K1 Fiance Success Stories
Philippines to USA K1/CR1 Visa client
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Real FilAm Couples Whom We have Served.

Getting a K1 / CR1 Visa doesn’t need to be stressful!

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K1 Fiance Success Stories Philippines to USA

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Exactly 3 months and 17 days from start to finish. Our K1 Visa process went way faster than we had hoped for but we’re not complaining we made it and are both truly thankful for the guidance or FilAm as their the ones who instructed us on every detail which I felt is one reason we got approved so fast?

If you’re in search of a reliable, friendly affordable online service, then contact FilAm today.

Sincerely Pat & Jean Biloxi Mississippi – 2013

K1 Fiance Success Stories

We finished up the adjustment of Status process and now my wife Beth has received her green card and employment card so she is ready to work.

FilAm walked us through the whole process with getting the K1 fiancee Visa and we made it through without even one problem.

Thanks FilAm our coach was very efficient and done a super fabulous job with all our papers, explaining things to us and having laughs together.

Thanks guys from Jerry & Beth – Knoxville TN 2016

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Here we are everybody finally in our home town Sanford Florida celebrating the completion of the K1 Visa. FilAm was a delight to work with. I paid you to do a job and you done way more than we expected!

I felt like I robbed you for all the many things you done and I know for sure lawyers and attorneys around here are going to laugh at me if I asked them if they can offer the same service at you’re prices?

I want to meet you guys in person soon! We love you guys, Sincerely Randy & Pinky – 2011

K1 Fiance Success Stories Philippines to USA

K1 Fiance Success Stories

I got my beautiful lady in my life guys! Now we’re going to need you for her Adjustment of Status and the EAD card.

If I tried to do this alone, I feel pretty certain I would have missed some very important steps and my lady here wouldn’t be too happy if I screwed things up!

She found FilAm online and shared their website with me and I decided that she’s right I better hire them which was the best choice.

Sincerely Bruce & Jolly – Portland OR 2017

K1 Fiance Success Stories

I had been married before and divorced to an American woman which kind of messed me up for awhile as she left me up to my eyeballs in debt and child support which nearly ruined me.

I never thought I would be getting married again until I met this sweet Filipina girl online. It was because of her that my life was changed for the better again and I fought hard to make sure I did everything right.

One of those things was hiring FilAm!

Sincerely John & Glyn of Spokane WA – 2012

K1 Fiance Success Stories

I owe you a lot FilAm! You worked with me every step of the way and you guys took good care of my woman through the whole K1 Visa journey. She wanted to let others know how much quality time you spent with her and how thorough you were in explaining the details for her to go to her medical and her interview.

We are both very thankful for the job well done and will be sharing you’re service to others.

God Bless you from Barry & Annabelle – South Bend, IN – 2017

K1 Fiance Success Stories Philippines to USA

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Dear FilAm
My beautiful wife and I are truly grateful for your professional services. The Fiancée visa route truly was the best route for us to take and surprisingly what we thought would take 8 month’s happened in as little as 6.5 month’s.

To all of your new client’s we like to say that the process went a lot smoother than if we had tried to do this on our own?

We are now happily married and living in Florida as of early 2008 and with this professional immigration service offered by FilAm our dream’s of being in each others arm’s has came to reality.

If your wanting an immigration’s service that has a good track record and helps you to follow through every step of the way then we highly recommend FilAm to you. We are so happy to be with each other and we are more than grateful.

Sincerely Joe & Annabelle / Melbourne FL

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Dear FilAm?
We would both like to say thank you for the job well done. I met my Fiancée on the Internet six months earlier and decided to make the trip to the Philippines to meet her.

It was during that trip that I proposed marriage to her and like most people who have done this kind of thing, I was lost and not sure how to bring her back?

I did some searching and thank God I found you guys.You made my life a lot easier with your expertise and had it not been for you I probably would have screwed up everything.

Anyway you helped me a lot in maintaining great service plus affordable prices.

From your friends Charley & Suzette / Cocoa FL

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Dear FilAm
I’m Scott and I like to share my quick testimony to your future clients about my true happiness in finding my beautiful wife from Cavite city Philippines.

I am from California and I used the FilAm immigration services to help file my k1 Fiancée petition for my Fiancée to come to the U.S. to marry me so that we could start a life together and become parents.

These services provided to us was absolutely fabulous from start to finish! Not only did the process go quite smoothly but FilAm was there for us every step of the way by guiding me and my Fiancée in the Philippines all of our questions and needs were met.

So in short I like to say please call FilAm for a free consultation and get the ball rolling they will tell you everything you need to do before you go to the Philippines, during your stay there and after you return back to the states.

My Filipina wife and I will always be grateful for their services,

Sincerely Scott & Jake – 2008

K1 Fiance Success Stories Philippines to USA

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Dear friends at FilAm
My K1 Fiancée visa journey was much easier than I had expected? I was in search of a reasonable service that would steer me right from start to finish. 

I had searched around for a few ways to get things going but honestly I was a bit confused who to use? As I found your Fiancée visa services, my mind was made up to go the route of using your eBook to help me obtain my dreams.

At first I was not sure that I could do my petition on my own with confidence, but as I ventured in this direction I was quite satisfied with the step by step processes that your eBook provided me with and found it to be as you said very user friendly. 

At the end of the seventh months my Fiancée was ready to get on a jet bound for the U.S. We owe our success to you FilAm. 

Sincerely Chris & Grace – 2007

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Dear FilAmI sure would be happy to share with all of your future clients, about how you brought me and my wife together on the K3 Spousal visa.

The process took us ten months from start to finish and we were finally together here in our Virginia home. I really appreciate how you people stayed in touch with both of us during the process.

I can tell you that the assurance you gave both of us really brought comfort in our lives. Keep up the good work and know that you always have friends here in the state of Virginia.

Sincerely Casey & Irene – WV. 2006

K1 Fiance Success Stories

Dear Counselors at FilAm, All I can say is, you really got your act together with this I-129F petition and all the other required documents.

I nearly allowed a friend to talk me in to doing this on my own but after learning from you that not every case is identical and all the attachments that are needed are also not the same for each case I realized that my best friend was misinforming me with old school methods which he had followed 11 years earlier.

From the bottom of my heart I want to tell you that I am extremely thankful for your service to me!!!

I have my lovely Pinay wife here with me in the U.S. state of Arkansas and I owe it all to the staff at FilAm.

Sincerely Brad & Hazel – Orlando FL

K1 Fiance Success Stories Philippines to USA

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