K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Philippines 

November 04, 2018
U.S. Immigration rules for U.S. Citizens and their foreign alien fiancé(e)

You have a foreign fiancee living in the Philippines and you both want to know how to get a K1 Fiancee visa and what the requirements are? The U.S. Immigration offers a lot of information throughout all of their government sites and on their forms, in which many people often times misunderstand and find it very easy to misinterpret and wind up missing something thus leading to one mistake after another?

Between USCIS, then the National Visa Center, the State Department and then onward to the U.S. Consulate of your foreign fiancee’s Country, not to mention her Countries laws and immigration rules, it’s no wonder so many couples make costly time consuming mistakes a long the way and often times get rejected or even denied and not even have a clue as to why?



Below, we have listed several of the most common questions people ask us? If you are unable to get your question answered, you may contact us at our Florida number 321-222-9998

This questions with answers mainly pertain to U.S. Immigration rules and based experiences from clients who have shared with us about the following?

K1 Fiance visa, CR1 or IR1 Spouse Visa, St. Luke’s Medical Exam, Interview.

My Foreign fiance and I are looking for the best available service than can help us?

You wouldn’t be reading this now unless you where searching for answers and perhaps the BEST SERVICE?
Since 2003 Anthony of FilAm has given the most comprehensive assistance to clients from the U.S.A and Philippines by eliminating their stress and worry about receiving a K1 Visa approval from the U.S. Embassy of Manila, Philippines. He has been where most of you are now and knows the pain of being apart from your Filipina loved one? It is his sincere desire to re-unite couples and do so in a timely manner, insuring both couple that they will someday also share the dreams of marriage and living on the same continent?   Not only are you getting TOP-NOTCH care but you get it at the most affordable prices of anyone else on the net! 

If I hire FilAm, then how do we get started and how do you communicate with my foreign fiance?

First of all the U.S. Citizen also known to us as the “sponsor” will have an over the phone consultation which is absolutely free. The foreign fiancee can also contact us for consultation if they like? Consultations come first in order to evaluate where a couple stands in the way of meeting all U.S. Immigration requirements? Once you have decided to hire us, we provide an email that will gather necessary bio-data information from both of you.

Through the course of the client relationship, you and your fiancee will be able to communicate with us as often as needed through Email – Phone – Text – Facebook – Skype – Viber, all of which are free to you both.

Before I even get started can you please give me a break down of government fees and anything else?

From start to finish, the fees may vary from couple to couple when it comes to her traveling and lodging etc..

But you will decide whether or not you want to hire FilAm or not and if you do then select a package fee Deluxe cost $325 our Platinum is $650

Once your petition is successfully done, the sponsor will have to pay the USCIS filing fee of $535

2 to 3 months later your fiancee will be required to pay $265 for the nonimmigrant visa application fee to attend the U.S. Embassy Interview.

About the same time she will need to also pay for the medical examination which has a fee for adults of $335

Total Amount paid for government fees only! $1,135.

Costs may vary from couple to couple if K2 Children are also a part of the process?

Does the U.S. Immigration impose a requirement on how long a Couple should know each other before filing?

Many couples ask me, if there is a requirement on how long the relationship must be developing for, before they can file the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee? There is no specific required time limit imposed on couples who file the petition for a K1 Visa.

But common sense should tell a couple that if they are truly serious in finding a life time partner to marry, that spending time communicating as often as possible should be routine and quality communication documentation is a must to later prove to the US Embassy interviewer that the couple really does have a genuine sincere relationship.

On average, we have had many couples who range from 5 to 30 years in age difference only communicate for as little as 3 months before filing and with FilAm Immigration Service guidance and support they where able to file and later get approved the K1 Visa.

Is it easier to just marry my fiancee in the Philippines then bring her home?

According to U.S. Immigration rules the department of homeland security and Philippines government both have created lengthy waits due to authentication of marriage certificates, background checks, financial verification, and simply just shuffling applications from department to department and the back-ups are numerous with applications coming in from all over the world?

Average waiting time if you get married in the Philippines generally ranges from 9 to 12 months?

