I-765 Employment Authorization

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Employment Authorization

First Time, Renewing or Replacing
One Time Assistance Fee of $75.00

 I-765 Employment Authorization
I-765 Employment Authorization

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Employment Authorization EAD

I-765 Employment Authorization. The EAD allows permanent residence to work in the USA and have a Temporary Social Security Card. Children require this also.

Who is Eligible for EAD:
If you came to the U.S. and married your fiance (sponsor) within the first 90 days you would have to go through the Adjustment of Status process to get your 2-year conditional resident card. At the same time, you would have also been able to file I-765 to receive employment authorization and your Temporary Social Security card.

First time or renewing:
(First time)- If you did not file I-765 Application during your adjustment of status, then you missed out and cannot legally work in the US. However, if you are wanting to work now but still under the 2-year conditional residency status, you must file separately the I-765 to get your employment card.

(Renewing)-“IF” you already adjusted you’re status to a Conditional resident but are still waiting for you’re pending 10-year permanent resident card (Green Card) then you may need to renew your EAD in order to keep working legally?

I-765 Employment Authorization

How much is the filing fee for EAD:

The filing fee to USCIS in the amount of $495. which already includes your bio-metrics.

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Replacing a lost or stolen EAD

First of all, we ask all of our clients to make colored photocopies front and back of all their documents including if you have an EAD. You never know if yours will get lost or stolen or damaged?

You will still be required to pay the filing fee to USCIS in the amount of $495. which already includes your bio-metrics.

I-765 Employment Authorization

Below is what we do once you submit you’re payment.

Getting Started:
FilAm will get all of your details through our online questionnaire. We will correctly complete your I-765 Application for employment and instruct you of all supporting documents that will be included as required by USCIS.

Our Review:
We will review to make sure that you aren’t missing anything to insure a smooth process. Our guidance will give you a complete step-by-step layout so that you can properly mail everything to USCIS worry free!

I-765 Employment Authorization

RFE – Request for Evidence

Though rare, we make every effort to insure nothing is left out of your application I-765 and to make sure that you have signed everywhere and that all of your information is truthful without any errors on such things as dates, spelling of names, and other vital information. If you receive an RFE during your application process, FilAm will asses what is needed and do everything to get you back on track.

90 Days Average:
Once USCIS has received your I-765 Application and supporting documents, it most likely will take up to 90 days before you receive you’re EAD in the mail. But during that 90 days, they will do your bio-metrics. This appointment is to gather physical data by which a person can be uniquely identified. At your bio-metrics appointment, USCIS will collect your fingerprints, take your photo, and have you sign your name for electronic capture. If you do not attend the appointment, your application may be denied.

Our Commitment to you:
Once you have received your EAD Employment Authorization Document, we will have fulfilled our commitment to you.

I-765 Employment Authorization

Do we offer a GUARANTEE?
FilAm does not guarantee you an EAD as nobody can guarantee this! However if all of your information submitted to us was totally complete, with no false information of false documents, then as it has happened to the many hundreds of others that we helped it should also happen to you. Since 2003 we have not ever had one applicant get denied an EAD.