K1 Visa Requirements

K1 Visa Requirements USA – Philippines

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K1 Visa Requirements, knowing how to get started.

U.S. Citizens that have a Filipina Fiancées
living in the Philippines.

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The Couple K1 Visa Requirements:

  • The U.S. Citizen is called the Sponsor or Petitioner
  • The Alien Fiancée is called the Beneficiary

USCIS Requirements:

The list covers all of the K1 Visa requirements however there may be more depending on you’re circumstances?

Must both be free to marry:
If either one of you been married before then you must mention “all”  previous marriages. You will need true unaltered certified photocopies of any that applies to either one of you? Divorce decrees, Annulments, Death Certificates.

The U.S. Petitioner:
Must be able to prove he or she is a United States citizen. Green card holders are not eligible for the K-1 visa. They are, however, eligible for a CR1 visa, although the process can take up to two years or longer.

You both must not have any particular felony type records according to IMBRA.
See IMBRA rules to learn more (Go here…)

If either one of you has criminal records that fall under IMBRA:
You should seek professional counseling before filing the I-129F Petition.

There are certain crimes that could disqualify you from using the K1 Visa.
Certain types of felonies and non-felon crimes require you to provide a certified court and or police records. K1 Visa Requirements may be different for Couples of other Countries.

Sponsors proof of Citizenship:
The U.S.Citizen must prove his citizenship by providing a U.S. Passport biographic information page & U.S. birth certificate.

If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen, then you must provide photocopies of every page of your U.S. Passport and provide information about your naturalization as asked on your I-129F Application.

Your beneficiaries children:
If applicable, the Filipino Fiancées children must be mentioned on the petition even if the children will not be a part of the K1/K2 process? The children can be a part of the process, if the sponsor meets the poverty guidelines and if the children are under the age of 21.

K1 Visa Proof of Meeting:
Both must physically meet each other in person as a requirement of USCIS in order to file an I-129F petition for Alien Fiancée.

Important Note:
Many couples misunderstand the (2) two-year rule?
It means you must file no later than two years of your meeting in person.
“Not” you must file only after you have known each other for 2 years, this is wrong!

K1 Visa Requirements

K1 Visa Requirements
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Know Before You File:
Often times Couples think that they are ready and have everything needed in order to get a K1 Fiancee Visa? Often times I talk to Couples who either tell me that they almost filed their I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee or that they “Did File” already at USCIS.

After talking to some on the phone they find out that they made some mistakes either forgot some items or used wrong forms or even filed when one or the other was still married and not yet legally divorced or annulled?

Big Mistakes:
If this happens to you what can be done? Practically nothing unless you get lucky and receive an RFE Request for Evidence in the mail and it’s something that you can be fixed?

But what if it’s something major that can’t be undone like one of you is still married and divorce decrees or annulments haven’t been part of the petition? This happens a lot because Couples think that because a divorce or annulment is getting done that their petition will be alright?

The truth is once USCIS receives your I-129F Petition you can’t change it, you can’t recall it, and eventually, that petition will be rejected and if that happens then you’ll need to start al over again except this time do it the right way.

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