Using a k1 fiancee visa is simply much faster with wait times averaging from 3 to 5 months?
K1 Fiancee Visas go much faster because they have a K1 unit that streamlines for faster application approval. 

Can I just bring my foreign fiance to the U.S.A. with a Tourist Visa or maybe a work visa?

U.S. Consulates all over the world have interviewers that are specifically trained to spot “red flags” or applicants who are possibly trying to circumvent the visa process by trying to get a visa that does not suite their real intentions?

Denials are 95% when it comes to trying to get a tourist visa, work visa or student visa to the United States from the Philippines.

Denials are especially high for tourist visa applicants who do not have family living in the U.S.A. but mention having a boyfriend? There are many reasons to get denied a tourist visa and find out that it was a waste of time and money. 

How to make the most out of your trip to the Philippines as part of the proof of meeting requirement for a K1 Fiance visa?

In many situations it is always easier for the U.S. Citizen to come to the Philippines to meet the prospective foreign fiancee?
All you need is a U.S. Passport for starters and can stay in he Philippines for up to 30 days without any visa.
During your trip please save all receipts such as trip itinerary, boarding pass stubs, hotel receipts, restaurant receipts, gift receipts etc..

The couple will want to have their picture taken together in many settings and look like a happy couple so that the relationship appears genuine and sincere? Other documents can be delivered to the alien fiancee and also the sponsor can be picking up some from her depending on your case? 

Does USCIS have a requirement on how long the Couple must be together in person?

As a matter of fact, in the past several years since 2003, we have had numerous couples who simply could not be together in person for more than 3 days, because they did not have lengthy vacation times or some guys did not have the luxury of time due to self employment type jobs that where to demanding.

Most made sacrifices only to be able to meet the USCIS requirement of PROOF OF MEETING. And again USCIS does not mention that a couple has to spend long periods of time together in order to qualify. They only mention that you must meet in person and then must file the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee before two years has past from the date of their first meeting.

Once the petition has been filed, until the beneficiary has finally arrived to the USA to marry, we have seen time frames of between 4 and 5 months. In very few cases we have seen couples reunited on US soil within 3 months. Every couple has a different set of circumstances, which can prohibit them from being together sooner. Once you call us, we can give you a better ideal of how much time you would be looking at?

Did you know that to meet the requirements all U.S. Citizens sponsors must meet the Poverty Guidelines?

At the time of the fiances U.S. Embassy Interview they will be required then to show the sponsors financial affidavit of support together with all supporting documents. Your have to count yourself as 1 and count your alien fiancee as 1 which gives you 2.

But if the sponsor has dependents then they must also be counted and if the alien fiancee has children coming under the K2 visa then they also have to be counted.

If it is just the sponsor and the beneficiary you need $16,020. to show at the interview but after your fiancee is married to you it changes to $20,025. unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska or if you are in the U.S. Armed forces? you may go to uscis.gov and research I-864P

I am already married to a Filipina living in the Philippines, do you have a Marriage visa service package?

Whether you have been married less than two (2) years or longer FilAm does have a service to guide and assist U.S. Citizens that have a family member wife, husband or children living in the Philippines. Depending on the length of marriage will depend on which visa the State Department will gran you? CR1 is for couples married less than 2 years. IR1 is for couples married 2 year or more? 

Does U.S. Immigration requires both the U.S. Citizen and the Alien Fiancee to prove they are single and free to marry?

USCIS will require both the sponsor and the beneficiary to provide divorce decrees, annulment decrees and if applicable death certificates if either person has had any previous marriage prior to filing an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee.

For the alien fiance if he or she has not been married before then nothing will be needed in part with the I-129F Petition.

However once the petition has been approved and the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines has issued a case number to the couple at that time the alien fiancee must go to obtain certified PSA Certificate of No Marriage to provide at the embassy interview. See Philippines Statistic Authority (here…)

CR1 & IR1 Visa is used for Couples Married less than two years and Couples Married over two years.

