The 2019 Poverty Guidelines for K1 Sponsors

During the K1 Visa Interview:
If you’re unsure about how this all works or if your not sure where you stand then you should give us a call or email us and a highly experienced person will be able to help you better understand what needs to be done? USCIS accepts various assets for any sponsor falling short of meeting the poverty guidelines? Assets if applicable will require supporting documents that can be verified. If you’re employed, self employed or both, or if you’re retired maybe have social security benefits then

Married within 90 days, time to Adjust Status:
After you’re fiancee has arrived on US Soil and the two of you are married within the first 90 days then he or she is required to adjust their status in order to maintain their legal immigration status and become a lawful permanent resident. They will be granted employment authorization as part of the process. This process at the same time requires you the sponsor to provide I-864 Affidavit of Support to verify once again that you meet the poverty guidelines or not? If at this point you’re falling short, you are allowed to use a joint sponsor and any assets if applicable?

This is the 2019 Poverty Guidelines