k1 visa denial reasons

K1 Visa Denial

Jaw-dropping reasons for getting a K1 Visa denial.

Getting denied at your K1 Visa interview can be a devastating blow to the couple. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to avoid being denied, reasons interviewers deny and types of denials? How the couple can better prepare themselves for a K1 visa interview?

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Avoid a Devastating K1 Visa Denial at your Interview with these Surefire steps!

Now unless you’re alien fiancee has ill intentions and fails purposely maybe because he or she was a scammer right from the get-go? Or they fell out of love somewhere along the way but still liked receiving your financial support right up to the end?

But if you and your alien fiancee have a rock-solid relationship then as a team you both have very little to stand in your way and that is what I will talk to you about in this post how you both can avoid a K1 Visa Denial?

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K1 Visa Couples Rock Solid Relationship

Avoiding a K1 Visa Denial “Rock Solid or Not”

Anyone who has been around the K1 Visa process, as a guide to couples will tell you that no matter how ROCK SOLID the couple is with their relationship an interviewer can flush it all down the drain in a second.

Rock Solid in this case is referring to K1 visa couples who have armloads of supporting documentation to show at the interview as a means that they have a genuine and sincere relationship.

This would also have to include the sponsor’s income capabilities.

For your alien fiancee to have as much knowledge about the US sponsor is also a huge plus. I have known alien fiancee’s to go in with armloads of relationship proof yet when asked a few questions by the interviewer cracked! A little nervousness, combined with a lack of knowledge killed it!

Couples who seriously want their K1 visa approved should start early in and not wait until the last minute to accumulate the things that really matter?

If you’re a couple that has uncertainty about how all of this works and you want to be sure to avoid a fiance visa denial, then I urge you to follow as many of these steps as possible if you want K1 visa success! In other words “APPROVED”.

There are often little things that couples either overlooked or just felt weren’t important that can get you a K1 visa denial. “I have a saying”! It’s always better to go to your K1 visa interview with too much than not enough.

K1 Visa Couples taking notes

A strong knowledge of your US fiance means less chance of a K1 Visa Denial.

I think there are not enough LDR couples that are following this sure way method? I think for LDR couples this is super important for your K1 visa success later on when it’s your turn to get interviewed.

But when I myself was searching for that one of kind new lover for myself, I had made a list of some realistic characteristics I was looking for in my ideal partner?

We’re all human and we make mistakes every day. Attitudes will eventually show up to the meeting, tempers will also drop by from time to time and like shopping for a brand new car or buying a home we can accept some bad but not too much.

I had to sets of notes.

My notes about who I wanted and later notes that I recorded about my new prospective partner.

My notes of what I wanted?My recorded notes about my new partner?
I wanted a ChristianShe was Roman Catholic me Born Again
Someone with good moralsWe both shared high moral standards
A good education was importantShe was actually higher educated than me
Someone with good hygiene was a plus We both were on the same page with this one
Someone with no kidsI had from another marriage she didn’t have
Some who was not materialisticShe was more into saving money than spending
A non-drinker non-smokerWe both drank moderately for special occasions
I didn’t like tattoos or piercingsNeither one of us had any and kept it that away
A down to earth personShe was raised the same as me very down to earth
Someone who doesn’t have anger issuesHer mind was clean and she believed in prayer
Preferably someone, not lazyEvery one of us have lazy days as long as not much
Someone who shared the same ideasShe like me was adventurous and willing to learn
I didn’t like a flirty girlShe made it known that she is content with one only
Someone who honored their parentsA plus for me as she was very honoring to hers

The list for me was much longer and got into the nuts and bolts of who she was, who I was, what we both were really wanting in life as well as did we share some of the same long term goals, did she want her own family, would she accept my kids?

Every couple needs to have their own before and after notes.

This is especially important for the alien fiancee to learn daily until it becomes second nature to her? I put together a list of what embassy interviewers are most probable to ask your alien fiancee during her interview?

How to get your K1 Visa denied?