Marriage in the Philippines is certainly an option that can be pursued. However this option is not exactly your best option for many reasons. Usually American Citizens who are running into troubles with IMBRA due to certain previous crimes in their past may only have the option to marry in the Philippines because their crimes from the past may prevent a sponsor from trying to obtain any of the (K) Visas such as K1, K2, K3 & K4.

Now regardless if you have certain types of criminal convictions from your past or not? You still have the choice to Marry your Filipina loved one in the Philippines. Here are some very important things you should take into consideration before you decide on either getting a K1 Fiancee Visa or getting married in the Philippines and later applying for a CR1 Visa?

If you qualify and go the K1 Fiancee Visa route then you face less paper work and the K1 Visa can be obtained on average in 3 to 4 months.

1. Decide to Marry in the Philippines then you must go online and make an appointment with the US Embassy in Manila, so that you can get your Certificate of legal capacity in lieu to contract Marriage. You can also get this in Cebu city without an appointment.

2. Next is applying for the Marriage license. Philippines law requires a ten (10) day waiting period before you can have this.

3. You and your Fiancee will also have to attend an eight (8) hour Marriage and family counseling class before you can pick up your Marriage license.

4. After the Marriage has been done. You will need to wait on average up to 3 months for the Marriage Certificate registrar copy to become authenticated before you are able to file the USCIS I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. Normally this is a required part of the Philippines rules, but can be expedited.

5. Once the US Citizen sponsor has finally received the NSO Authenticated Marriage Certificate, they can now file the USCIS paper work for the CR1 Spouse visa. This has an average waiting period of between 6 and 9 months. However if you equate the time that it took to get your authenticated Marriage Certificate then you have already invested nearly a year.

6. One other problem that has been coming up more and more now is that the US Embassy warns American Citizens that there are several city’s throughout the Philippines that may not honor your Certificate of Legal Capacity in Lieu to Contract Marriage. What does this mean? It means that they might tell you that their not going to allow you to get married. U.S. Embassy of Manila Philippines Marriage guidelines.



B1/B2 Tourist Visa

You can try! However, more than three quarters of the Filipino population are unable too meet the requirements, due to the ever stringent rules of the US government. Basically only the very wealthy Citizens qualify and even some of them still are denied.

We have talked with numerous sponsors in the past, who have told us that their loved one was quickly denied a Tourist Visa. The Philippines is still a developing nation, therefore most of their Citizens are unable to produce certified documents, proving several things, such as ownership to a home, land, successful business, and have a savings account untouched for a lengthy period of time.

Meticulous tax records and proof of ownership are often time hard to get. Proving that the applicant has strong family ties and would return back when they are suppose to, can be very difficult. Also a show of documentation that the applicant has traveled to other Countries without any problem is helpful, however most are unable to provide any.

If your loved one is even given an opportunity, to tell the interviewer that they are wanting to visit you, the “red flags start flying everywhere”. Your Fiancee only stands a 5% chance in being approved.
Learn more about Tourist Visas.



High Dollar Lawyers?

Unless this is a jury trial for murder why pay such an astronomical fee when it’s not needed? FilAm Immigration Services provides a specialized service to couples that want guarantees, friendly and easy to work with, offers the Filipina help on her side with Philippines government requirements and US Embassy Support.

Plus we offer both sponsor and the beneficiary travel preparation and guidance at no extra cost. See if US Lawyers will offer nearly as much as what we offer for the mere fee of $325. With savings like that, you can still afford to have a decent wedding and honeymoon!

Neither FilAm Immigration Services, nor its staff, employees or owners, are licensed to engage in the practice of law within any United States jurisdiction. Our services do not include legal services or legal advice as we cannot represent customers in a legal capacity: We can only assist in preparing and processing your visa application. If we find out that you have a very complicated situation, that requires litigation, then we will advise you about it?



Let us handle the forms for you

We Prepare You For The Complete Immigration Process, as well as prepare your petition for submission to the U.S. government. We have a full money-back guarantee to “Qualifying Couples”.

Please reveiw our services. We are one of the most competitive when it comes to pricing in America.

