k1 visa delivered

K1 Visa Delivered

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K1 Visa Delivered Process

Since the completion of the US Embassy interview, the excitement is in the air. Knowing that the K1 Visa has been approved and soon to be delivered keeps both the sponsor and alien fiancee running to get prepared for the trip and their wedding.

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A step-by-step guide on your approved K1 Visa.

In this post, we will go over the events from day one of your US Embassy K1 Visa approval and help you to better understand the process of what takes place after your interview then how you can track your K1 Visa process online up to it’s arrival time.

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I have just completed my US Embassy interview

Alright, the long-awaited K1 Visa interview is finally out of the way. And if you got a thumbs up from the interviewer or some other embassy staff handling your case that you’ve been approved then someone will hand you a sheet of paper explaining to you about a delivery address.

It’s a good sign for sure that you have been approved if they never gave back your passport and their handing you a piece of paper that asks you if you have already registered your delivery address?

Chance are if you created an online account where you have registered your vital information and scheduled your interview date and time online, then no further action is required of you to register your delivery address.

If you are unsure about which online registration it is, then go here to see if you remember this located at [Site Register..] In some cases a U.S. sponsor might have helped create this account and has the access codes to this site?

Or one of you could have called the US Embassy call center and scheduled a K1 Visa interview over the phone? If this was you then you would be best to contact the embassy by phone or email again to let them know that the original delivery address is still the same.

What kind of activity takes place if I received an RFE?

If at the end of your K1 Visa interview you were given back your passport and then another piece of paper and by this point, you already have knowledge that your K1 visa is not approved nor is it denied but instead you’re given a letter known as the 221(g).

The 221(g) is to inform both the beneficiary and sponsor that the interviewer was not satisfied enough to approve your K1 Visa due to lacking additional evidence? The 221(g) Is pretty much the same as an RFE Request for evidence meaning they need more from you.

Upon receiving the 221(g) you have 60 days to comply by sending back in the requested evidence in order for them to continue creating your K1 Visa. If you are not able to meet the 60-day deadline you will be denied altogether and an extension cannot be given.

What if we sent in the requested evidence within 60 days will we be approved? Still, no guarantee if your K1 Visa was approved or not, and depending on what their request was it may take up to 90 days for them to review it.

You can periodically go online to check the status just to have any idea if your K1 Visa Delivered or not? Go here to found out the status of your visa [Online Status Check..] for the K1 Visa.

Does the US Embassy have your delivery address?

Many K1 Applicants are confused about this piece of paper they receive after the embassy interview? It just tells the K1 applicant after they have been approved to register their delivery address so the embassy knows where to send the visa packet?

This is usually something that 90% of my clients did not have to worry about because their delivery address was already registered in their online account the same place where they scheduled their US Embassy interview therefor it is not anything for them to worry about.

And oftentimes that letter can be ignored. However, if you are unsure then follow the instructions they gave you and go online to the link provided to register your delivery address and be sure to have your CASE NUMBER, RECEIPT NUMBER, PASSPORT NUMBER on hand.

How long will I have to wait for my K1 Visa to arrive?

To wait for your K1 Visa delivered date doesn’t usually take more than 10 to 14 days. But this can also depend on where you live and it also depends on your case? Just because your K1 Visa has been approved doesn’t always mean you’re going to get a K1 Visa?

Often time your supporting documents and mainly that of the sponsor have to be reviewed or verified. They refer to this as administrative processing. Which means that someone in the US Embassy is communicating with someone in the US to determine everything is truthful?

They would check his employment maybe his assets if he is using any they could review his police and court records if any and sometimes they dig deeper into the divorces and death certificate issues to verify their authenticity?

It could also be the alien fiancee’s stuff that they are doing administrative review on such as your other country police records if you worked overseas, or authenticity of divorce decrees maybe annulment certificates?

There are some Countries where a US Embassy could create a K1 Visa all in the same day but I wouldn’t count on that as most of them take at least 10 to 14 working days and if you live really close to the embassy then I have known a few to get their K1 Visa delivered in 4 days.