Usually, an interviewer won’t ask all of these questions but make no mistake they will deny your K1 visa for sure if you are unable to correctly answer even one of these questions.

  • Not knowing the sponsor’s full name
  • Not knowing where the sponsor was born city, state, and country
  • Not knowing the sponsor’s date of birth
  • Not knowing where the sponsor lives as in street address city, state, zip code
  • Not knowing how long the sponsor has lived at his current address
  • Not knowing if the sponsor has been married or not
  • Not knowing if the sponsor has children
  • Not knowing the sponsor’s parents names
  • Not knowing if the sponsor has a criminal past
  • Not knowing where the sponsor works
  • Not knowing the sponsor’s position at their job
  • Not knowing how long the sponsor has been at their current job
  • Not remembering the dates the sponsor visited you
  • Not being clear and detailed about what you did while visiting
  • Not knowing how tall the sponsor is or eye color hair color and weight

These are very common questions that the alien fiancee should be prepared to give a correct answer too. Still, the interviewer could ask you questions that are not mentioned on my list. It totally can depend on the situation of the couple as everyone has different circumstances.

Be sure that the alien fiancee takes notes and be sure that she knows these answers before attending the embassy interview to avoid a K1 Visa denial.

K1 Visa Couples making time to communicate

It’s not at all uncommon for people to be online chatting with numerous other people in their quest to find love. I have known some to be on many dating sites, social networks and using smartphone apps to create a profile and chat for many months.

The process is like shopping for a new home, car or job! You want to look at it, you want this and that and some of those and less of this as if your shopping for a particular item right?

Once upon a time before I started shopping I put together a list of this and that also. In my opinion, this is important for both of the couple to do, but even more so for the alien fiancee in an effort to avoid getting K1 visa denial.

When it comes to couples communicating I have noticed that most have no problems in doing this. Even I became an addict when I was communicating with my pen-pal making international calls using calling cards, spending on average one hundred dollars a week.

But what do K1 Visa interviewers look for these days and why?

It’s pretty normal for couples to turn on their wi-fi and check missed calls, messages, emails all sorts of online things that keep us busy. Every single couple that I have consulted tell me that they are either using Skype – Facebook – Viber or WhatsApp to satisfy their hunger.

Using an electronic platform to connect fast is the world we live in today!

It is our daily bread the oxygen that keeps our relationship alive. This is what couples need as a way to learn about each other. Even more exciting is being able to see one another. Sharing what food your eating and your surroundings if pretty cool.

All of this helps you to feel closer and right there with your partner who is on the other side of the world where it is daytime and nighttime for you.

But did you know, that if your alien fiancee went to her K1 visa interview and faced her interviewer and was asked this one simple question?

How do you and your fiance communicate?

If your alien fiancee told the interviewer that we do live video chat every day on Skype which is probably true the interviewer could ask if they have other supporting documents to prove that the relationship is genuine and sincere?

Often times, especially for couples with a large age difference interviewers, want to see evidence such as emails, postal letters, phone bill records, some instant messages. It may not be enough to satisfy the interviewer if you tell them you do video chat every day.

So when it comes to taking time to communicate, many are not willing to take this kind of time.

  • To send each other an email and later print them out for the interview
  • To do some instant messaging and make a screenshot to printout later
  • To pick up the phone and call each other even for five minutes and save the records
  • To send even a few postal letters and save the letter together with the envelope

If the alien fiancee had all or most of the above-mentioned items and placed all of them in their own folder then titled each folder and carried this to their interview and the interviewer sees a well prepared well-documented couple’s records then you may get asked very few questions?

I have many of my K1 clients who followed this example and told me the interviewer asked maybe two or three simple questions and approved them without any further looking or questioning.

You could do very well at your interview with a folder for each item titled like this:

  • Electronic Communication Emails
  • Electronic Communication Instant Messages
  • Electronic Communication Screenshots of some live video chats
  • Phone Bill Records
  • Postal Letters
  • Financial support receipts
  • Pictures of gifts sent with receipts

“Remember your better to have too much than not enough”

K1 Visa Couples methods of communication

When you found that one true person that is meeting most of the desires on your list, the two of you will most likely pick an online platform that satisfies you both to chat on day and night.

