K1 Visa Relationship

K1 Fiance Visa Proof of Relationship

K1 Fiance Visa Proof of Relationship
K1 Fiance Visa Proof of Relationship

K1 Visa Relationship Documentation

Documentation that Interviewers love to see

How to “stand out” above the rest during your K1 Fiance Visa Interview?

FilAm Immigration Services has been guiding K1 Couples Successfully since 2003. For all of these years we have been giving each and every one of our K1 Couples the best information that has made their interview a lot easier.

If your fiancee is nervous and fearful of being denied mainly because he or she is worried about what questions will be asked or if she is able to answer correctly then this section is going to help her tremendously.

How Much is to Much?
Being overly prepared by having to much even if you think something isn’t really needed, isn’t a bad thing at all. We have a saying’.. It is better to have to much than to little’..

We have found out that the K1 Girls who attend their interviews with arms loaded are generally the girls who get asked very few questions at most maybe 3 to 5 simple questions only.

K1 Girls who go to the interview with only a few pieces of papers in their hands,.. Well! their usually gonna get drilled hard with mostly tough questions. I

f you’re wanting to not be picked on at you’re interview and have to answer a multitude of questions, then we suggest you go to the interview with your arms fully loaded.

Loaded with what?
Loaded with lots of supporting documentation that can prove you and your American Fiance have a genuine and sincere relationship.

US Embassy Interviewers really don’t have the luxury of time to go through every single K1 Applicant documents as they are trying to process hundreds of visa types every day, thus limited to only so many minutes per applicant.

Below is our very best list of what you’re K1 fiance should bring to the interview as this list of items will increase the chances tremendously of getting approved the K1 Fiance visa with very few questions to be asked.

Starting with the best first to the least important last

Electronic Communication

Emails are now the very best and the couple should have a minimum of one hundred pages printed out and placed in a folder titled EMAIL COMMUNICATION

Snail Mail

Postal Letters used to be the favorite of most interviewers and still today carry some weight making these still a good choice for an interview. If a couple could have about 5 to 10 postal letters together with their envelopes even a post card is valuable.

You should place these inside a folder titled POSTAL MAIL

Phone Calls

Phone Bill Records are helpful yet very expensive way to communicate. If the US Sponsor calls his foreign fiance with his landline telephone or uses his mobile phone and receives a bill from his service provider monthly, then he should save all the pages that has outgoing or incoming calls from his fiance in the Philippines. Use a highlight marker to help see each call. Place these in a folder titled PHONE BILL RECORDS


• Believe it or not Instant messages – Texting are the least things that an embassy interviewers cares to see. Regardless of their value, we encourage you to print out at least 25 pages of what ever you have and throw in a few screen shots.

These could be Facebook, Viber, Wechat, WhatsAp, there are numerous online messaging Apps to communicate with.


Income Records

Financial Support is helpful but interviewers do not require this to prove if a relationship is genuine or not? If you receive financial support then we encourage the couple to save the receipts on both ends and place those into a folder titled FINANCIAL RECEIPTS

How well do you know each other?

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