K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Real FilAm Couples Whom We have Served.

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K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials
K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Hi FilAm!                                                      
This is Maria Rossbach from Wisconsin USA, I am now officially a US citizen. I received my naturalization certificate after my oath-taking this morning. I am very excited to apply for a US passport. Thank you so much for your help from beginning til the end. Next few years we will buy a house in Bacolod. My husband and I are hoping to meet you so we can thank you for everything personally. Sincerely, Maria 09/05/2019

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

We got married in the Philippines and hired FilAm to help us get a CR1 Souse visa for my beautiful wife.

FilAm was very instrumental in guiding us through the many steps and we are very pleased with their professionalism and the way that they kept up with our case.

It took roughly 12 months from start to finish and here we are now.

James & Lisa of Springfield AR – 2016

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Hey guys! Junior and I where super happy with all the great help you gave us. We hired you guys for the US Embassy Support to help Junior get his K1 Visa and everything went very well.

I know we only paid you two hundred dollars but you helped us with a lot of other stuff and because of your wonderful help We are for sure going to be sending you some new clients.

We’ll keep in touch Sincerely Junior & Bev. – Philadelphia PA 2017

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

We’re so thankful to you FilAm. You’re service of getting me and my daughter to the US was superb.

Our K1/K2 Visas where in hand after about 8 months. Then you worked on our permanent residence cards and that also went very well.

To anyone out there who wants to hire FilAm, they are very friendly, reliable, trustworthy, they maintain excellence in their work, and they don’t give old outdate information like what my husband and I found on some of the other websites.

Sincerely Stuart & Tresh of Tampa FL 2019

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

FilAm as you said during our free consultation about the CR1 Spouse visa was all true. It was a lengthy wait for us nearly 12 months.

But we’d do again if we had to as it was all worth it! I love my wife so much and she is definitely the Pearl of the Orient haha!

We both want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being their for us and for keeping us moving in a timely manner. I will share your website with some of our friends.

Sincerely Brian & Lori Orlando FL 2014

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Hi FilAm! I just want to thank you for the awesome 5 months that you worked with us as Kathy received her K1 Visa sooner than we had anticipated and for that we are grateful!

You guys also done her adjustment of status and EAD card for her which went very smooth and she was so happy to finally go to work.

I have a friend that will be calling you to assist him and his fiancee and I told him how well you guys took care of us and he said he will definitely be calling you guys!

Chester & Kathy Oklahoma City OK 2013

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

I am so grateful to you FilAm. Both Josephine and I could not be more happy than the day she got approved her K1 Visa!

Our waiting time from start to finish was approximately 8 months and FilAm had to work hard for me since my finances where barely making it?

It was their good explaining of the process and helping us through the ups and downs but it all turned out good.

We can’t thank FilAm enough but will always be grateful to you.

Kenny & Josephine from sunny California 2012

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Hey FilAm! After 8 months of waiting, we finally made it. My family is here with me in Allan Town PA as of 09/21/2018 You helped us get the K1 & K2 visa and then you worked on our Adjustment of Status everything went very smoothly, thanks to you guys!

Mary & Ara say a special Thanks to you for helping us processing our documents from Fiancé Visa to Applying Green card visa…its all worth and very affordable fee.
Green card Approved here.

William, Mary & Ara from Allan Town PA 2018

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Many thanks to you FilAm for you have made our dreams come true. We hired you to assist us because of word of mouth that you guys have a fabulous reputation and offer so much for a low fee.

Our K1 Visa was approved after 7.5 months and now we’re together feeling so blessed because of your guidance.

It was word of mouth that lead us to you and it will be my word of mouth that will lead more Couples to you as I am a firm believer of what you people do.

Sincerely Jay & Elvie from the Loan Start State 2019

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

My goodness while I was away long-distance trucking FilAm kept me and Aiden going through the process of K1 Visa smoothly.

Our son was born in the Philippines and FilAm also steered us in the right direction for registering him to get his US citizenship.

As of 08/2019 Aiden already had her adjustment of status interview and was told her permanent resident card and EAD will arrive in two weeks.

