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In 2003 this group of FilAm’s decided to create our own
K1 Visa Assistance which originally started in Orlando FL.
The demand was very high.

About the Author: I’m AJ Bordac Since early 2003 I have been deeply involved with reuniting couples between the USA and the Philippines. It all started when I joined a pen pal program where I later met my Filipina wife.

With the help of a former INS officer mentoring me on bringing my fiancee to the United States and later adjusting her status, I felt a burning desire to assist so many thousands of other men who also met a woman from another country.

Truly an Unexpected, once in a Lifetime Memory she will Cherish for the rest of her life!

The day I proposed marriage to my Filipina fiancee was unforgettable. While I was on a two-week vacation in the Philippines a long way from Florida I found myself kneeling in front of my future wife.

She had never been married before, but for me, this would be my second time and I wanted this to be very special for her. It was 3 pm on Philippines time and 3 am Florida time which in the beginning I was struggling to stay awake and keep a clear head.

After sipping on a couple of cups of coffee then sprucing up myself I had a ring hidden in my luggage and carried it to where she was sitting. I stood in front of her while she was sitting and I grab her left hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

With my eyes focused on her eyes, I smiled, then I asked her if she would marry me? She was overwhelmed with joy smiling back at me to say that she wants to be my wife, and gladly accepted the ring that I gave her as a token of our engagement.

K1 Visa Engagement Ring
This was the solitaire gold with an E-Class diamond engagement ring from Marks and Morgan.

My Decision to help others became an obsession.

Things in the INS days were different. K1 Visa Assistance was hard to find and things where much slower and pretty much if a person wanted to file any sort of immigration application they had to order the forms over the telephone and wait for the post office to deliver those.

Then we would fill the forms out with a black ballpoint pen as neatly as possible. Communicating with our wives or fiancees in the Philippines was mostly through snail mail and calling cards back in those days but we managed to make the best of it.

In 2003 things were picking up with Technology and pen-pal programs were turning into dating sites, communicating was getting better with Yahoo messenger. One thing that wasn’t in abundance was K1 Visa Assistance online, nor CR1 Spousal Visa services?

Many people had to rely on expensive Law firms or Immigration Attorneys and in those days the cost was between $3K up to $6K and they mostly kept their clients in the dark. I was fortunate living in Florida at that time in 2002 and had a neighbor who retired from INS.

It was an unexpected Godsend right at the time of need. He taught me pretty much everything I needed to know from A-Z. It was with that knowledge that I was willing to help friends and anybody that came in contact with me who had a fiancee or wife living in the Philippines.

It started out a bit of a hobby at first but after six months I found myself guiding couples and at the same time learning along the way how to deal with the government’s red tape! It still comes to this day with great pleasure that I and my team of FilAm friends keep on assisting couples.

We’re all from Florida and I’m in the Philippines continuing to ensure couples just like us, that there will be a light at the end of their tunnel and there will be that same joy and happiness to come same as what we all been through when our loved one was together with us on US soil.