It all starts with a free phone consultation. We do not require you to pay first before staff will speak to you. We’re small, personal and super helpful. So give us a call at 321-222-9998 right now and see how we can help you immediately. In the Philippines dial +63.917.451.4214




We’ll Advise you properly

By hiring us, we are able to properly guide the couple from start to finish insuring them that, we are able to guarantee them to be approved. We only will give a guarantee to qualifying couples. Qualifying depends on both person background which we will be able to obtain in our free consultation. K1 and CR1 Visas do hold a high approval rate versus other kinds of visas. We have Successfully reunited over 2,300 Couples Since 2003.



Government Red-Tape and numerous Pit-Falls

Don’t get caught trying to do it yourself and then find out during the approval process that you did not know about the latest changes. You will literally have to start over and pay all the fees again! None of the government agencies really care if you get your loved by your side or not.

By hiring us, You can have piece of mind and alleviate much stress and worry from start to finish. Most Couples later come back to me with strong testimony’s about how they couldn’t have done this with out us! They often are telling others about our program and mention how affordable it is to get so much good information for so little price. Here is what some of our clients are saying! Our Testimonial Page.



K1 Fiance Visa Most Common Questions.

November 04, 2018

Is a K1 visa a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa?

Under U.S. immigration law, a foreign-citizen fiancée of a U.S. citizen is the beneficiary of an approved I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancée. A beneficiary who has been issued a nonimmigrant K-1 visa for travel to the United States in order to marry his or her U.S. citizen fiancée. During the process the word immigrant is also used for the K1 Visa process but still it is recognized by U.S. immigration as nonimmigrant.

What is a fiance visa for USA?

The K-1 fiancée nonimmigrant visa is for the foreign-citizen fiancée of a United States U.S. citizen. The K-1 visa permits the foreign-citizen fiancée to travel to the United States and marry his or her U.S. citizen sponsor within 90 days of arrival. This has been a much faster alternative used apposed to marrying in your foreign fiancees country.

Can a green card holder apply for a fiance visa?

Fiance visas are only for fiances of U.S. citizens, not green card holders. In order to bring your fiance here, you will have to get married first. You will then have to file an immigrant visa petition for your spouse, known as Form I-130, and wait for it to be approved and for a visa to become available. The best alternative would be to naturalize and become a U.S. Citizen, so that you have the K1 Fiancee visa benefits.

How much is a fiance visa in the US?

As of early 2017 the total filing fees for the K-1 process were $535. for Form I-129F (filed with USCIS), $265. to apply for the K1 visa (paid to the consulate), and $1,225. for Form I-485 and the adjustment of status packet (filed with USCIS), including the biometrics fee.

What is an immigrant visa?

An immigrant visa is the visa issued to persons wishing to live permanently in the U.S. A nonimmigrant visa is the visa issued to persons with a permanent residence outside the U.S. but who wishes to be in the U.S. on a temporary basis (i.e. Tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work, or study.

What is the spouse visa?

If you are a U.S. citizen you have two ways to bring your foreign spouse (husband or wife) to the United States to live. They are. Immigrant visa for a Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (IR1 or CR1) – An immigrant Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130 is required. The IR1 Visa is for couples married two years and above where as the CR1 Visa is for couples married less than two years.

What is K3 visa?

Instead of waiting abroad for immigrant visa processing and entering the U.S. as an immigrant, it is possible to go through quicker on a K3 visa (K3 visa for spouse and K4 visa for children) process and enter as nonimmigrant. After arriving in the U.S., separate application for Form I-485, Adjustment of Status. K3 visas are seldom granted for Philippines.

What is I-129F?

It allows you to notify U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) that you are engaged to someone from another country, show your intentions to marry, and set in motion the process by which your fiancée will receive the appropriate visa – that is, the K-1 fiance visa. If you have a girl/boy friend who lives in the Philippines and would like to marry them , then this is the correct visa.

What is K2 visa?

