K1 Proof of an ongoing relationship

K1 Relationship Proof
is a Major Component at the Embassy Interview.

How to make and save supporting documents for
K1 Relationship Proof?

K1 Relationship Proof
K1 Relationship Proof for the interview

Couples need to utilize their time by creating lots of K1 Relationship Proof to present to US Embassy interviewers.

It is one of the major components used at the US Embassy Interview besides the sponsor’s affidavit of financial support.

Interviewers, who conduct the K1 Fiance visa evaluations will mostly want to know two things? Can the US Sponsor financially support you – And do the two of you have a genuine and sincere relationship?

For the sponsor’s financial supporting documents, it requires records of all kinds according to the sponsor’s source of income? A sponsor may be employed with a company, self-employed, retired with a pension or living on Social Security Benefits?

K1 Relationship Proof

There are a number of supporting documents that would be required to show to an embassy interviewer depending on the sponsor’s source of income?

• Tax records such as 1040, 1090 or 1099 W-2 statements

• Checking account statements going back at least (6) six months.

• Direct deposits associated with a checking account is helpful.

• Employee pay-stubs can also be very helpful going back at least (6) six months.

• US Savings account untouched for at least one year can be helpful for those using assets?

• Owner of a home or land again helpful if in need of assets?

• Proof of income through records based on Social Security Benefits

• Proof of a retirement pension may be required?

• Proof of self-employment or business owner such as tax records business license business account from the bank may be required of some.

• Everything that is mentioned above may be required depending on your status and submitted together with the Affidavit of Support I-134 and used at the embassy interview.

K1 Relationship Proof

Documents for K1 Relationship Proof

Starting from the easiest to the hardest

Both the sponsor and beneficiary really need to save at least (50) fifty pages of email. The beneficiary should have a total of (100) one hundred emails to bring to the embassy interview.

The emails must have the entire header in it during the printing which is part of what interviewers want to see? Pages should be separated, not email running into another email full of stringers as the interviewers will likely growl at those kinds.

Couples don’t need to make long emails but at least five lines of communication are enough? Never talk about the beneficiary coming to America to work or attend school or visit friends or relatives if she has any for these are all red flags and can cause a denial.

K1 Relationship Proof

Instant Messages:
Instant messages can also include the following ways of communicating? However before the Couple gets all crazy on this part you need to know that almost all embassy interviewers do not care to look at instant messages as they do not rely on the trustworthiness of those as much as they do of a real email.

Many couples claim that they have literally thousands of these and ask if they need to print all that they have out? The answer to this question is “NO”!

If you follow the instructions and do the emails as mentioned above then you don’t even need to print any of the instant messages out at all. But in any regard, if you do bring some of these to the interview only bring about (20) twenty pages and paper clip them together to place in their own folder.

You can even make some screenshots if you’re both using the live chat video cam and include those in the 20 pages.

The most common instant messaging is Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and anything else that allows you to print out your conversations?

K1 Relationship Proof

Phone Bill Records:
If ever you call your fiance in her Country using your mobile phone or a land-line, you may still receive a monthly billing statement online or through the USPS? Always save the pages showing you’re outgoing calls to the Philippines and use a high-light marker to make that particular call stand out.

If your fiancee calls you do the same thing with her incoming call by high-lighting it use a different color. Place all the phone bills in a separate folder.

K1 Relationship Proof

Postal Letter:
Including letters in envelopes, postcards packages all either sent from the USA or sent from her Country to you. If you use any of those at the interview it is important to place them in their own separate folder and make sure each letter is placed in its proper envelope.

For gift packages we recommend saving the receipt for the gift including the receipt for shipping the gift and taking a whole body picture holding the gift.

K1 Relationship Proof

Financial Support:
If the sponsor provides financial support to the beneficiary, you both need to save the receipts or online records by placing those in their own separate folder. Keep all receipts in order according to their dates sent and received.

K1 Relationship Proof

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