Are there ways to track my K1 Visa progress?

Tracking the progress of your approved K1 visa is simple and done online simply by going here and following these instructions? [Track my visa process..] to track the progress of a K1 Visa you will need to leave the setting on IMMIGRANT VISA (IV) then type in your case number.

At the time you track your K1 Visa progress you most likely will see an online box that looks like one of these?

k1 visa delivered
After you log in you will get a similar message
k1 visa delivered
With this reading, it informs you that they are getting ready to send the visa.

Are there certain id’s required by me to accept my visa packet?

Normally it is good if you have one unexpired government id as a means to identify that you are the rightful recipient of the visa package? It’s very important for the delivery service to make sure they don’t make a mistake by putting the visa packet in the wrong hands?

Have your K1 Visa delivered maybe in a city or town that is more easy for delivery persons to reach. If you live in a remote area and it is hard for delivery persons to find then select another location that can be a friend, relative or employer.

A visa packet delivery address can be chosen by the alien fiancee if for any reason they feel there is another address better than there home? You can select to have it delivered at your place of employment, at your home or a relatives home or can choose to pick it up.

List of acceptable id’s:

  • Drivers License
  • Postal id
  • Voters id
  • Military id
  • Medical id
  • College id
  • Insurance id
  • or depending on the country you live there may be other types of government ids?

Can someone else sign for my visa packet if I’m not home?

Yes, if the K1 Visa packet is being delivered to the owner of your home like a parent or if it is being delivered to a relative home and maybe your grandparent or sister aunt lives their whichever the case might be you are advised to leave some id with one of those persons.

And if you do this please instruct the person to inspect the visa packet carefully before they sign for it. One other thing that you could have done is tell your relative to instruct the delivery service of your visa packet that you will go pick it up from their office.

Lastly, it is important that whoever receives the K1 Visa packet to carefully store it in a dry place away from rain or heat. Keep it stored up high so that children don’t get ahold of it or the dog and chews on it or put tares on it.

What to do before signing the delivery of your visa packet?

Ok so the K1 visa delivered and you are showing id that you are the recipient who it belongs to. Before you sign for the K1 Visa packet, it is very important that you visually inspect it? Making sure it looks good and the plastic is in good shape and no tares on the envelope?

Once you sign for it and the delivery people leave you will be the one to claim responsibility if you later discover some damage? The visa packet needs to be in good shapen damage-free because when you hand-deliver it to the United States,

Customs and Border Patrol upon your US port of entry if it is not in good shape they can deny you entry and send you back?

So what will the visa packet look like and what can I expect to be normal or damaged?

This is a sample of what it is supposed to look like upon arrival.

k1 visa delivered
The front side looks like this
k1 visa process timeline
This is normal with a sliced corner wrapped in plastic

Now that the Visa packet is in your hands?

It is very important that you take good care of this visa packet all the way until you deliver it in the hand of the US government after you arrived to the US.

In the meantime, the only thing that you must get out of the visa packet is going to be your passport and in the passport is where the K1 Visa is secured to the inside middle of the passport book.

How do to get the passport out carefully without making noticeable damage to the plastic?

Below are some illustrations that you can follow depending on the way the US Embassy packaged your K1 Visa?

k1 visa delivered
Neatly make a slice big enough to fit your hand down at the bottom on the seem then later tape it with transparent tape.
k1 visa delivered
You might have a sticky flap that opens?

Traveling to the US with my visa packet do’s and don’t’s

Be sure to always keep the visa packet in plain view while traveling as this is a normal rule that the Customs and Border Patrols expect the alien fiancee to observe?

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Don’t let it crumpled
  • Don’t allow anyone else to hold it
  • Don’t put it in check-in luggage
  • Don’t place on hot surfaces
  • Don’t let children or dogs play with it
  • Don’t put in overhead storage of the flight
  • Do carry in your purse or carryon
  • Do keep in your site at all times
  • Do take photos of it for emergencies
  • Do put added protection around it if you can?
  • Do keep it dry from spills

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