What is a K2 visa? The K-2 non-immigrant visa allows the child of a K-1 fiancée visa holder to enter into the U.S. and await the availability of an immigrant visa. This is one of the benefits of the K1 visa- it allows derivative beneficiary. This will allow your Philippines fiancee and her children to also come together.

How long does it take to get a visa for a spouse?

If you have a wife or husband kids or no kids living in the Philippines and they are all Filipino Citizens and your the American Citizen. The process generally takes from 9 to 12 months, depending on if the married couple has received their certified marriage certificate? There are many key factors as to why it can go more than one year based on birth certificates, passports, police records and medical examinations?

How much does it cost to petition for a spouse?

Filing an immigrant Petition for Alien Relative, form I-130 – $535. as of 2017
NVC – Affidavit of Support Processing Fee – $88.00. NVC – Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee – $230.00.
Medical examination (costs vary from depending on Embassy) Philippines it is $335. then you have the green card after the interview $220. as of 2017

How can I bring my girlfriend to the United States?

First, your fiancee will enter the US with a fiancee visa. Next the two of you marry. You will need to get married within the 90-days that his or her status lasts. As soon as you get married, your new husband or wife may apply for an adjustment of status to become a permanent resident.

How much is US visa application fee in the Philippines?

Applicants for K1/K2 visas must, pay a US$265. nonimmigrant visa application fee once the petition has been approved. The application fee for nonimmigrant visas must be paid prior to scheduling a visa interview appointment. All payments must be paid by the beneficiary for the K1 visa application fee, at any Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) branch.

How long does it take to get a fiance visa?

Most USCIS services centers are currently taking about 5-6 months to approve a fiancée visa petition. Upon approval, USCIS transfers the petition to your consulate via the National Visa Center. Right now this is taking 30-45 days in most cases. For Philippines from 2015, 2016 it had been taking 6 to 8 weeks for the approval of a petition but for 2017 may take up to 3 months for approvals.

Do I need to hire a Lawyer or Immigration Attorney?

That depend on your situation if you are the U.S. Citizen sponsor and have need for litigation due to felonies, domestic violence, or sex crimes, then you may not be qualified to use the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee and might stand a better chance to use a spousal visa instead? If you do not have any serious criminal convictions then you “Do Not Need to hire a Lawyer or Immigration Attorney” You may use a FilAm Immigration which is a specialized service that specifically assists couples from the Philippines to the U.S.A.

My Fiancee in the Philippines needs an annulment can I marry her/him?

Philippines does not allow divorce as it is not legal way to dissolve a marriage according to Philippines law? One must undergo an annulment according to the Roman Catholic beliefs which has been known to be very time consuming, costly and often time unpredictable as to when or even if the annulment will ever be finalized? Most annulment process can take between 1 to 2 years and sometimes never get finalized by court rulings. Without any annulment paper work the U.S. Citizen sponsor will not be able to file a petition for alien fiancee?

Can My Alien Fiancee in the Philippines come to the U.S. on a visitor visa?

Though it is very rare, it would be most unlikely that she would be approved to receive a B1/B2 Tourist visa to the U.S.A. The U.S. Embassy is very careful in their screening applicants trying to get the Tourist visa for many reasons. A total of 95% of all applicants are denied due to lack of evidence that they would return back to their Country when it is time? With a 5% success rate we agree that you would be wasting time and money trying to get the tourist visa.

Do the U.S. Citizen and alien fiancee have to meet in person?

U.S. Immigration law does have a proof of meeting requirement for couples that want to get married using the K1 Fiancee visa that allows your foreign bride to come to the U.S.A. to marry only you within the first 90 days. Some religious customs may prohibit the meeting in person for some couples due to followed teachings of religious countries.

Can the U.S. Citizen sponsor stay in the Philippines while waiting for a K1 Fiancee visa?

This is a question we get every year? Many American guys want to come stay in the Philippines while they wait for their Filipina fiancee to get her U.S. Embassy Interview and then approved to receive a K1 Fiancee Visa to return to the U.S.A together. It can be done only by those of you who have an income while you are staying in the Philippines and someone back in the U.S.A can get your postal mail for you and send things to you online and in the mail as part of getting prepared for the interview?

