Received NOA2

I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter

NOA2 now received

After the many months of waiting for USCIS to finally approve your I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee,

  • The sponsor will receive by US Postal mail the NOA2 I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter.

  • Please make a nice even squared up scan copy of this to email to your fiancee to print out.

  • You could also bring her a colored photocopy in person or include it in your FedEx package for later on?

  • Things have gotten a lot easier now that nearly everything that you’re K1 Fiancee brings to her interview only needs to be photocopies or good clean scanned copies that are only accepted as long as each page is even on all four sides?

  • At this point the couple is excited and can begin to see a light at the end of their tunnel! You’ll be able to start gathering most of the required items needed for the medical and the embassy interview.


Here’s a list of things you both can work on now:

Gathering required documents:
This is for the sponsor and beneficiary to start working on now.
Don’t worry if you’re still missing some of the required items, as the process moves forward we will teach you how to get the rest of the needed items?


Proof of Ongoing Relationship:
The Couple can start gathering these items.


Electronic Communication:
Saved emails to each other, FB messages or print screens, e-cards, Viber, Skype, WeChat, WhatsAp, anything saved that can be printed? Interviewers, are now wanting to see a minimum of 100 emails. This means a total of 50 from the sponsor 50 from the beneficiary.


Postal Letters:
Any saved letters together with their envelopes or postcards. If you have any?
These tend to be very good evidence, however not many couples have any of these?



Phone Bill Records:
Sponsor provides these. All calls to the Philippines that show your fiancees phone number high light with yellow. If your fiancee called you, then high light her incoming calls with pink high lights.



Monetary Support:
Both of you might have accumulated receipts from sending and receiving money?
Western Union Money Gram, XOOM possibly some other sources? Both sponsor & beneficiary gather all receipts for the interview and CFO Seminar.



Gift receipts and photos:
If either one of you had sent gifts to each other and saved receipts for proof of purchase, receipts for deliver services and took pictures holding the package and pictures holding the gift, please provide all of those for interview and CFO Seminar.



Proof of meeting:
Best to have a scrapbook full of pictures of the couple together. Also an envelope filled with receipts accumulated on each trip for hotels, food, restaurant, gifts, transportation, airline stubs, trip itinerary etc..


Here are some things for the sponsor to get ready;

You can either scan these and email them, FedEx them or hand-deliver them if returning back to the Philippines?

I-797C and I-797
Make good looking photocopies of you’re NOA1 and NOA2 to give to you’re fiancee to use at their medical and interview.

Sponsors Passport:
Make good looking photocopies of you’re US passport bio-graphic page and the stamped visa pages. You’re fiancee will use this at the interview. (to be used at CFO-GCP.)

Proof of residency:
Photocopies front and back of you’re drivers license. A current utility bill electric, water, internet, cable, automobile insurance, etc… (to be used at CFO-GCP.) At CFO not everyone is being asked to show these, but still not a bad idea to have ready.

Birth Certificate:
If you where born in the United States and have a birth certificate make good looking photocopies of that front and back to give to you’re fiancee to use at the interview. (to be used at CFO-GCP.)

Sponsors not born in America:
If you’re naturalized, you will make photocopies of every page in you’re US Passport in place of a US Birth certificate. Along with this if you have you can also give a photocopy of your naturalization, US Citizen certificate. (to be used at CFO-GCP.)

If you been married before:
Make good looking photocopies of all previous marriage divorce decrees. They will want to see the certified pages only. If you have death certificates then provide photocopies of that also. (to be used at CFO-GCP.)

Conviction records that fall under IMBRA:
If you had any specified felonies, drug charges, DUI, DWI, or any other questionable convictions, we need both Police and Court records of each. If you have any certificate of completion for special classes, then you should provide photocopies of all mentioned. (to be used at CFO-GCP.)

Sponsors Financial records:
You’re fiancee will be required to show at the interview supporting documents to prove that the sponsor meets the poverty guidelines. An I-134 Affidavit of Support will accompany any of the items that are applicable to you?

• Tax returns
• W-2’s
• 1090’s
• 1099’s
• Checking account statements last 6 months
• Direct deposits last 6 months
• Proof of employment, preferably a letter from your supervisors
• Or proof of retirement or collecting a pension
• Or proof of self employment provide business license, business account records
• Employee pay-stubs last 6 months
• Savings account statements or records last 12 months
• Proof of Social Security income
• Proof of Social Security Disability income
• Proof of pension
• Proof of assets
• There may be more that applies to you

(to be used at the US Embassy interview and CFO-GCP.)

Item that you’re fiancee can start working on:

These are items that you’re K1 Fiancee can work on also:

2×2 passport style photos:
Please go and have made, (8) brand new 2×2 passport style photos to be used at St. Luke’s and your US Embassy interview. Bring 4 to you’re medical and 4 to you’re interview.
This also applied to K2 Children if you have any?

Philippines Passport:
Please make 2 colored photocopies of your biographic page in your Philippines passport. This also applied to K2 Children if you have any?

NBI Clearance:
Please go get NBI Clearance for USA Visa Travel. You must get NBI in all of your names ever used such as married names and maiden names. If you never had any other legal name other than your maiden name then you only need one NBI Clearance. If you have K2 Children ages 16 or older, then they also need NBI Clearance.

The U.S. Embassy only accepts NBI Clearance Certificates that are 3 months old or less, at the time of you’re interview.

Birth Certificate PSA:
Please be sure to have a total of (2) original PSA Birth Certificates.
This also applied to K2 Children if you have any?

Please get now (1) original PSA CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE CENOMAR. If you been married before or had other legal names, then you must get CENOMAR for you’re other legal names used in the past such as married names or any other legal name that you had?

The U.S. Embassy only accepts CENOMAR that are 3 months old or less, at the time of you’re interview.

Annulment DFA / PSA:
If applicable: You will use your “red ribbon” original and if you’re have any PSA bring those to the interview also.

Death Certificate / PSA:
If applicable: You will need to have an original PSA Death Certificate of a previous husband or wife that is now deceased.

DS-160 Non-immigrant Visa Application:
K1 Applicants can begin work on this now.  It is an online non-immigrant visa application. It requires a desktop computer or laptop because you need a minimum of 32 bit drive that most smart phone lack. It is also best to work on this from the Mozilla web browser.

If you have any K2 Children regardless of their age they are also required to have their own DS-160.

The only other person that’s allowed to help with this is the sponsor so who ever does this please carefully follow instructions as this could take some time to do correctly?

Go here to learn more about the DS-160

CFO will see these items also:
Please remember that everything you do here should also be provided later on at the CFO Seminar. So it is important that you safeguard everything even after the U.S. Embassy interview.

Lastly: Things to not work on until the MNL Case Number is in your hands?

  • Cannot pay the non-immigrant visa application fee of $265. at BPI
  • Cannot schedule U.S. Embassy interview yet
  • Cannot do St. Luke’s medical yet
  • Cannot work on the St. Luke’s medical form yet
  • Cannot do our online case file and mock interview yet

Below is a typical copy of what the I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter looks like also referred to as the NOA2.

This is an example of the NOA2

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