  • Facebook is the most common
  • Skype is the second most common
  • Viber is pretty good
  • WhatsApp also pretty good

For couples who use Facebook your timeline or wall could actually be something asked to open at the K1 Visa interview. If you are using different names other than your real name in an effort to keep some people from bothering you then make a note of this as interviewers will understand.

It is very good if you have plenty of pictures on your timeline that show you and your fiance together. Announcements of engagement is very good to have. You could do a few full-page screenshots of your Facebook timeline to bring to your interview.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used by couples. It is said that you can actually print some of those out but it will only allow you to go back so far? For these, I suggest you try to capture sporadic messages from each month if you can or try screenshots.

Skype is a little different than Facebook and requires a little more creativity on how you will present that? If it were me I would have a folder titled Skype communication. Then I would put at least three screenshots of video chats inside.

For Skype content could be printouts of instant messaging that you did together. If you have thousands f those then just sift through and get some screenshots of one page to cover each month. You don’t need to print out every single minute of Skype.

For Viber and WhatsApp users, I would do the same make a few screenshots of live video chats, then all of your messages could be screenshots may be no more than a few for each month. The idea is to accumulate titled folders with some good proof to sick inside.

Couples who incorporate these habits will significantly decrease their chance of getting a K1 visa denial.

K1 Visa Couples who share the same interests

This is the part that can make or break a couple? The more a couple has in common the better they will be able to remember the important things that really matter, during a K1 Visa interview.

It is so much easier if the couple shares many of the same interests and has goals that they both want to achieve together? If they don’t and the pressure is on while at your embassy interview chances are the interviewer is going to see through you.

Either you click together or you don’t?

It is so much easier to remember things and to tell the truth to friends, family, and interviewers if the couple clicks together?

You can learn about these things early on into the search but taking notes?

I know many guys who fell head over heels for a woman based on her looks and some of those guys will throw everything else out the window that was important because they let an eye-catching woman take control.

Many of those guys, later on, realized they made a mistake and had regrets. The same can also happen to women. K1 Visa interviewers know this and couples who have spent a longer time knowing one another and saving documentation are more likely a good match.

I have heard from some guys and also alien fiancee’s later in life that told me they wished they would have gotten a K1 Visa denial that it would have saved them from so much heartache.

Sad to think like that but relationships are like a plant. There is much nurturing that needs to go into them even after a year or two has gone past? I’m guilty of this also to sometimes get so comfortable with my relationship with my wife after a while I realize that she needs nurturing.

It is easy to let the spark burnout in an LDR and even in a marriage after 1 or 2 years. You may need to reignite the relationship which is yet another whole topic for another time.

How badly do you want to be together?

Do you want it bad enough that you’re willing to sacrifice sleep, going out with buddies or doing some of your favorite hobbies?

And do you want it bad enough that you’re not afraid to disclose past mistakes in your life like failed marriages, criminal records or even financial problems? For some couples, there may be a lot of extra baggage that needs to be laid out on the table and discussed.

I have even known some alien fiancee’s to not tell their US sponsor that they had children and to take it even further I have known some who waited until the last minute to say that I was married before and never got annulled.

Sometimes you just have to sacrifice many things that you enjoy in order to get to know a person by going online daily not for only an hour or two but many hours a day as if the couple is living together.

Did you know that K1 Visa denials are mostly due to your alien fiancee’s failure to be able to answer questions about the US sponsor? Most denials are due to either not being able to answer questions about the sponsor or lying to the interviewer.

It’s not about the sponsor’s financial records as many would think? The interviewer would usually just send you home with a 221(g) request for evidence and that can be fixed most of the time.

So if you and your alien fiancee want the K1 Visa badly enough then you better make sure she knows the sponsor inside out? And the alien fiancee needs to disclose everything in her life because eventually it will be found out.

