K1 Relationship Proof

Proving that you have a genuine relationship
K1 Visa Relationship Proof

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K1 Visa Relationship Proof

K1 Visa Relationship Proof is Vital at the US Embassy Interview.

K1 Visa Relationship Proof:
USCIS has some very strict proof of relationship requirements that must be observed by the sponsor and the alien beneficiary.

FilAm has made this page available to better equip couples in accumulating the needed proof that is vital to your success.

The U.S. Embassy Philippines is perhaps one of the toughest Embassy in the world to acquire most any type of visa. But when it comes to K1 Visa Relationship Proof, Interviewers are constantly determining if the relationship is sincere and genuine?

Please realize that all cases are not alike and depending on your case, certain items may or may not be needed.

Our free consultation is to evaluate your case and see where you and your alien Fiance(e) or Spouse stand in order that we can better serve you.

Through our years of experience, we have been able to determine that those who attend their U.S. Embassy Interview with plenty of well put together K1 Visa Relationship Proof, documentation by following our instructions and examples are the ones that have the best results.

Most importantly is, those who attend their interviews with everything mentioned below are the ones who have more confidence and are less likely to be nervous throughout the interview.

The key to a successful interview is to have arms loaded everything labeled neatly so that interviewers can see that you are a serious Couple.

K1 Visa Relationship Proof

K1 Visa Relationship Proof is a KEY COMPONENT:
If you are in the early stages of building a relationship or wanting to begin with the I-129F petition, you need to have a look at all of the gold nuggets that contribute to you having plenty of proof of an ongoing relationship.

Below is a list of the very best items needed for building you’re K1 Visa Relationship Proof for the US Embassy.

  • Snail Mail,
    also known as postal letters or postcards are still highly appreciated by U.S. Embassy Interviewers and should have the actual envelope together with the letter and not photocopies.

    The best and easiest K1 Visa Relationship Proof are emailing.
  • Email letters,
    always try to make your emails at least a 1/4 of a page long. Never reply off of each other best to start a brand new email every time and print out all your emails to one another as U.S. Embassy Interviews really prefer above all else to see emails! In fact, it’s not at all uncommon for them to ask for at least 100 pages of email.

  • Small or large gift packages,
    FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, balikbayan box. All are time consuming and pricey ways of sending gifts from the United States to the Philippines? If you have done this, then save all the receipts and delivery receipts have your fiancee make pictures together with the gifts.

  • Sending Gifts,
    online gifts go to “google” and search by typing in gifts or flowers or chocolates then put the word Philippines at the end, and you’ll get lots of Philippines online stores that you could use to send your fiancee a gift through. Save the delivery receipts and take pictures holding the gift.

  • Phone calls
    are still a good way to show proof of an ongoing relationship by savings phone bill records. This is more expensive but occasionally couples still have a need for doing it this way.

  • Financial support,
    weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or once in a while could be helpful by both the sender and receiver saving all of the receipts. Western Union, Money Gram, XOOM, Remitly, PayPal or any others.

  • Text messaging records.
    Some couples send text messages and the phone carrier will provide records of all the text messages sent.

  • Online chatting Apps,
    like Viber, Wechat, WhatsApp, are all good ways of communicating through messages phone calls or video chat.

  • Social Networks
    such as Facebook, or others allow you to print messages to each other or do screenshots of conversations.

  • Financial Records
    One of the last required items a US sponsor will need to provide to the foreign fiance will be “financial records”, which really doesn’t fall under the category of relationship proof. However it is equally important and many Couples ask about this, so we included it as a reminder.

More advice for proving your relationship is genuine and sincere.

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K1 Visa Relationship Proof

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