 Beneficiary.

Two of the scammers where applicants of ours while the third one was a client who came to us after being scammed over a year ago.

Do you think you’re being scammed?


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Couple 1

Back in 2012, we had a couple who came to us for K1 Visa assistance. The age difference of that couples was him 47 and her 19.

That particular girl tried to milk it out as long as possible by telling her American fiance things like I want to finish my College which ate up some extra months.


Plus the American fiance had made multiple trips in the period of a year and a half.

The Alien Fiancee was able to get her American fiance to build a new home for her family, paid for a sari-sari store and got her uncle a motorcycle to convert into a tricycle for hire.


Then she convinced him to pay for her college and her younger sister’s college.

Finally, when it was her turn to go to her medical exam and interview, she had even convinced us that she completed both and that her K1 Visa has been approved.

Not us nor the sponsor had seen any sort of proof that she completed her medical or her embassy interview?


We never saw her K1 Visa and this was based on trust both from us and her fiance.

Next she asked her fiance to send her two thousand dollars so that she could purchase her airline tickets from her friend that worked at a travel agent which we normally tell the sponsor to buy the tickets in the USA.


Then she also wanted to use part of that 2K to buy new luggage and some gifts.

I told the sponsor to not send her 2K that he should buy the tickets himself which he did and he ended up sending her five hundred for new luggage and gifts only which he said she was not at all happy about that.

About a week later that sponsor contacted us to say that after being nearly 8 hours inside the airport where she was supposed to land, she ended up being a no show!


He tried calling the parents, the uncle the sister everyone of their phones was turned of.

He emailed his fiancee and messaged her on Yahoo messenger and no signs of anyone.


Days later this continued and he started feeling like she had scammed him?


Then about 10 days later he received a postal letter from the US Embassy saying that his beneficiary was a no show at her interview and that’s when the truth finally came out.

It doesn’t mean he talked to her or her family they all changed numbers and turned off all of their old accounts so he couldn’t reach them.


That sponsor in the period of one and a half years had given that family a total of ten thousand dollars only to find out that she had scammed him.

Couple 2


Another one of our original clients that filed for the K1 Fiancee visa had a rocky relationship, all this took place back in 2014.


The guy’s girl was very quiet throughout the whole time they were waiting for USCIS to approve their petition which back then took about 4 months.


This girl had gone to her medical and to her interview and we did see proof of all that and she did arrive in the USA as scheduled and the Couples did stay together for the first two months with plans on getting married the following week thereafter.

This true story isn’t so much about scamming for money but scamming a man to get her to the USA which is exactly what happened.

Now up to the week of their wedding, it was said that she started causing a lot of friction by arguing and acting depressed saying that she was homesick and that she no longer had a desire to get married to this guy.

Then sometimes she’s changing her story by saying she needed to go home her mother’s been really sick then another time she said her niece missed her so much that she was failing in her subjects at school.

That sponsor told me that the arguing and the way that his fiancee turned on him made him so sad and to the point that he wished he’d never known her until he finally told her enough is enough,

I’ll stick you on a plane and get you back to you’re family which he did purchase her ticket then took her to the airport and his only big mistake was he dropped her off at the curb and drove away.

But to make a long story short.. He later found out that she never went back to the Philippines at all, instead she already had another ticket bought for her by another man who lived on the opposite side of the Country where she flew too,

to try and be with him which eventually it all backfired on her and she got caught then deported end of story..

Couple 3


The last Couple came to us in 2018 after the sponsor had already filed an I-129F Petition almost two years earlier.


The problem was about the first petition he filed for another girl he did not use us to assist him on the first one.

He told us about what happened on the first attempt and from listening to him, he was very much in the dark and essentially he had been scammed.

That girl he was petitioning with a K1 Fiancee visa was supported by him for 8 months, and in the end, he paid for her non-immigrant visa application fee, her medical and travel expenses to get from the province up to Manila.

From what I understood she never used any of the money he sent her for application fees or medical or travel expenses.


She never went to her interview even though she had told him she done all of those things, in fact, she did not.

She apparently tried to milk him for more in the end but it was “GAME OVER” for her when another person that knew both of them had contacted him to tell him that she was back together with her old boyfriend and pregnant.