Will the U.S. Citizen sponsor be required to attend the U.S. Embassy Interview?

Only the foreign fiancee is required to undergo a medical exam and attend the U.S. Embassy Interview in order to receive the K1 Fiancee visa. Sponsors are not required and there are no interviews in the U.S. for them to attend also. If the U.S.Citizen sponsor would like to attend the U.S Embassy Interview with the fiancee in the Philippines then in many cases, it is helpful, but not required.

I got my foreign fiancee pregnant on our last visit. What must I do?

Occasionally this happens and one must do everything on their end to get a petition filed to bring over the foreign fiancee before little junior decides to come out! The expecting mother will need a certified and notarized letter from the father to show the medical team at St. Luke’s clinic that the sponsor knows and accepts the unborn child? Next the mother needs to get her K1 Visa and head to the USA before she is too pregnant as airlines may refuse to let her on because of risk having the baby in mid air? If the child is not born in the U.S.A then they must be registered at the U.S. Consulate to receive a U.S. Passport the whole process may take an additional 3 months and requires DNA samples.

Does the Philippines have parental consent laws to be followed?

Philippines law does require that all of their younger citizens whether they marry locally or abroad have consent. If he or she is between the age of 18-22 they will be required to have an affidavit of support from the lawyer or attorney signed by one or two parents or legal guardian stating that they have counseled their son or daughter about getting married before hand. Anyone between ages 23-25 are only required to have verbal consent from their parents or legal guardian prior to getting married.

Does the alien fiancee need police records to get a K1 fiancee visa?

All applicants from age 16 and up regardless if they are applying for the K1 Fiancee visa or a spousal visa will be required in part with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to provide his or hers police records from the country they are a citizen in. The rule also applies to other countries lived in worked in for a period of no less than 6 months. If the foreign fiancee of spouse have other legal names from previous marriages or any other, then they must provide police records in those name also.

If I filed an I-129F Petition and it was approved recently how long do I have to wait to file for another fiancee?

USCIS has a K Unit that tracks down multiple filers. If you have had an I-129F Petition approved recently meaning the petition got the “Go Ahead” but your alien fiancee and you had a change of heart, or you brought over your alien fiancee and things did not work out? Or you married but then divorced after a short time? You must wait for a period of two (2) years before you can file again. Or if you have good supporting evidence and documentation that supports a legitimate reason you could not marry or bring the alien fiancee over, then you can file a waiver without waiting for the two (2) years waiting time.

There is a U.S. Embassy in Manila and a U.S Consulate in Cebu City Philippines, Can the interview be at either one?

All Filipino Citizens who are desiring to get a specific visa bound to the United States, must attend the U.S. Embassy in Manila and also their medicals must be done at St. Luke’s in Manila. The Cebu City U.S. Consulate is only for American Citizens to go for specific benefits and is not used as a visa post. So regardless of where your alien fiancee lives, she will have to go to Manila to attend his or hers medical and interview.

Does the U.S. Citizen sponsor need to provide divorce decrees to USCIS and the U.S. Embassy Interview?

Yes it is required to provide certified divorce decrees from each and every marriage you have had no matter how far back it goes? If USCIS finds all of you marriages and you fail to mention some or fail to provide certified divorce decrees of those, then your I-129F Petition will result in hold up or rejection?

My alien fiancee lives in the Philippines, does she have to speak, read and write the English Language?

There are many reasons that an alien fiancee needs to have a fair amount of English skills not only for attending a U.S. Embassy Interview but entering into their U.S. Port of entry. Almost all of the government paper work is done in English as well as interviews conducted in English. If she barely communicates in English and the U.S. Citizen Fiance only speaks English, well then the Interviewer will believe that she couldn’t possibly be able to have a sincere genuine relationship with him? The only exception would be if it is a U.S. Citizen Filipino who is native to her language.

Do I have to marry my fiancée once they come to the United States?

