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All K1/K2 Applicants are required, prior to the US Embassy Interview to complete DS160 Non Immigrant Visa Application. Get Started Here.

DS-160 Step-by-step

You’ll need to work on this from a laptop or desktop computer. Many smart devices are not capable of. Please make sure that you have a good stable internet connection in order to avoid hassles and losing your work!

Who can fill out the DS-160:
According to the US Department of State, the “Primary Applicant” is supposed to be the one who completes the application. However, it is advised for children under the age of 14 to have their parents complete theirs for them.

If you live in a poor internet area then the sponsor may complete the DS-160. In the end, it will require an electronic signature and an uploaded 2×2 passport-style photo of the beneficiary.

Before you start working on the DS-160 it is very helpful to go here and have a better understanding of what is needed?
(DS-160 Overview)

FilAm can also guide you in any way we can with questions that may be difficult for you to answer?

Start you’re DS160 (Go here..)
It is best to open this link in the Mozilla web browser https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/

Please use the example steps below to have a better experience.

1st. Step

1st. Step

2nd. Step

2nd. Step

We think it’s better to use the Mozilla web browser because other browsers tend to get this code generator a lot as seen below:

Its annoying while filling out the application, but just to let you know.

Step 3

Below is a question that a lot of people select the wrong answer. Please select “Yes” as shown below.

Part 1 in security and background questions vaccination records must select “YES”

Part 1 in security and background questions vaccination records must select “YES”

Confirmation Page

After you have completed you’re DS-160 you could do a review of the entire DS-160 as they give you a review link and you can send that to us also to review.

After the review, if everything now looks good you will need to make sure that you have uploaded a new 2×2 passport-style photo, then put your electronic signature, then click submit, and you’re all done.

Next, you will have to print our DS-160 Confirmation page in color or in grey-scale if you prefer? The Confirmation page is required to be shown at St. Luke’s and at the U.S. Embassy Interview. See below example:

Please print out you’re DS-160 Confirmation page as you’ll need it at the medical and interview.