Thanks so much FilAm
Chris & Aiden Atlanta GA 2018

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

I could have never done this with out the help of Anthony at FilAm Immigration! He always gave me the time to ask questions and this went on for more than a year before I ever even started due to employment and meeting the poverty guidelines?

It was his instructions and guidance that kept me from getting in trouble with the K1 Fiancee Visa process for my now wife. This stuff is hard and there’s so much uncertainty, we probably would have messed it up and not even known what happened if it wasn’t for the  great guidance of FilAm Immigration.

The stress and worry had been removed tremendously and we got trough this VERY BIG part of our lives until here we are happily married and in this for the long run! 

Sincerely Ian & Merfie Michigan 2016

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

FilAm you came through every step of the way and never let us down even for a second! I was busy trucking all over the Country while you kept me and my fiancee now beautiful wife feeling confident every step of the way. We owe you so much and we honestly had no clue or idea what to do or how to do any of this?

We love you and your FilAm Immigration Services and we would like to tell anyone out their who is thinking about if they want to use you guys or not to know that Anthony is My hero and he will reunite you and your lady together, just follow his instructions and you won;t go wrong!

Sincerely Mt & Mrs. Ferrer NC 2015

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

My Fiancée and I are so happy with the service we received from FilAm during our whole process, from the start of the K1 Visa, until she was in the states, only took around six months. We wanted to let you know that your Fiancée Visa service was very valuable to our success.

The speed you handled all the information we were giving you made me know we had chosen the right person for us. the many nights of calls and emails, walking my wife thru examples of the interview.

Thank You Again FilAm
Lance and Pathy Netherland
Austin TX 2016

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

My very lovely Filipina wife now also mommy and I wanted to tell anyone out there that we highly love FilAm Immigration Services for such a top-notch service they provided to us from A to Z at a fee unbelievably low compared to other services I looked at? We where extremely thankful that our K1 Visa was approved and we where able to be together and married much sooner than we had hoped for? Thanks for everything Anthony

Your welcome to visit us here in Hawaii 2015
Mike & Maricris

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

My beautiful fiancee now wife has arrived. She came to NC pretty quick thanks to the guidance and expertise assistance of FilAm Immigration Services. Our paper work got approved quickly and we hit a little hick-up but Anthony was able to keep me on track all the way to a successful US Embassy Interview.

Honestly with out the guidance of FilAm we probably would have lost the opportunity because I was having employment issues at the time and thanks to our Jahova GOD and Anthony we made it! 

Sincerely Moises & Melody NC 2015

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Our process was very fast and very organized thank to the help of FilAm Immigration Services for their prompt up to date advise and expediency to keeping things moving forward with me and my lovely fiancee now wife.

The K1 Visa was our only choice and it reunited us together within 4 months! Honestly we would probably lost our chance at getting the K1 Fiancee visa because without the help of FilAm Immigration I surely would have made mistakes!

Henry in Florida 2015

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

We been to visit Dumaguete City Philippines my fiancee and I had a wonderful time and we had a good few hours discussing the K1 Visa process and about the many supporting documents that would be needed at the embassy Interview.

Our coach was very professional and very specific about everything needed. The details plus the password protected pages full of illustrations had been a huge help for us.

For the fee they charged us the service was loaded with a lot of valuable stuff that a law firm would not dare do at FilAms prices.

Sincerely Denny & Charlene of Pueblo CO 2013

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

We’re Born Again Christians and we pray about most everything before making a decision?

FilAm was who we where lead to and I know God put them in our path as we felt very comfortable working with them. They explained everything about the K1 Visa process to us without hurry.

They even got us through the interview no problems at all then after we got married they gave us the utmost attention with our adjustment of status process.

I highly recommend FilAm to anyone seeking to go through the K1 Visa process!

Sincerely James & Marlyn Lexington KY 2019

K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Testimonials

Both me and my fiancee from the Philippines where very busy as I am in the US Navy traveling a lot and my fiancee had a very hectic job also keeping us both on the go daily!

FilAm made this process so much easier and pleasant as they removed most of the worry and stress and done it for a very reasonable fee.

Our K1 Visa was in hand after 6 months and they’ve already completed out Adjustment of status application which is also completed.

I couldn’t of done it without you FilAm and we’re thankful!

Peter & Haley of San Fransisco CA 2018

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