Example questions that often times get a K1 visa denial:

  • Does the sponsor have criminal records if so please explain in detail
  • How many times has the sponsor been married?
  • Tell me why his previous 3 marriages failed?
  • Can you tell me who filed the divorce him or the ex?
  • Do you know the names of his ex’s?
  • Can you tell me how long he was married to his ex’s?
  • Is the sponsor paying child support?
  • How many children does he have?
  • Does he have joint custody of his children?
  • How old are the children?
  • What is the name of each child?
  • Have you communicated with any of those children?
  • Does the sponsor work?
  • Where does he work?
  • What is the position at that job?
  • How long has he been working there?
  • Do you know how much money he earns each week?
  • Why do you want to come to the United States?
  • Are you planning to work once you’re in the United States?
  • Do you have relatives living in the United States?
  • Do you really love your fiance and if so then why?

Interviewers can ask some tough questions and this usually depends on the couple’s particular situation and often times it is the sponsor that has a lot more problems on his end than the alien fiancee?

The chances of getting a K1 visa denial could be a lot less if everything is in the open?

The embassy interviewer wants to make sure that your alien fiancee is 100% aware of everything that she is about to get into before they issue an approval? K1 Visa denials are much easier to give to protect the alien fiancee from abuse or hardship that could later lead to divorce.

The importance of properly documenting your relationship

Couples who put their all into the relationship won’t find it a burden at all preparing a good presentation for the K1 Visa interview. I oftentimes communicate with couples who are getting ready to file the I-129F Petition for alien fiancee and have known each other for many months.

They always ask me if it’s too late for them to start implementing a lot of new methods of communication into their relationships such as email, phone calls, postal letters or instant messages and I tell them that you still have plenty of time.

The average processing time that we have seen USCIS to approve the couples I-129F petition is between 6 and 8 months. During those 6 to 8 months the couple should take advantage and start accumulating a lot of good supporting documents to prove their relationship is genuine?

When it comes to emails I tell the couple to try and accumulate up to 50 emails each. Totaling to 100 emails printed out and carried to the US Embassy interview.

The best way to handle the emails is to keep these things in mind for a cleaner simpler process.

  • Never reply off of each other emails best to start a brand new email every time.
  • You don’t need to make long emails a 5 liner is good enough.
  • Always put something brand new in the subject line.
  • Never talk about the alien fiancee coming to the US to get a job BIG NO NO!
  • If the alien fiancee has relatives or close friends try to keep them out of the emails.
  • Try to keep profanity or hot talk out of the emails.
  • Best for the couple to communicate about real things that pertain to their future, for example, raising a family, building a house, camping, traveling, fishing, mountain climbing, or talk about hobbies, talk about food ideas, talk about your jobs or planning your wedding, talk about honeymoon just remember that interviewers could read through some of this and pop quiz the alien fiancee with a question found in one of your emails?
  • So what’s so special about emails? Interviewers trust email because when you print them out the full header of the email shows the date, the sender, the receiver, it’s most believable and not thought of as a copy and paste as chat logs can easily be copied and pasted which would be a bunch of fake instant messages.

Phone call records

If the couple has done some occasional phone calls and one of you gets a phone bill every month then it is a good idea to take a high light marker and highlight your alien fiancee’s phone number so that interviewers can spot it quickly.

Skype – Viber – WhatsApp

More complicated to work with but I would tell you not to get overly worked up with these if you have thousands of them? I would say try to grab one screenshot only from every month if you can and print them out then place them in order according to date? Use a staple to hold them together.

Postal Letters

If you have sent postal letters to your alien fiancee then he or she should be saving the letters together in their own envelope. Nothing too special needs to be done with those as you could possibly toss them all into a larger envelope for carrying.

K1 Visa Couples operating on a shoestring budget

Not that anyone is intentionally trying to be on a shoestring budget but I have known a lot of very well off guys who did not want to waste a dime or one second in sending postal mail, making a real phone call, texting or instant messaging?