No you are not required to marry your fiancée once they come to the United States. A fiancée Visa merely gives you permission to marry should you so desire. If you decide not to marry your fiancée the only requirement is that they must leave the United States before the Visa expires. Remember that the U.S. Citizen is the sponsor and you are required and responsible for the beneficiary by paying and sending them back at the appropriate time in order to keep your record clean in case you decide to petition another alien fiancee later on? It is also recommended that the sponsor make photo copies of all immigration paper work including your alien fiancees passport page as away to maintain those records as USCIS will require those in the future.

Can I marry my fiancée overseas and still bring her on a K1 visa?

No, K1 visas are available only to persons who are planning to be married. If the marriage occurs, you will have to file an I-130 Relative Visa petition for your spouse. The one exception to this rule is that if the marriage was religious or social ceremony only, and the marriage wasn’t registered with the local government, a K1 visa may be issued.

What are some reason to be denied entry into the United States at the airports port of entry?

Border Patrols are always on the look out for the following, false documents, fake ID’s, incomplete papers, the visitor does not look like the person in the pictures, transporting illegal items, may have a contagious decease or acting deranged. If they are using a K1 Fiancee visa and questioned about what the U.S. Citizen fiances address is, where do they work, what their phone numbers is and do not know or ask to repeat the questions over and over , then these are all red flags and deportation may be to follow?

What are the Success rates of K1 Visa Couples getting Approved if there is a significant age difference?

The truth is, Couples who have large age differences may face more scrutiny than closer to same age couples? Although Interviewers for many years have been used to seeing wide age differences and accept it, provided the K1 Fiancee applicant can demonstrate that the couple has enough supporting documentation to prove the relationship is genuine and sincere? The only way a couple can do this is with time spent in emailing, sending postal letters, calling on a regular phone and sending each other gifts.

What are some things that could cause a K1 Fiancee Applicant to get Denied?

Denials are most certainly going to be announced to the applicant during the interview if the foreign fiancee has been caught lying about past or present things that pertain to either the relationship, employment, travel, addresses, criminality, other visa interviews also denials can be brought on by falsifying documents, falsifying government forms, falsifying police and national records, all which could even lead to prison time and hefty fines. A K1 Fiancee or child during a medical exam could even test positive for TB causing delays and sometimes denials.  Admitting of drug use suicide in your past can also get your case denied.

Is it a “RED FLAG” that my fiancee has children and is not bringing them as K2 Children?

Many foreign fiancees, especially from the Philippines have children born out of wedlock and are required to mention all children old and young on the petition, but are in no way obligated from a U.S. Immigration standpoint to bring their child or children to follow using the K2 Visa. A K2 Child would be considered her biological child from age 21 and under.

Who Qualifies for a K1 Fiancee Visa Guarantee?

If the K1 Couple decides to hire FilAm Immigration Service to assist and guide them through the K1 Visa process, they will first be consulted over the phone about their case and to see if they have any hindering situations that would complicate, or otherwise get their petition rejected? One way or another we will let you know if your case has any positive or negative elements and if any of those could be fixed to better your situation or not? Couples who have no negative elements in their case are the ones we will give a 100% guarantee too?

My foreign fiancee and I have different Religious Beliefs, will that present problems?

From a U.S. Immigration standpoint, couples who do not share same religious beliefs do stand a possibility of being denied during a U.S. Embassy Interview? Though it is rare, Interviewers may ask the K1 Applicant if he or she shares the same religious beliefs as their U.S. fiance? Even though there are many Christian faiths, the best answer to give is yes we both are Christians and leave it at that.

As a Sponsor / Petitioner of an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee, what should I do if I have a change of heart?

According to U.S. Immigration a non related rule rather an adequate, is for the U.S. sponsor to contact the U.S. government agency that has his or her petition at the time of the change of heart? Your petition would start off at USCIS, later go to National Visa Center and essentially to the US Consulate of your alien fiancees country. Contacting them by email or letter requires having all of your correct credentials in order to identify that you really are the sponsor and a short letter explaining why you would like your petition to be terminated? By doing this it will insure you of being able to file for another foreign fiancee later on if so desired?