K1 Visa Process
5 steps for K1 or CR1 Visas.

K1 Visa Process
K1 Visa Process

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K1 Visa Process step by step includes
Gathering required bio-data, Filling out USCIS forms, Printing and signing names, Prepare for interview, US Port of Entry,

1. Free Consultation

Contacting us for your free consultation is vital, so that we know where you and your beneficiary stand in the whole process and we can evaluate how to handle your case based on age differences, income qualifications, and a host of other important things in order that we can insure your processing and interview will have a much higher chance of being approved.

There are a number of ways to reach us to have a consultation and the consultation doesn’t need to be with both couples primarily we can gather most of the important information from the sponsor.

Here are the most common ways that people reach us for a consultation:

Call our Orlando FL phone by dialing +1 321-222-9998

Call or text us at our Philippines mobile number Globe +63.917.451.4214

Hook up with us on facebook here –
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On Viber or WhatsAp +639174514214

If your in the Philippines and like to come to meet with us in person you will need to call to schedule an appointment. We are located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

K1 Visa Process

2. Bio-data Collection

Upon becoming a FilAm client, we will email the couple their bio-data questionnaire that can be filled out online from the comforts of your home or office?

The bio-data collection is vital and requires 5 years of physical address and employment history just to mention a few.

USCIS and the USDHS work together to do an in depth check on ever application filed which amounts to ten of thousands every year. The process is also well known as vetting.

All of your personal bio-data that we collect is stored away from prying eyes and is purely used only for your USCIS forms and the US Embassy.

At a later date we will update your information and continue to use much of it for the adjustment of Status processing.

Every piece of information plus your applications are all stored safely on the cloud for your added security.

FilAm Immigration Services does not and never will sell your vital information plus phone numbers, email addresses receipt numbers, case numbers, Alien numbers and passport information remains under lock and key until our work with the couples is 100% done.

K1 Visa Process

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3. Printing & Signatures

Once FilAm has completed your petition for Alien Fiancee or Spouse Visa, we carefully review everything for accuracy by two separate individuals to insure the forms are correctly answered?

The process of completing a couples petition can be done in as little as 3 hours depending on how thorough the applicant was at giving us “ALL” of the correct information and nothing was lacking in the way of 5 years history?

As soon as FilAm is satisfied that your forms and supplemental letters have been filled in correctly we will email the done forms to each one of the couple attached as a pdf.

The couple will open the attachments and review all in put information to make sure they don’t spot any mistakes also?

If everything looks great they will printout the forms and sign their names in the location asking for a signature.

Other important instructions will be emailed to you both about various documents and records needed in order to satisfy USCIS once they receive your petition.

K1 Visa Process

4. Preparing for Interview

At this point USCIS and the USDHS will have processed your petition which normally takes several months and then contact you by email followed by an approval notice that arrives postal mail and tells you the petition has been approved and is now ready to be forwarded to the consulate for further administration.

At this time FilAm puts priority with these couples by putting together step-by-step informative emails that outline everything that they can start working on right now?

FilAm will prepare the sponsors financial affidavit of support and instruct them about which supporting documents are going to be used to let interviewers know that they meet the financial requirements?

For the beneficiary, FilAm will be instructing them about all the needed documents, records, applications and assisting them on how to place everything to be used at their medical exam and US Embassy Interview?

We will schedule their interview and prepare them for their medical and schedule an appointment for their online file review and conduct a mock interview.

K1 Visa Process

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5. Your Visa Has Been Approved

After your US Embassy Interview, it normally takes 10 to 14 working days before the Visa is delivered to your home, work or for pick-up. FilAm Immigration will provide the beneficiary with details about how to track the progress of their visa as well as when it will be up for delivery? We’ll provide details on how to inspect the visa packet before they sign for it?

The Visa is now in your hands but wait! You still can’t just hop on a jet plane yet and leave! The Philippines wants each and everyone of their Citizens to undergo a Guidance and Counseling Program which is a mandatory seminar conducted by the Philippines government. Just because you have a visa doesn’t mean you can just leave the Philippines.

FilAm will instruct your fiancee or spouse with detailed instructions about where to attend, what to bring, cost and scheduling an appointment? Once they have received certification of attendance and their passport sticker, they will now have clearance. This also includes any K2 or CR2 children.

Now for the final step! Pre-Departure Orientation which FilAm will provide detailed instructions about how they will prepare their belongings and what must be in their carry on such as important visa packets, passports, medical records, etc.. They will be informed about how to prepare and answer questions for the Philippines Bureau of Immigration at the airport.

Further instructions are provided to them about how to prepare their inflight customs and declaration card, US Immigration Arrival/Departure card and about how to approach and answer questions and what to show at the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol inspection station once they arrive at their US Port of entry?

K1 Visa Process

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