Relationship Proof

K1 Visa Relationship Proof, Is You’re Relationship Genuine And Sincere?

k1 visa relationship proof
K1 visa relationship proof

Many ask what should we be doing while waiting? We tell them to work on K1 Visa Relationship Proof.

Quick ways to hookup:
While your I-129F Petition is now awaiting USCIS to get to it, the process oftentimes can take several months. Of course, the Couple wants to be able to communicate with one another at the snap of their fingers and that usually can be done on Apps such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype.

These methods are mainly what keeps the relationship alive! It is the air that the relationship breathes daily in order for the Couples to stay alive. In the old days before smartphones and internet access, many Couples relied on snail mail and calling cards to keep alive which was very costly and painfully long wait.

K1 Visa Relationship Proof

Screen Shots or Print Screen:
Practically everyone knows how to save conversations from fb, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype, simply through screen shots as a method to show that the Couple is using the App to communicate. Saving all of these are not in vein, however, we do like our K1 Client’s to attend their interviews with arms fully loaded, knowing the interviewers are still wanting to see something more real.

Proof that Carries more weight:
In the very beginning upon becoming our client, we stress the importance of supporting documents that will be used at the interview for proving that the relationship is genuine and sincere. Interviewers are more inclined to believe that such things as:
EMAIL | POSTAL LETTERS | PHONE BILL RECORDS | are the most effective proof.

K1 Visa Relationship Proof

Let’s start with emails K1 Visa Relationship Proof:
Emails do not keep the relationship alive the same way our phone apps do. Most people nowadays don’t like sending emails as it is more like writing a letter and most of us are accustomed to instant messages rather that email.

At FilAm we encourage couples to send each other at least 50 emails if possible 50 from the sponsor and 50 from the beneficiary. They don’t need to be long drawn out emails just 5 lines is plenty. It is important in your emails to not talk about the beneficiary coming to the US to get work or attend school or visit family or friends if they have any there?

Only talk about relationship topics mostly lovey-dovey talk is acceptable. Remember to always create a new email every time and not replay each other as it creates stringers and looks horrible later on when you’re printing them out. The reason interviewers like emails is because it shows the full header of the email service and the time stamp dates also email from email too.

One of you or both of you should save all the emails and print them out maybe once a month so that it’s not such a burden once your preparing for the interview?

K1 Visa Relationship Proof

Postal Letters K1 Visa Relationship Proof:
People can tolerate emails a lot better than postal mail, but we still have some Couples once in awhile doing this to send things like Birthday cards, Anniversary cards, Valentine’s day cards, Christmas cards, and just regular letters.

If you’re doing this then go ahead and save the envelope keep it together with its proper letter. Honestly, Interviewers will love Postal mail even better than emails. The same could also be applied if you sent any gift packages to each other? SAVE the receipts of the gift, save the delivery receipt, take pictures holding the package and the gift then attach all receipts to the pictures.

K1 Visa Relationship Proof

Phone Bill Records K1 Visa Relationship Proof:
Many Couples refuse to do this also because of the expense involved. I mean with all of the free online apps why would anyone want to waste money doing this? Some still do this maybe occasionally, so if by chance you do, then this is also a favorite of the interviewers.

Calls made to the Philippines should show on your phone bill the beneficiaries phone number and you could highlight it in yellow. The same with the beneficiary, if you call your fiance in the USA you can save records and high-light all calls with yellow as shown in the below example:

K1 Visa Relationship Proof

K1 Visa Relationship Proof
K1 Visa Relationship Proof

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