And that’s perfectly understandable I do not blame you since we live in a totally different kind of world of communication. BUT JUST REMEMBER THIS? The US Embassy interviewer has the final word! Those people can make or break a couple.

I am only the messenger here to deliver information passed down to me from higher authorities who have their reasons for doing what they do? An alien fiancee might attend their interview with a few pieces of paper and the interviewer is going to drill her very hard with questions.

It doesn’t matter if the sponsor is a rich guy with more than enough money. It doesn’t matter if he visited her many times in a year, it doesn’t matter if he sends her a nice monthly financial support, or built her family a house.

What does matter to the interviewer is that your alien fiancee took the time to put together a fabulous presentation and that she worked hard by labeling everything large enough to see from a distance?

If you want your alien fiancee to come out smelling like a rose and not get hammered hard with lots of questions in an intimidating way and being set up for a K1 visa denial, then I would seriously think about tossing a little of everything in the pot.

And at the very least both of you work on 50 emails apiece.

This, especially for couple, with a 20 to 50 year age difference?

K1 Visa scam? I didn’t even see it coming!

I just hate when this happens! I have known dozens of guys that had pure intentions in loving and caring for the love of their life only to later fall victim to a terrible scam.

If your some old, deprived fellow who is tired of being alone and you are seriously looking for a woman to share your love with then you really need to be on the lookout for scammers.

Guys get burnt every day through an online relationship and here’s what to watch for?

  • You met a girl online and at the end of the first chat she is already saying “I Love You”
  • She’s a lot younger than you and she’s already dressing sexy on the webcam for you.
  • She may eventually even start undressing for you live on the webcam?
    . What she’s doing is setting you up, and maybe doing it with other guys, not just you.
    . I can guarantee you that there will be money attached to all of this in the end.

I personally have known decent guys who took it hook line and sinker. They visited the girl they supported her they fell in love with her they went the whole 9 yards to file an I-129F petition for alien fiancee, they fought tooth and nail to keep her financially happy.

Many of those guys didn’t always have the cash to send but their scammer fiancee always cleverly knew how to milk it out of the sponsor? Many of those decent guys have paid all the way up to the day of the interview only to find out then that it was game over.

Some scammer alien fiancee’s do go as far as attending their interview with full intention to fail but won’t tell the sponsor they purposely failed because they want to get more money out of him.

Then you have the scammer alien fiancee who goes all the way and gets the visa packet and shows it to everyone and then tries to milk the sponsor out of more money for as long as she can never to really use the K1 visa.

Lastly is the alien fiancee that was a no show to her interview even though she said she did go and she will even tell you she did get approved and then tells the sponsor to send her at least $2,000. so she could buy airline tickets and new luggage which ended up being her last scam.

A truly good woman won’t be constantly asking for money or trying to get you to read between the lines that she needs your money? She won’t be trying to put you on a guilt trip each time you tell her no. You must learn how to spot red flags in the relationship?

At times we all need money and yes money is part of it. But not to the point where she has you draining your bank account and not to the point where you are falling behind in paying your own bills? BEWARE of Scammers!

The job of the K1 Visa Interviewer

The K1 Visa interviewer’s job is to pretty much give everyone a K1 Visa denial unless you can prove him or her wrong? Seriously their job is to spot scammers, fraudsters, liars, fake relationships and anything that just doesn’t feel quite right?

But if your alien fiancee comes prepared, dressed honorably, conduct themselves in a way that shows they are serious, arms loaded with folders neatly titled and they speak when questioned giving truthful and correct answer, then the interviewer most likely will approve them?

But don’t ever underestimate the interviewer. These people have been trained in so many ways that most of us haven’t a clue about? But do I think some of them may be unfair? Yes at times I really do think some of them are just overdoing it.

Getting a K1 Visa denial for those who truly are in love with each other and have all of the right ingredients and a more believable age range really is jaw-dropping when you know that they worked so hard and put their all into it.

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