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k1 fiance cr1 spouse services
K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Services

Most people are searching for our K1 Fiance and CR1 Spouse Services.

K1 Fiancee

K1 Deluxe $325.
K1 Platinum $650.
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CR1 Spouse

CR1 Spouse $525.
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US Embassy Support

K1 Visa Interview $200.
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K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Services

Adjust Status

Conditional $325.
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Remove Condition

Remove Condition $175.
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Renew Green Card

Renew or Replace $150.
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K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Services

Employment Authorization

EAD $75.
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Advance Parole

Reentry Permit $75.
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Become a US Citizen

Naturalization $150.
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K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Services

If you need consultation about any of our K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Services
or Adjustment of Status then FilAm can help you.

K1 Visa CR1 Spouse Services are our specialized visa type that we have been assisting Couples with since early 2003.

Most of our Couples also availed our services for the “Adjustment of Status” then later again to help them with “Removing the Condition”. in order to be come permanent residence and seek employment to bring additional income into their household.

There has been a lot of do-it-your-selfers that contact us asking if we can help them because USCIS has mailed then letters requesting for evidence “RFE”. Best not wait to ask for help after you have filed USCIS applications.

Most Common is I-129F:
Every year we have some calling us to ask for help because they received an RFE Letter while waiting for their I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee to get approved. Often times we are able to help them get back on track once we determined why they got the RFE in the first place?

Sometimes we cannot help them at all, because some of the requested items that USCIS is asking for is not possible to obtain? Some Couples get their selves in a mess and fixing it just isn’t an option. Eventually if that happens USCIS will just deny them and often time USCIS will not communicate with you anymore in email or postal letters.

CR1/IR1 filing of the I-131 for an immediate relative:
This one has a lot of room for errors as well! Although the National Visa Center is more helpful in outlining most of the particular of what they need from you, we still get callers asking for us to assist them because of confusion with documents they already sent and then wanting to know why again they need to send certain ones again?

Many don’t know how to upload files to the State Departments server and ask us if they can postal mail their documents, but unfortunately that option is becoming more and more obsolete. Some Couples have a mountain of supporting documents to send in to the State Department and in spite of them desiring to postal mail it in, the State Department will not accommodate USPS deliveries, expedited deliveries or you personally walking in to hand deliver it.

Our Clients:
As the years go by many of our married Couples communicate with us about their new children and about general thing in life. They also like to become U.S.Citizens and are desiring us to assist with the process of “Naturalizing” to get US Citizenship.

It’s not at all unusual for many of our clients to become life long friends.

Many of those Couples eventually retire in the Philippines or take 6 month vacation there and return to the United States for the remaining 6 months. Some Filipinas obtain their “Dual Citizenship” and can have the best of both worlds.

Whatever you’re future plans might be, we hope that you would allow FilAm Immigration Services to assist you through the process whether it is getting a K1 Fiancee visa or a CR1 Spouse visa? K1 Fiance CR1 Spouse Services